Thursday, August 29, 2019

Throwback Thursday

Looking back at School Pictures on this last Thursday in August.

Here I am with my second grade class at Eton Elementary School. Miss Macie was our teacher. She was a widow( her real name was Mrs Jackson but we called her by her first name.) who put all of her love and care into her class. I wonder how old Miss Macie was in this picture. She seemed ancient to me.:) I am the girl on the front next to the black board. See I did have brown hair once upon a time.

Here was Nanaland six years ago. Landon was sending the Smurfs to school.

Kendall on her first day at Priceville Elementary. She was in the second grade too.

Landon was in the four year old class at Hartselle First Methodist. His class had a frog theme. ( Fully Rely on God).

Most of the schools here have been going for three weeks now. The schools in Chatsworth start on the Tuesday after Labor Day but the teachers are back this week. Sister Leta has a little more leisure until she starts subbing for a teacher on maternity leave. She loves teaching and subbing is the best of both worlds for her.


Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, I love your second grade photo. I always wanted one of that style of desk at home to play school. Enjoyed seeing the Grimmlins past shots. I hope sister Leta has a great class for her subbing time.

Mrs.T said...

Fun photos with a back to school theme! Love your second grade photo.

Mari said...

I enjoyed all the pictures, especially the one with you in it. I see some of Margaret in you in that pic.

Mary said...

What a great school photo to have. Your teacher looks stern in the photo!! You can see how much the classroom set up has changed from your day to your grands!!
Love the smurfs lined up1!

RJ said...

Loved your sweet photo Arlene. You looked adorable. Was Miss Mazie's desk always in the back of the class?

All of your grandchildren look so sweet as they enjoy school like their Nana. RJ