Monday, September 30, 2019

Happy Fall from Foothills Farm

Bruce and Leta got the farm sign all decorated for Fall. This is why we call our place Grimmwood at Foothills Farm.  Hoping for some cooler temps there when we visit this week.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Saturday Stitching

Well another week with not a lot of stitching due to the upheaval here at Nanaland. I did manage a finish last Saturday.

The Cat and the Moon by With Thy Needle and Thread. I did not add the moon. I just wanted this sweet cat face. I also changed the colors of his hat from green and white to lime green and purple. I used flosses I had in my stash...except for the black and white I used the Colour and Cotton flosses I had on hand.

This week I have been working on Halloween House by Waxing Moon.

I am also using colors I had on hand rather than the charted flosses.  I am making the windows shine with light as it is Halloween and the tricksters are out so lets have the lights on!!

While I have been upstairs in the man cave, I have worked in the craft room getting out my Halloween cross stitch to display once I can get my house back in order. Next week I will do a post on those pieces.

I was excited to see that Brenda Gervais has released the Thanksgiving Hoopla.

Isn't it too cute? I have to say that as an old preschool teacher I will be changing the tall feather colors to green, blue, red , yellow and orange. Remember those little "Hand" turkeys that were popular preschool crafts? We made those turkeys every year and I want my Hoopla to be a reminder of my teaching days.

And how many of us stitched Pumpkin Spice Farm designed by the talented Cathy Habermann? Well she has released a companion piece for Christmas.

Cranberry Christmas is just too cute. I think I will stitch it and finish it just like Cathy shows it here. The red ticking is perfect with this stitch.

Well that is it for this week my stitchy friends.   Stitch  something beautiful today!

Friday, September 27, 2019

Friday Five

1. My niece sent me this...

Mildly humorous.

2. Sunday Lunch

On Sunday our Sunday School Class got together at our associate pastor's home for a lunch. Our SS and another SS class merged into one. This lunch was a good way to visit and get to know each other. In this picture we were laughing at Doug who was giving Suzanne a head massage.:)  It was a nice day to sit outside as it was in the 80s.

3. My New Tee By Cotton Belle Tees

Pardon the background...we were in the man cave and the bed was piled high with things. This is a long sleeved tee and I hope I can wear it before it is winter.

4 . 1973

The last week of September I started nursing school at Georgia Baptist in Atlanta. Three years that truly changed my life forever. So thankful for the life lessons I learned at this school.

5. GBH Besties

These are my ride or die friends from Nursing School. We had each other's backs then and we still do today. Love you Jenny, Karen, Terrie and Connie.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

Here are some memories from September 2016

Sandy and I met up at a restaurant in Pensacola. It was so nice to finally meet each other in person after reading blogs and emailing each other. She is a gem just like I knew she would be.

Grimmwood was in progress.  Back then it was just a dream and hard to picture how it would look when it was finished.

Out on the porch before it was a porch.

It was starting to look like a real house!!

So fun to look back at good times.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

All Torn Up

So here is the current situation...

The beginning of the demolition.

See that big will take out a floor in no time.

As of today all the floors are gone and they are beginning to lay down the tile. Once the tile is in place, it will be grouted and then we will have to wait for it to cure.

Marvin and I are upstairs in our one room cabin...aka the man cave. The garage is full of furniture. I told Marvin that I felt a bit like the Clampetts from the Bevery Hillbillies.

But you have to go through a lot of mess to see real change. Landon went downstairs to get a drink and he said, Nana your floors are going to look really nice.  If a ten year old boy tells you that you can believe him.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Stream

Good house is in a mess and my stream of consciousness is as well!

1. We are having our floors replaced. All the downstairs floors except the tile in the bathrooms and kitchens. The workmen arrived yesterday and oh my goodness. It will be a mess for sure. We are replacing the flooring with Shaw's Petrified Hickory. It is a dense porcelain tile that looks like wood. It is virtually indestructible....we will le the grands try their hand at it just too check!

2. As someone who likes order, having my house torn up, things placed here and there. Mostly there in the garage, is going to take all my resolve to deal with. One thing I did tell Marvin is that when I put it all back I am doing a good cleaning that will be great before the onset of the holidays.

3. Many of my friends have seen the Downton Abbey movie and they are raving about it. I hope Marvin and I can make it to the movie this week. We are both Downton fans. Marvin loves this quote by Granny. " I came with low expectations and left disappointed." He says this sums up his feeling about Georgia Tech this year.

4. My stitching may be sparse this week. I have things to work on but I keep getting distracted by all the activity downstairs. I do have two finishes to share on Saturday. BTW, Marvin and I are banished to the Man Cave. It will be an interesting week for sure.

5. If you are looking for a good beach read, check out The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins. It is a sweet story about a quirky town called Dove Creek. The librarian is very special. Books talk to her and tell her who needs which book at the particular moment.  I got my copy at Target for $12 or so and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only problem was the ending. It seemed rather rushed but I am hoping that maybe this will be a series and we will meet more of the people of Dove Creek.

6. Marvin and I have been enjoying the Ken Burns Series on PBS about Country Music. Marvin did not listen to country music growing up but I did. My daddy loved country music, mainly the old time fellas like Johnny Cash, Hank Snow, Buck Owens etc.We watched Flatt and Scruggs every week as well as Porter Wagoner.  Hearing the stories behind the music as well as the musicians is quite enlightening. Did you know that before the music was known as country western it was labeled Hill Billy Music? It has brought back many memories for me of the old days.

7. It is nice to have a 13 year old granddaughter who keeps you up to date on Urban slang . I had never heard of a VSCO girl. Apparently those are the cool girls now. They wear Scrunchies on their wrists with no intention of using them in their hair. They also wear over sized tees and Nike shorts. Crocs or Birks are the shoe of choice. They wear Kanken backpacks and sip water through the stainless steel straws in their hydroflasks. Well now you know too. I showed Kendall my old book The Preppy Handbook from the 1980s. She got a kick out of looking at it.:)

Well time to get on the ball....gotta keep a close eye on these workmen.:)

Monday, September 23, 2019

Peach Park

We headed home Friday afternoon. The wind and surf was rough at the beach and even my beach loving hubby could not take being sandblasted while trying to enjoy the view. Plus now we get to watch all the Saturday Ball Games.

But on the way home from the beach we made a stop in Clanton Alabama, just north of Montgomery to get some ice cream at Peach Park. They have the best homemade ice cream. I chose Banana, my favorite and Marvin got Peach. I also picked up some Peach Butter for my sweet next door neighbor, Janet. She and Jerry go above and beyond as neighbors and I want them to know that it is much appreciated.

While Peaches are their main draw, this time of year most peach products are the jarred variety. However you can find just about anything at Peach Park, including photo ops.

Pumpkins and Gourds in abundance.

There is even a cow you can pose with if you like!

Wedding gifts...

Dish Towels...I resisted purchasing one...they were rather pricy.

Bath Bombs

Tee Shirts...

I liked this one.

All kinds of canned goods....

Beautiful glass and candles

I loved this door hanger.

And as you are leaving you can stop and make some smores.

The fire pit was going and the little trailer had the fixins for the fireside.

If you are ever traveling on I 65 be sure and stop at Peach Park. It is a unique place for sure.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Saturday Stitching

My stitching bag is on vacation this week and so is Nana. Come back next Saturday to see what I have been up to!!

Today we are on the road heading back to NoAla. It has been a nice week but I have heard cooler temps have arrived in Decatur and word on the street is that fall is in sight!!

Friday, September 20, 2019

Good Eats and Red Flags

We have enjoyed some good meals here in the Gulf.

First is an old favorite...Cosmo's.

You go up on a deck with lots of pretty flowers to enter the restaurant.

Lots of neat art on the inside!

Fire Cracker Shrimp! We had  a few of them before I remembered to take a photo.

Thursday on the beach it was very windy and rainy. We went down for a while in the morning but being sandblasted is no fun so we came back up to the condo and sat on the balcony. For lunch we decided to check out a new to us spot, Sunliner Diner.

I dont know who that good looking man is in the blue tee shirt!

Marvin had chicken and waffles and I had a waffle...I am a purist. Food was good and all the waitresses were dressed in 1950s attire.

After lunch we just stayed in as this is what it looked like outside.

Red flags were up warning everyone to stay out of the water.  As you can see just a few hardy souls braved the weather. We were watching the local news and saw that Mobile had terrible storms and flooding.

But even inside, being at the beach is nice!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Safe Harbor

Beautiful Bon Secour Alabama was our destination on Tuesday afternoon. Located on Highway 10 in Baldwin County Alabama, it is known for its seafood. You will find the great restaurant Tin Top there as well as several seafood companies that will pack your chosen seafood for a ride home to enjoy later.

We always enjoy a meal at Tin Top. Yesterday was no different. We had a delicious appetizer of seafood stuffed mushrooms followed by Trigger Fish for Marvin and a Rib Eye for me. I like seafood but being raised on a beef cattle farm, I have to have some red meat every now and then.

The parking lot features crushed oyster shells.

Our Lady of Bon Secour Catholic Church.

St Peter's Episcopal Church. This little church reminds me of Father Tim's church in the Jan Karon Mitford Series.

Swift Elementary School...built in 1920 and still in use. There are some newer buildings but not as charming.

I love this little school house.

One last picture of Our Lady of Bon Secour. It was a beautiful clear day, if HOT!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Our Little Giant

Nancy sent me the stats from Joshua's four month check up and let's just say he is a BIG boy. Grandpa has fingers crossed that we will finally have a tall Grimm Grandson.

He is very kissable and squeezable.

These baby days fly by.

Big Sister was helping Mommy make biscuits. Charles loved to help his Grandma make biscuits when he was little. Mother would take the leftover dough and make Charles a BIG biscuit.

We had a good day at the beach yesterday. It was sunnier. We had left overs from Bahama Bob's so we had that for dinner and then took a trip to Matts Ice Cream Shop for dessert. If you are ever in Gulf Shores be sure and try Matt's. It is rated the number one Ice Cream in Alabama.

Today( Which is Tuesday as I am writing my blog) we are going to spend the morning on the beach then head to Foley to shop at the Outlet Mall. After shopping we are going out to dinner at Tin Top in Bon Secour. Angela S asked if we knew about Billy's Seafood. Yes we do...we always stop there on our way home to pick up some shrimp for the freezer. Bon Secour is such a pretty place. We always enjoy driving out there. Angelia I enjoyed your suggestions in your comment. We have been coming here for about six years now but we tend to just go to the beach. It is good to have options for days when it might not be beach weather.  Angela also asked if I brought my stitching. I am trying to finish Yule Tide on Thistle Hill. I want to get that framed before Christmas. I am working on the border and I am hoping it all lines up at the end.:)

One last thing, my good friend Sharon in North Carolina, lost her 90 year old mom over the weekend and the funeral is today. Would you say a prayer for the Ellis family as they lay this dear one to rest? I know they would appreciate it.

Have a blessed day friends.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

On the High Seas

Sunday was a cloudy and windy day but it did not keep us from some beach time. I rather like a cloudy day at the beach because I do not have to worry too much about my porcelain( Ultra White) skin!!

There were two flags flying on the beach. One was red. That means you should stay our of the water because of rough surf and riptides. Everyone was obeying as there were several drownings in the Gulf this summer. The second flag was a purple flag warning everyone that jelly fish are in the water right now. We also saw a lot of gelatinous blobs on the beach so we googled Gelatinous Blobs on Gulf Beach to find out they are Salps. They might look like a jelly fish but they are not even in the same group biologically. These little creatures eat algae....and there is a good bit of that in the water right now as well.

Marvin and I were glad to just sit in our beach chairs under our umbrella. We read and watched the huge waves. We did see a sail boat...

They were advertising something but the waves were so big we could not read the writing on the body of the sailboat.

We did enjoy the mermaid.

 We sure do enjoy our days at Gulf Shores.

Monday, September 16, 2019

On the Road

Marvin and I were up early on Saturday morning to load the car for our week at the beach. Before we hit the road to Bham, we stopped at Krispy Kreme in Decatur for some donuts for the grands. Baylor always expects Grandpa to bring donuts when he comes to visit.

We arrived at the Hoover Grimm Home around 9:30. Nana had a lot of goodies with her as she had not seen the grands in a good while. When shopping at Publix I look for the BOGO deals and purchase them to share with my kiddos.  Margaret loves Chili Cheese Fritos so we got two bags of those, Elliott loves Oreos so there were some of those in Nana's Goody Bag as well.  I also purchased some Beanie Boos for each child and those were a big hit too. I found some of the Halloween Beanie Boos at Cracker Barrel for them. E and M both shared which Christmas Beanie Boos they would like to have so I will be on the Look Out fo those. We took Ben some honey and I had some special Caldrea products for Katy.

Grandpa and Elliott horsing around.

This boy is such a monkey. He had Oreos in his mouth when this picture was taken.

Me and my Margaret....of all my grands I would say Margaret and I are the most alike. We enjoy many of the same things. She started art lessons at school and I cant wait to see how she progresses.

She is also playing volleyball for six weeks. We are going down to watch her game on the 30th.

I snapped this picture of Margo playing with her new Beanie Boos.

Baylor you see no pictures of Baylor man. He is an elusive subject but Margaret reported that this week when she walked him to his classroom, he told her See You Later. That is HUGE for us and we hold onto every little improvement. Thanks again prayer warriors.

We left Hoover to journey on to the beach. We stopped in Evergreen, Alabama for a late lunch and some rest before finishing our trek.

We pulled into our condo at five. Both of us rushed out on the balcony to enjoy the scene.

It is not too busy  here in September and that is why we enjoy coming after the summer crowds have left.

You will find me on the beach reading a good book!!