Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Day One Natchitoches

We set off for Louisiana after a night in Vicksburg MS. We had visited Vicksburg when the children were younger so we basically had supper and slept at the hotel before getting on the road again. I will say no matter how many times you cross the Mississippi River it is a least to this gal.

We arrived in Natchitoches( Nack a Tish) in time for lunch at Lasyone"s.

They are famous for their meat pies.

Meat pie, dirty rice and brown dipping sauce. I thought it was yummy. Son in law, Todd, said it was basically a Hot Pocket.:) It was mighty tasty. I believe this is a local specialty as I had never heard of them in NoAla.

We went on to check in at the Steel Magnolia Bed and Breakfast.

I love the French Rues...

To prove we were there.

This was our room...The Ouiser Room.  The light fixtures are original to the home, retrofitted from gas to electric.

The Shelby Room...can you say Blush and Bashful?

The bath tub from the famous Steel Magnolias movie scene ....All the bathrooms were retro except for the Clairee Room where Todd and Amelia were staying. It had been added when the house was renovated for the B and B.

This sitting room ws not really featured in the movie.

We ate breakfast at this beautiful table.

The stair case Julia Roberts ran down on her wedding day. We did note in the movie they were carpeted.  The movie was in the DVR in the common room and you could watch it whenever you liked.

This was on the upstairs landing.

The lovely porch. If the heat index had not been 108, we would have enjoyed the rockers.

The family room where we spent most of our time when not in our rooms. It is the most filmed room in the house that you will see in the movie.

The kitchen was straight our of the 80s...the cabinets must have been done in the 70s.

And finally the pool...

I will say it is pricy to stay here but the weekend was totally worth it in my opinion. I do have some hints if you are thinking of booking a weekend there.

Do not go in August! What were we thinking? This house is perfect for walking to the downtown area but it was SO hot that we drove. If I go again it will be to see the Christmas Festival and most probably I would stay at a cheaper B and B for that.

If you cannot climb stairs, do not come here. All the bedrooms are upstairs and the beds are those really tall old fashioned beds. We are all pretty tall so we had no problem but there were some steps tools if you asked for them.

Remember this is a period house. The bathrooms are old but sufficient. There are not a lot of available outlets for your electronics.   It did get hot in our rooms but extra fans were supplied and I had no trouble sleeping. As I said above...Dont go in August. lol

Our breakfast was adequate but a bit lacking in my opinion for the price we paid. Of course, I am a pretty good cook so I am a harsh critic. No Southern B and B should serve Whomp Biscuits. And that is all I have to say about that. Uh OH...different movie( Forrest Gump).

If you love the movie Steel Magnolias you will enjoy a night at the B and B.


Laurel Wood said...

Good Morning, It certainly is a gorgeous home. How fun to have spent the weekend there.
I hope you will have a nice day. We had one of our hottest days yesterday and horrible thunderstorms during the night.

Sandy said...

I loved seeing these pictures. It is one of my favorite movies of all time. I laughed out loud about whomp biscuits. My cousin always used that word, but she actually uses whomp, not so much.

Brenda said...

Love the movie and adore Sally Field
Love your blog

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How fun for us to see the photos you took and think back to the movie! Looks like a beautiful place to stay...but not in August! heehee! Enjoy your day! I think I'll get the movie out to watch over the weekend!

Robin in Virginia said...

What a gorgeous home! I am glad you were able to visit. Thanks for the chuckle about the biscuits!

Mary said...

Ok, now I have to go back and watch Forrest Gump because I don't recall ever hearing about whomp biscuits. And, I still have yet to see Steel Magnolia's!! It's on my list. I did write down the name of the restaurant in case I ever headed that way. The "hot pocket" looks like a Cornish pasty!!

Linda said...

I love traveling with you! How cool it was to see the Steel Magnolia house! I’m home with good Internet again and catching up on what all I missed! You and Marvin do such cool things! And I love the hot pockets!!

Terri D said...

I do love that movie but after seeing your photos, I feel like I've been there and would probably pick a more comfortable room in a motel/hotel to stay in instead. Thanks for taking us along with you!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I have no idea what a whomp biscuit is. Oh please do explain - I love the name of it! My husband and I love staying in B & B's. That is such an interesting bed in the room you stayed in. Right above the pillows - that (not sure what to call it) fabric wood thing. It is such a shame it was so hot. I hope you were able to enjoy the pool though!

Mari said...

You two have been having so much fun lately! I love the porch, but it would be too hot for me too.
Upper Michigan is famous for meat pies like that, but they are called pasties there.

Gabi said...

Nice to read your blog and your travelling stories. Wonderful and gorgeous mansion. Love the film and watch it again and again when they show it in German TV.
Remember, when I was in SC (long ago)we visited a plantation and really, I felt like Scarlett O'Hara. LOL
Greetings from Germany