Wednesday, September 25, 2019

All Torn Up

So here is the current situation...

The beginning of the demolition.

See that big will take out a floor in no time.

As of today all the floors are gone and they are beginning to lay down the tile. Once the tile is in place, it will be grouted and then we will have to wait for it to cure.

Marvin and I are upstairs in our one room cabin...aka the man cave. The garage is full of furniture. I told Marvin that I felt a bit like the Clampetts from the Bevery Hillbillies.

But you have to go through a lot of mess to see real change. Landon went downstairs to get a drink and he said, Nana your floors are going to look really nice.  If a ten year old boy tells you that you can believe him.


Linda said...

Absolutely!! I hate the mess it makes though. Next year I am getting carpet in the dining room and living room and hall. The two rooms with the most furniture and all those dolls and china to pack up. I need to get my knee surgery over and recover before I can even think of tackling that. I will get carpet that you can't tell when you drop something on it. Poor Louis Dean has rined the new carpets I bought back when we first married. Who knew he would spill drops of coffee in so many places? Or that he would leave a huge footprint on brand new carpet after tracking in the stuff he repaired his truck fender with.....that stuff does not come up and I had to put a rug over that spot from that day to this.

Carol said...

Wow! You are one brave woman, Arlene! I think that would really get to me, but hopefully, they'll have the tile down and you'll be back to normal in no time. Did you have to move all the furniture out yourselves? I can't imagine!

Mari said...

Oh my! Doesn't look like fun, but it will look wonderful! I agree with Landon. :)

Barbara said...

Wow! This is serious! And yes, it will most certainly be beautiful when it's done.

We have transitioned from wood floors in our Colorado homes to tile here in Florida. Love it. There is a time and a place for everything.

Robin in Virginia said...

Here is hoping the upheaval will be ending soon! How long does it take the floor to cure?