Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday Five

1. Georgia Peanuts

Niece Laura gifted us with a bag containing small bags of Georgia Peanuts. Yum!!  I need to get a small glass bottle of Coca Cola and add a bag to it for an old time Southern Treat. 

2.  A Blast from the Past

I found this old photo of the birth sampler I did for Landon.

3. A New Book

While I was perusing the shelves at our used book room at the library,  I found this book about HGTV flippers, Ben and Erin Napier.  It was a steal at $4.  I have enjoyed reading it.

4.Yes It is My BEESWAX

I rendered this beeswax in just two rounds in the Crock Pot. Our PHD Bees( Pure Honey Divas) do great work.

5. My Sweethearts

I love this picture I snapped of Grandpa and the Grimmlins.


Mary said...

Landon's Birth Sampler is timeless! Love the photo of Grandpa and the Grands. I'm so proud of you becoming such a beekeeper and processor Arlene!!

Robin in Virginia said...

Love the snapshot of Grandpa and the Grands! A definite keeper! Landon's birthday sampler is super. Do you put the peanuts in the coke? Your beeswax looks good. Enjoy your Friday!

Linda said...

Your crosstitch is such a gift! I still have the ones I stitched for my two youngest children! put your wax in the crock pot? Then strain? I haven't rendered mine yet!

Laurel Wood said...

The book looks very good. I wish you all a nice and safe weekend.

Mrs.T said...

I enjoyed every bit of this post, Arlene! Landon's birth sampler is so nice. Timeless, as someone said above. Very much a classic.

That reminds me, how is Mr. Ledlow doing with his health? I've been praying for him.

RJ said...

Great five Arlene. The stitch for Landon is wonderful..what a keepsake. I remember that song by Barbara Mandrell "I was country when country wasn't cool" and she said in the song she was putting peanuts in her coke. Your beeswax looks mighty good...great job. I love that couple from the HGTV show. She is so sweet and he is cuddly and kind. And love, love, love the photo of Grandpa and the kids. Have a great weekend. We are preparing for the hurricane. RJ

Mari said...

Oooh! Look at that beeswax!
Love the picture of the sweeties - all three of them.
That book looks good!