Tuesday, August 27, 2019

September Plans

It is hard to believe this is the last week of August.  I was looking at my planner for September and it is already pretty full.

We will celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary on the 4th. We usually go out for dinner and we treat ourselves to a week at the beach for the third weekend of the month. One of my best friends from childhood, Linda, celebrates her birthday on the 10th. I believe we have sent each other birthday cards for about 40 plus years now.

The much awaited Downton Abbey movie premieres in September. You can bet I will be standing in line to see it when it comes out!

After living in our house for ten years, our floors need some attention. We went to our go to flooring store, Elite Flooring, to check out what is available. We decided to go with the dense porcelain tile from Shaw Manufacturing that looks like hardwood without all the hassle of hardwood. Our color is Petrified Hickory. We are having the flooring installer take up the old flooring and move the furniture but still we have to remove everything from the table tops etc. We asked if we could do it after we returned from the beach.  The saleslady assured us this would be our last floor. She was talking about the durability of the product but I had to chuckle, Yes this probably will be our last floor.  So our downstairs flooring will be replaced but we are leaving the carpet on the back stairs and in the man cave. Eventually that will be changed out but I think we will go with a durable carpet to cut down on the noise factor.  Home maintenance is an ongoing process.

September brings more soccer games for Landon. He will play this Saturday and afterward he and Grandpa are going to be heading to the Decatur Harbor on the Tennessee River to see a WW2 Landing Craft Boat that will be moored there for several days. Grandpa has seen this boat when it was here about five years ago but Landon who is very interested in WW2 has not. They are going to have lunch and make a day of it. And memories made with grandparents will be with the grands for the rest of their lives.

Next Sunday, September 1st, we will go and visit the Hoover Grimmlins. Elliott has settled into school but he is still Elliott. The other day he told his teacher that his daddy set his hair on fire and died.  I am thankful that he has a seasoned teacher and I hope she can calm that little man down a bit

Off for breakfast with my friend, Deborah. Have a blessed day friends.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Your Sept. will definitely be a busy month. Hope you will show us the new floor once it is down. Enjoy your anniversary month.

Sandy said...

September is always one of our busiest months. Lots of birthdays, a big anniversary this year and lots of friends with birthdays. We have already been invited to two parties on the same day. I am glad that Landon likes WWII stuff. Paul Allen always has been as well.
Elliot will maybe be a new rising star on the remake of things kids say:)
I wish I had chosen that tile myself many years ago. A friend of mine just put it in with minimal grout. Looks wonderful.

Robin in Virginia said...

I hope you have an enjoyable breakfast and good conversation with your friend. It sounds like September is going to be a busy one for you. I had to chuckle over Elliott's tale about his daddy. I know Landon will enjoy his outing with Grandpa. I treasure the memories I have doing things with my Grandpa. Enjoy your upcoming anniversary month, Arlene!

RJ said...

Sounds like a busy but fun September Arlene. I love the month of September ever since I was a small child. My birthday comes on the first and I would have a party with school friends and then a week later be back to school and I loved going back and seeing everyone again.

I've been gone this last week at a beach reunion in South Carolina with our six best friends from college. So today I'm catching up with all my blogging buddies. I'll be back later tonight to catch up on all the posts I missed this week. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Mari said...

Sounds like September is going to be a wonderful month.
We just celebrated our 38th so you have 5 years on us.
I love Downton Abbey, but I may have to wait to see it - none of my friends watch it! Maybe I'll come down and see it with you. :)
I loved that Elliot story!

Meg said...

LOL!!! I am still laughing out loud at the Elliott story. When my son was in 2nd or 3rd grade, I picked him up from Just For Kids (an after-school program) and the teacher asked me how we were enjoying the new addition to our family. I said, “What new addition?” She said Thomas had to sleep in the bleachers during music class because he told the music teacher we had gotten home late the night before after taking the “red-eye” flight home from China, where we picked up his new baby sister! I kid you not. His exact words... the “red-eye” flight. And no, we had not flown to China to adopt a baby. Such an imagination....

The tile sounds divine. Our house was built in 1999 (we bought it in 2005) and it still has all original carpet and faux woods. It is beyond needing replaced, in my opinion, but I am married to the world’s most frugal man, who is also an adventurous soul. Rather than replacing the floors, we are going to Ireland and Scotland next year. :-) The floors can wait.

Mary said...

Oh my goodness Arlene, you have a busy month in Sept. Congratulations on 43 years of wedded bliss!!! That story of Elliot cracks me up!! My brother Martin had quite an imagination when he was little. When he was 3 years old he insisted that every one call him Pierre. He would tell you about his farm in France and the animals he raised. It was sort of spooky!!! Looking forward to hearing more of Elliot's imagination.

Laurel Wood said...

Your new floor sounds great. I look forward to seeing it and I hope the installation goes smoothly.