Friday, September 6, 2019

Friday Five

!. Christmas Cow    The perfect kitchen towel for Grimmwood.

2. Soccer Games

3.Chick Fil A Macaroni

All the talk here is about this new item at Chick Fil A. Well, It was Okay but not better than mine. Sorry if that sounds braggy but that is my opinion.

4. Sewing Box

Fat Quarter Shop had these cute metal sewing boxes on sale this week. I ordered for here and one for Grimmwood. This pretty red one had some cute note cards inside.  Being Metal is is perfect for holding my magnets. I keep extra needles in the Altoids box.

5. Quilt fabric

No I am not getting into quilting but Fat Quarter Shop had this quilt panel on sale. I thought the squares would make the perfect backing for finishing some of my small cross stitch projects.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

love the cow! also the little boxes will come in handy. hope you have a nice Friday and upcoming weekend.

Mrs.T said...

Is the cow on a dish towel? Looks like it could be one of those fancy flour sack towels.

Love the sewing box!

Fun five this Friday ... I have yet to write mine!

Robin in Virginia said...

Okay Arlene, is the Chick Fil A mac 'n cheese better than other out to eat places? That Halloween panel looks adorable as does the cow towel. I have gifted several friends that metal box from the FQS. It looks like good weather for the soccer games. Enjoy your weekend!

Sandy said...

That cow is so cute!!! Great idea for sewing box. I haven't had the Mac and cheese yet.
I like the squares of cloth too.

Mary said...

I'm a sucker for dish towels!! Your cow is adorable. Well, I have never been to a chickfila, I heard they were pretty good so I will try one next time in Florida. I am partial to my mac and cheese too! Do you put eggs in yours? I just learned that trick from the pioneer Woman. The tin is cute and practical and clever idea for the quilt backs!

Mari said...

The cow towel is so cute! I love the little sewing box.
We don't have a Chick-fil-A by us so I haven't tried the mac and cheese. I've never mastered making it myself though. :)

Meg said...

The little metal box is a great idea for needle minders! I’m gonna look for one.