Friday, August 9, 2019

Friday Five

1. Walking Weather

I will admit that I have not been walking as much as I usually do....But this week we had some not so hot weather so I put on my hat from the Mercantile...and headed out to get some steps in. Look at that Gorgeous sky....autumn is coming, I just know it.

2. Georgia Tech Football

I hung my Georgia Tech Football on the back door from the garage.  We are hoping our team has a better year as we have a brand new coach. And of course, I am pulling for Bama too. Roll Tide.

3. A Watermelon

Marvin had been wanting a REAL watermelon so we headed to the local Farmers Market.  And the man who sold us the watermelon looked like a REAL farmer.

4. Happy Mail

It was a good mail week for Nana. I won a give away at Carol's blog and I received the cute snow man in the mail. I also enjoyed two pretty thank you cards. Snail Mail is the best.

5. Christmas Trees

Yes, Hobby Lobby has put out the Christmas trees and unless you really are a Scrooge, you cannot help but stop and enjoy the prelit trees. One was rotating a spinning tree stand. I like the thought of a rotating tree but then I would not have a place to hide the ugly ornaments I feel I must use every year.:)


Sandy said...

I have been walking Tucker in the morning as soon as I pick him up because it HAD been cooler. Yesterday, the awful steam bath was back. You just sort of have to sit still if you're outside. Something tells me we are going to have an earlier fall. I could be completely wrong or wishful thinking. I had the best watermelon of the summer last week. Probably because it was really one from here and it is the actual season for them.

Laurel Wood said...

A couple of weeks ago, we had some "cooler than usual" days and it put me in the mood for fall. All summer, our mountain view has been hazy. I can't wait til the sky is clear and blue. I like your football door decor.
I stumbled upon a Hobby Lobby in SC the other day as I was "rambling." I saw the pretty trees and all the Autumn decor, too.
Have a great day.

Mary said...

Arlene, I woke up this morning to a chilly house!! YEA!!! Fall is in the air and I'm going to head out for a walk too. I haven't walked as much as I usually do either, too hot!
I am not a football fan but I have to root for the Gators!! Your garage door is a pretty blue! That watermelon looks sooo good!!!
I had a prelit artificial tree for the first time last year and it's going to be an argument this year as my husband wants to go back to a real tree. I love a real tree but boy, was the fake one more convenient.

Robin in Virginia said...

Good for you on getting out for a walk! Your watermelon looked fabulous. I want to get a small one, but haven't had much luck at the farmers' market. Thank you for the chuckle about the rotating tree and the ugly ornaments, Arlene! Enjoy your Friday!

Sue said...

Loved all of your Friday Fives, that melon looks delicious, I have been trying to walk on a more regular basis too! It is hard when the heat and humidity is high! I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday and saw their Christmas decorations loved them too! Enjoy your weekend.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How nice to get out and walk. I've missed it this week...too too hot! Love getting out my football stuff. I did that today! Next I'll want to decorate for Fall! lol Hugs!

Mrs.T said...

Good for you getting out to walk!! Monday was a perfect day for walking up here in New Hampshire. Cooler and much less humid. The rest of the week has been in the low 60s at 6 a.m. when we walk, but each morning has been at least 93% humidity. Neither my walking partner nor I do well with humidity, but we have been going out for an hour each morning anyway.

Our local supermarket sells watermelon by the wedge -- like say, an eighth of a watermelon. The one I bought last week was just about perfect.

Trees in Hobby Lobby already! I admit they are pretty, but I'm not ready to see them. We have plans to go to Cracker Barrel with a friend on Sunday ... really looking forward to that, as you can imagine!

Terri D said...

You look cute in your walking cap! It is time for football! I am just not ready to think about Christmas yet but... there it is! Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Look at you walking! You look so happy! I've been walking 3x a week lately. I need to walk early in the morning or else it is just too hot. That watermelon looks sweet! We've had mostly so so watermelons this year. No bad ones but few really sweet ones. That's ok. I just add a little salt and that makes everything right. xo

Mari said...

Real watermelon is the best! We've had some beautiful weather here this week, sunshine and a breeze. I'm not ready for Fall yet!

Carol said...

We've just had a perfect weather weekend here--wish every day could be like Saturday and today were. I'd get out and walk more often instead of using my treadmill! Glad your weather is cooling down enough for you to be outside again, Arlene--I absolutely love walking and try to walk 4-5 miles each day. If I don't, I get cranky :)

RJ said...

It's still too hot and sticky for walking here. But, I'm headed to South Carolina at the end of the week and will be walking on the beach every day. That watermelon looked so tempting. My husband loves watermelon too.

I see I trained Mary right as she is rooting for the Gators. We sent her NY Mets a Gator this year and he is vying for the homerun title...he is really lighting it up in the National League.

I'm anxious for college football to start too. Go Gators!!! RJ