Friday, August 23, 2019

Friday Five

1 Cookie Nip

I tried this cookie/cake flavoring I had heard so much about.  If you are on the fence, just stick with the regular flavorings or extracts. I was not all that impressed and it is pretty pricy.

2. Les Mis

Sunday afternoon our local PBS ran the 25th anniversary concert celebrating my favorite musical. I had to stop and watch it. Every time I hear this music, it lifts me up. One of my favorite lyrics is when Jean Valjean is singing Bring Him Home ....God in Heaven Hear my prayer. In my need You have always been there.  I needed to hear that this weekend.

3. Honey news

Niece Laura was feeling a little cruddy this weekend so she had some tea and honey made by the PHDs....pure honey divas.

4. Hoover Grimmlins minus one

Katy did some face painting with the kiddos and then let them use their imaginations to make some art.

5. When Charles was Chuck

Marvin dug out this old photo that was taken at a Huntsville Stars game many moons ago.  Yes, when Charles was a lad, he was known as Chuck. When he went off to Charles he morphed into Super Charles.


Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, what an interesting Friday Five you shared. Never heard of the flavoring you mentioned in #1. I enjoyed seeing the grands with the face painting and what they were working on. Hope the honey helped Laura out from feeling crummy. Have an enjoyable day!

Laurel Wood said...

Good Morning, That honey tea looks good! The grands look like they are enjoying the paint. I wish you all a nice weekend. xo

Mrs.T said...

This is a very interesting Friday five today! The face painting is amazing and the kids look like they are having so much fun.

I had never heard of that cookie flavoring either, but I'm glad you shared your thoughts about it. Now I will know not to bother trying it.

Have a relaxing weekend, Arlene!

Terri D said...

Honey does indeed make us feel better when we stir it into some hot tea! Thanks for sharing your very fun Friday Five today!