Saturday, August 31, 2019

Saturday Stitching

Happy Stitchy Day! I have not done a give away in a while so I will do one today.

This giveaway includes the gently used chart, Horse Country Christmas  ( One of my favorite stitches.) and the Happiness is Homemade Cookbook from the March Needlework Market. You will see recipes from many designers you know! If you wish to be entered, do not use the word giveaway. Just answer this question. What is your Unicorn Chart? A Unicorn Chart is one that you have searched for without success. My Unicorn chart was Easter Bunny by Blackbird Designs. However Blackbird recently re issued this chart and I ordered it right away. So what chart are  you on the hunt for?

This was a finishing week for me.

First I went back to Hudson's Christmas ornament. I wanted to tweak it a bit. I was not happy that you could see a line between the two circles. Red Rick Rack to the Rescue.

Much better.

Now it goes back to the treasure box to wait for Thanksgiving.

Autumn Whirlygig is ready to go to Grimmwood where I will swap Autumn out for Summer on my antique spool.  It has a magnet on the back so I stuck it on a lamp to get a picture.

Niece Maggie's Christmas ornament/ extra wedding gift. I love the way it turned out. The metal ornament from Hobby Lobby worked great.

And I got this month's Colour and Cotton subscription.

 I am eyeing that Bargello for a barn I hope to stitch in 2020.

And for those of you wondering about Coke and Peanuts is a picture.

When I was a little girl, this was a treat for sure. We seldom had bottled cokes unless we were sick. But take a Coke, pour in a package of Lance's Peanuts and enjoy.  The coke tastes salty and you had to learn to drink and chew at the same time. The real fun was getting out any peanuts that fell to the bottom of the bottle. :)  Its a Southern Thang.

Have a good week....dont forget to enter your Unicorn chart. I will announce the winner next Saturday.


Janice Samson said...

My unicorn chart is actually a stocking cuff pattern that I stitched for our family when there were just five of us—hubby and me and three young boys at the time. Our family has grown and I had hoped to stitch more stockings for daughters-in-law and grands but no luck finding so a Prairie Schooler design is being used instead.

Sandy said...

I remember coke and peanuts. Such a great memory. The red trim was perfect and I love the whirligig!!!

Mrs.T said...

I don't think that I have a Unicorn Chart at this point. Pretty sure there aren't any that I have searched for without success -- not yet, anyway.

But if any of your readers have a chart they are searching for -- I do have quite a few, so it might be worth asking me. I especially have a lot of the Jeremiah Junction charts and the Cross Stitch Country magazines, plus a few cross stitch books.

Hudson's ornament turned out so nice. REALLY festive and so colorful! All of your projects turned out great. You are inspiring!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your stitching but I'm not doing any right now so I'll let the other stitchers have a chance at the chart! I am going to try to do some crochet this week. Right now we are preparing for the hurricane and it's crazy around here! Please keep us in your prayers. Hugs!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I do remember the peanut/coke mix! Have a happy holiday weekend.

Barbara said...

Since I'm not a true Southerner, I had not heard about the peanuts-in-the-Coke thing. Sounds like fun!

Love your finishes. That idea with the rick rack is especially intriguing.

My Unicorn chart would be all the charts and patterns I gave away to Good Will in 2013 when I thought I would never cross stitch again. I SORELY REGRET THAT DECISION.

Georgia said...

Hi Arlene, I would like to enter your contest for the lovely pattern and magazine. My Unicorn Chart is Prairie Schooler, "Santa Ride's," #47. Thank you so much...Georgia Wireman.

Georgia said...

Hi Arlene, just a note to say how much I love your Blog. I would love to enter your contest for the pattern and cookbook. My unicorn chart is Prairie Schooler, "Santa Rides," Book #47. Thank you so much,
Georgia Wireman.

RJ said...

Well I would like to find a big box of old patterns that I can't find since our last move. Some I never stitched which makes me sad.

Love all of your wonderful ornaments especially the snowman...he's adorable.

I'm glad you enjoyed your peanuts in the coke. RJ

Jan said...

My unicorn chart(s) would be all of the old cross stitch magazines and patterns that have disappeared over the course of several moves!

Robin in Virginia said...

Thanks for sharing a picture of coke and peanuts! That actually looks good and if I drank soda, I would try it. I really like the addition of the red rick rack on Hudson's ornament. The squirrel whirligig makes me giggle. Way to go on the finishing of the ornament for Maggie.

Mary said...

I have never heard of peanuts IN Coke but I would certainly give it a try. We rarely ever have soda anymore but at Christmas my husband has to have the little bottles of COke. I hope I remember to try this southern treat. I love your whirligig and the red rick rack is perfect for Hudson's stitch.

Meg said...

Arlene, your ornaments are coming along beautifully! I LOVE the ric rac. It pops!

I am subscribed to the Colour & Cotton "all colors" (10-skein) option and I the colors I received this month were totally different from yours. I got one called "Unicorn Tail"! I love the "Lava Lamp" color you received.

I've never tried Coke and peanuts, but my friend Vernell had it on a road trip to central Idaho several years ago. She bought a bottle of Coke and a little bag of peanuts and we all watched in consternation as she poured the peanuts into the Coke. She said when she grew up in the South and would work in the fields, it was such a treat. Her grandparents were born into slavery and it had been a treat for generations.

Have a lovely week!