Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Cracker Barrel Ornaments

I was at Cracker Barrel having breakfast with the girls when I took a stroll around the store to check out all the Christmas ornaments. I have found to my regret, if I do not purchase them early, they march out with door with someone else.

Christmas Cookies.

These reminded me of Marshmallow World.

What a cheery snowman with a REAL scarf.

Know a dog lover?

Thought of my brother in law, Farmer Bruce, when I saw this one.

Cardinals are my NC friend, Sharon's favorites.

Campers were in abundance as well.

And the beanie boos reminded me of my Margaret...

I may need that sequined reindeer for under my tree!!

And I hav to share the gingerbread house that Cracker Barrel does each year.

I own one of these and they are done so well. I was thinking this one might be cute at Grimmwood.

Hope you enjoyed a walk in this winter wonderland. Even though it is still in the 90s here....fall will come and then Christmas before we know it.


Mary said...

It's a good thing I don't have a Cracker Barrel near me, I see quite a few Christmas ornaments that would be in my basket!! I love that Gingerbread house for Grimmwood!! Mary

Carol said...

These are all adorable, Arlene! I love matching a special ornament to the recipient's interests :)

Robin in Virginia said...

Thank you for the walk through the Christmas wonderland at Cracker Barrel. I saw several that I really like as gifts for friends. Will definitely be browsing through the country store at the end of the month.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I did enjoy the walk in the winter and love the things at Cracker Barrel. Have a lovely day.

Sparky said...

Cardinals are my favorites too. That's why we call our place Red Bird Acres. I have their statues and images all over the house. *lol*
I have to stay out of Cracker Barrel. My credit card always thanks me.
Blessings From Gawga,
Pamela ~:)

Georgia said...

Oh, Arlene, I love your walks thru Crackerbarrel. I slow down too and study each pic. I have found in our travels that what they display in Ohio/Indiana is a little different than what they display in Oklahoma/New Mexico. Each one is a little different and has different things. Anyway, my husband likes to walk thru the store with blinders, while I drag my feet a little and look really fast. I just wish they would make that store a little bigger, don't you?

Mrs.T said...

Oh, I especially love the campers and the gingerbread house. We were in Cracker Barrel Saturday morning and I looked at a few of the Christmas things, but didn't see these. I didn't have time to look around the store very thoroughly, so imagine these things were probably there.

I *did* see the candy ornaments that remind you of Marshmallow World. I had just a limited time in the store and wanted to focus on finding a meaningful birthday card for my sweet young friend Jennifer. I found the perfect one, too!

Linda said...

I love it when you go to Cracker Barrel!! I need to go soon. I just never seem to get around to it. I thought about you today when I bought a beautiful cross stitch at the Goodwill. So pretty......I brought it home with me because it deserves to be loved.

Laurel Wood said...

The gingerbread cabin would be perfect for Grimmwood. We have a CB nearby and I love to both eat and browse there! Mom had a Christmas tree in every room and these cute ornaments you photographed remind me of her. Guess I have her on my mind especially this month...she has been gone 11 years this month.
Wishing you a quiet and restful night.