Saturday, August 17, 2019

Saturday Stitching

Good Morning Stitchy Friends. I will be off to North Alabama Stitchers today, taking a Christmas ornament to work on while I visit with my other stitchy friends.

I did get Joshua's birth sampler back from the Framer...

His 100 day Celebration is August 24th and this will be going along with us. In addition to his sampler I am taking his Christmas stocking.

We believe in big Christmas stockings in our family! This was my first time stitching one of Mama G's Christmas stocking. So it has a few imperfections but over all I am okay with it.   Let's just say Crochet will never be my main hobby!:)

I also finished Halloween Hoopla.

I decided not to go with the round finish for this one as I wanted to use it in my big Fall Dough Bowl.

I am looking forward to getting out all my Halloween smalls to display. I am going to wait until mid September to do so. We will be going to the beach the third week in September so my plans are to wait on Fall decor until we get home.

I made a trip to The Cross Stitch Peddler.( Be sure and check out their facebook page.) I picked up Autumn Whirly Gig. I need to get it done to take to Grimmwood. While I was there another stitcher brought in these cute little zip bags she had finished.

The Beach scene is from a Stoney Creek magazine while the Christmas bag is a Lizzie Kate design. Vicki is a very talented stitcher and seamstress. Marlene was working on the Halloween piece. I thought you might like a close up of it.

Girls Night Out...this piece is by Jabco Buttons. You buy the buttons and get the pattern. Call Marlene at The Cross Stitch Peddler( 256-350-7780)  to order it and she will be glad to put it in the mail to you!   It is adorable. It rather reminds me of Hagrid''s flying motorcycle on the Harry Potter movies.

Plans for this week include working on my rotation as well as getting some more Christmas ornaments stitched up . Have a great week...I hope the Frog stays away from your door.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Love everything you posted but especialy the Girls Night Out. I sorta have'fall fever' but know I have to wait. Have a good weekend.

Sue said...

Lovely hand-i-work,.

Barbara said...

I need an explanation of the frog comment at the end of your blog post.

I also need to make some little pillows, as you have, for my autumn dough bowl. Thanks for the stitch reminder!

Sandy said...

I have no clue what you were talking about. The hoopla witch turned out adorable!!!
I love love love the birth sampler. It is just perfect and the stocking is wow!

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoy your outing to the stitch gathering! It is always a good way to spend time with fellow stitchers. Congratulations on finishing off the Hoopla design. I like it 'pillow-fied'.

Robin in Virginia said...

Oops, I forget to say I really like the frame molding you picked out for Joshua's sampler. And his stocking is precious.

Terri D said...

Girls' Night Out reminded me of Hocus Pocus. Very cute! I always love seeing your projects!

Laurel Wood said...

Joshua's sampler and Christmas stocking are so nice. What a precious gift. I love Autumn and enjoy seeing your finished projects. How nice to be planning a trip to the beach. Hope you enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

All of it is so amazing and cute! Im glad you are waiting on fall until the official time. I thought I was the only one who took summer as far as possible. Have fun stitching!

Mary said...

Joshua's birth sampler framing came out perfect!! I'm so glad you were able to complete it and have it framed in time. What a special gift it is. LOVe our Halloween hoopla!! Another one for my to order list that should not be growing!!
Love those zip bags and Girls night out is great on that purple linen! It's must be so fun to see what others are stitching and finishing in person!
RJ is away this week and will be visiting on her return. I know she will want the Halloween Hoopla too after seeing yours!!

Have a great week. Mary

Carol said...

Love how the birth sampler turned out, Arlene! And my, what a big stocking--you could probably fit Joshua in it :)

Your little with is adorable on that fabric and will look perfect displayed with other Halloween pillows. I do love little pillows (I guess you've probably figured that out!).