Friday, August 2, 2019

Friday Five

1. Grandson Going to Middle School

Landon is in the blue shirt....he had a meet and greet at the Middle School on Sunday. He and his friends got their lockers and had a chance to look around their new school. For one year, Kendall and Landon will be at the same school. Only one car line. Woo Hoo!! But Kendall has instructed her brother to act as is he does not know her. Landon asked how that would work at pick up when they get into the same

2.Stitchers Name Tag

I finished my name tag for the North Alabama Stitchers. Looks snazzy doesn't it?

3. Cookie Jar

I was browsing the Dalton Cracker Barrel and came across this cute Red Truck Cookie Jar.

4. Fall Platter

 I did not see a lot of "new" fall items. Most were repeats from last year.  But this platter was one I had never seen. I am sure it will be very popular.

5. Beanie Boos

I told you I am returning to my second childhood as Margaret has gotten me hooked on Beanie Boos. I love Perry the Platypus and Butter the Cow just had to come and live on the farm.  ( I brought Perry to Decatur where he lives on the table next to my Cozy Chair in the bedroom.


Sandy said...

Landon is adorable and one car line is going to be very nice.
I love love love your name tag.
I have a rather large bin completely filled with Beanie babies from my own kids. That was one of their things I kept. They had fun playing with them or at least Paul Allen did. Most don't still have their tags because they were carted around the house in his cars and dump trucks.

Robin in Virginia said...

I had to chuckle about Kendall's comment to Landon about not knowing her and his response. I love your name tag, Arlene. Well done! Both the cookie jar and platter are lovely. I enjoy seeing what catches your eye at the Cracker Barrel. Those Beanie Boos are adorable. Enjoy your Friday!

Mary said...

Landon is adorable and smart too!!! Kendall is becoming a teenager for sure!! Your name tag is terrific!! I enjoy visiting Cracker Barrell virtually with you!

Terri D said...

Hurray for one car line this year! Your name tag is indeed quite snazzy! The red truck is a great icon for country and fall. Still cute for another year!! The Beanie Boos are adorable!

Barbara said...

I thought of you as we traveled through Alabama a couple of weeks ago. I wish I had more time to contact you and arrange a meeting in person. I would recognize you by your cross stitiched name tag!!! (smile)

We have a grandson starting middle school this year, too. We must pray for our kids. That's an especially tough season of life for young people.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, those lockers took me back to high school. What fun for Landon! Love your name tag. Very snazzy indeed! The question is: what kind of cookies are in your new cookie jar? I haven't been to CB lately but I will definitely be in a shopping mood. Those little animals have huge eyes. Fun fact - did you know that real platypus(es) are venomous? Yikes!

Mari said...

Landon is growing up! How funny is it that Margaret doesn't want him to be seen with her? Sounds like typical siblings!
Cute Fall stuff!