Monday, August 19, 2019

The Stream

Good Muggy Monday Morning....come autumn come will be my mantra this week. Even the stream feels like a bath!

1. answer Barbara's question on Saturday Stitching. What does FROG mean. Well Barbara when you make a mistake in your stitching you RIP IT RIP IT RIP we say stay away FROG. FROG can also remind us to FULLY RELY ON GOD. I know a younger friend who did her baby's nursery in Frogs for this very reason.  I have to admit that the FROG visited me at North Alabama Stitchers Meeting. But with all the gabbing who can blame the frog for taking advantage of careless stitchers.

2. We had 22 gals at the library on Saturday. Some newbies, mostly oldies. We had such a good time. There was a freebie table and I won a door prize, an old copy of Cross Stitch Gold Christmas edition. Joanie who sat at my table had been to Stitch Con( The Mecca for stitchers) and she told us all about it. She met lots of Floss Tubers and she said they were so nice, just like they are on their channels.

3. You will be glad to know that Landon is fully embracing Middle School. He figured out his locker and he and his sister were even talking and walking together after Mommy dropped them off the other day. Amelia sent me a picture so I know it is so. Amelia said she had to document it.

4. Someone also asked about WHOMP biscuits. Those are biscuits that are in a tube and you WHOMP them on the counter to open them up and get them out. As I have said before, if a pricy B and B cannot make a REAL biscuit, then they need to forget the biscuit and present a nice pastry from the bakery. Nothing beats a hot steaming biscuit from the oven, split open with some butter added then topped with honey, jelly or some old fashioned sorghum syrup.  The key to a good biscuit is handling the dough very little and baking them at a HIGH overn temp.

5. I was cleaning out my pantry this week and I told Marvin we are eating out of the pantry for a while. I had several boxes of pasta and bottle os spaghetti sauce. We had spaghetti and meatballs on Friday night. I am looking through cookbooks for some recipes that will use up our stores. With Autumn coming( and it will come) I want to stock up on fresh items for the fall pantry.  Tonight we are having BLTs to use up some Bacon in the Fridge. I am not sure how we have gone without using it as Bacon is a favorite here and when the grand girls are here, it is their request for a snack.

6. One reason we need to work on our pantry supplies is that Marvin and I have been doing intermittent fasting and we just do not go through as many groceries. We only eat between the hours of noon and six. We try not to snack and both of us have lost weight. I think it is the after six snacking that has caused the wt. loss. We eat a regular lunch and dinner. Snacking is my downfall. I never met a snack I did not like. And just to be clear, the pounds are not falling off but coming off slowly and steadily. I am down 12 pounds from one year ago.

7.The other day someone asked me if my hair color was natural. I had to chuckle. Like I would dye my hair this color. Thanks to my mom's genes I grayed early and my gray hair is very light.  My son, Ben, whose hair color is the same as mine once was, has gray in his beard but not on his head. Amelia says she has some gray but she colors her hair and poor Charles, the youngest child is white headed like me. He is still salt and pepper but mostly salt these days.  And today is Charles 36th baby. I guess I should have white hair!! Happy Birthday Charles Clifford Grimm.

8. Okay, closing with a genealogy find that popped up this week as I was researching. One of my ancestors testified at the Salem With Trials. His name was Samuel Abourne and he testified on the behalf of Rebecca Nurse. Twelve other men also testified to Rebecca's character but they hanged her anyway.  It was risky to stand up for one of the accused as this could target you as supporting witchcraft. I was glad to see that my ancestor stood up for right.

Well time to get busy here at Nanaland. Have a blessed day friends.


Sandy said...

Yea right... we would actually spend hundreds of dollars to get our hair to go gray. Seriously, what are these young people thinking. It will happen on its own in due time. I like you and Charles knew all about the silver stuff real early. I colored for many years, but gave up at about 42 when I knew I was fully covered.
I would have been like Amelia and felt the need to document.

Robin in Virginia said...

I enjoyed wandering in the stream with you today. Glad you had a good outing to your stitch gathering even though the frog paid a visit. It sounds like you are doing the weight loss the way it should be tackled -- slow and steady. I try not to keep the snacks in the house because I would snack and graze all day. Thank you for sharing about your relative standing up for what was right. Enjoy your day, Arlene!

Mrs.T said...

It's hot and muggy up here today too, Arlene! Even at 6 am when my friend and I walked, it was unbelievably humid. Hard to breathe. We usually walk for an hour but we stopped after 50 minutes as we had both had enough!

I did intermittent fasting a couple of years ago and it really did work. I couldn't do it now because I need to take ibuprofen prior to walking and can't do that on an empty stomach. I tend to not snack in the evening anyway -- but I definitely felt the intermittent fasting was very effective. Sometime I would like to get back to it.

So glad that Landon is fully embracing middle school and that he and Kendall can be friends. Smart of Amelia to document the moment when she saw them walking and talking together.

I always make biscuits from scratch. I use the Iron Skillet Biscuit recipe from Marilyn at Mountain Top Spice.

What fun to wade in the stream with you today!

Terra said...

Well now I know about FROGS, interesting. How intriguing that your ancestor testified for a woman in the witch trials.

Terri D said...

This was a fun read! I sure did enjoy catching up on your news and on your projects. Wishing you a blessed week ahead! (I think your hair is gorgeous!)

Laurel Wood said...

How nice to meet with other stitchers and to win a door prize! Congrats on the slow and steady weight loss. I was able to clean out the pantry before we moved and I am careful about what I buy these days. My hair started to turn gray around 20 and is nearly impossible to color, so I just go natural! Happy Birthday to your son today. Hope you have a nice evening. xo

Mari said...

I love the find on your ancestor!
Good for you for the weight loss too. I need to get doing something, and maybe I should try that. Snacking is my downfall too.
Happy Birthday to Charles. My hubby would say at least he has hair. Bob had lost a lot of his by 36. :)

Carol said...

Good for you on the weight loss, Arlene! I have been doing intermittent fasting for a while now (eating between noon and 7) and really like it--I feel better and definitely do not miss breakfast. Sometimes I eat breakfast at lunch time and then just eat dinner. I don't need to lose weight--just trying to maintain as it does get harder as we age. Sigh...

Too funny about the hair color question :) Your hair is lovely and I only hope mine will be as pretty when I decide to let it go grey. Still not ready yet :)

Mary said...

I enjoy your streams so much Arlene, todays' was so interesting. How exciting for you to find that bit of history about your relative. I am going to Cape Cod in Sept and my sister and I were thinking about taking a trip to Salem. I have never been and I think the history would be fascinating.

Well, I'm glad you explained about whomp biscuits, as I had no idea!! I make my own biscuits and shame on a Southern B&B for serving whomp biscuits!! One of my fav breakfasts is biscuits and gravy and I make my own for both.

I have been dying my hair since 27 and have been thinking about going grey but my hairdresser said you have to wear brighter clothes and more makeup once you go gray...maybe she doesn't want to lose the business?

I tried interval fasting but I get up early and like to eat breakfast right away so it didn't work for me but I have 2 friends that are doing great on it. Glad it's working for you, slow and steady is the best way to lose too.