Friday, September 13, 2019

Friday Five

1. Yankee Candles Fall Scents

I saw these at Cracker Barrel but I resisted as there is a Yankee Candle Outlet in Foley Alabama where we will be visiting next week. There is also a Krispy Kreme in Foley near the outlet mall. Dont ask me how I know!

2. Cards

The pretty pink card in the middle is from my friend, Linda. She never forgets a special occassion. Her picture should be in the dictionary where it defines a life long friend.

3. Beach Reads

I picked up these two books to take to the beach. I also have Before We Were Yours that I picked up at the Library book store. I hate to take Library books to the beach because I do not want to lose a book or damage a book.

4. My Favorite Pumpkin

I was up in my craft room and spotted Mr White Pumpkin looking all forlorn. So I brought him downstairs He is resting on a pedestal I found for $3 at Hobby Lobby when they had their big clearance on home goods. I added a candle ring around the bottom of the pumpkin to add some fall color.

5. Big Bubba

A good sale price at Publix on a Yeti look alike. I have become addicted to these insulated cups as they keep everything hot or cold for a LONG time.


Susie said...

mmm, the candle names make me want them. LOL Happy anniversary, as I see one of the cards says it. I love the white pumpkin. Blessings for a great weekend, xoxo, Susie

Robin in Virginia said...

I love your white pumpkin and how you have him displayed, Arlene! I am not familiar with Yeti, so off to see what it is. Lovely cards you received! Oh to be near a Krispy Kreme; my pick would be a pumpkin spice donut. Yum! Have a fabulous Friday!

Georgia said...

Happy Anniversary!

I love how you combined scented fall candles, donuts, and as an after thought coffee at the end. Such a great combination:)

The pumpkin idea is really cute and creative, I like it.

Have a blessed day:)

Sandy said...

That little pumpkin turned out so cute. That particular candle ring is so cute. Do you remember where you got it?
Krispy Kreme...yes, it is a good thing there isn't one in FWB. One in Pensacola and Destin is hard enough. Nothing in the world like a hot one!

Meg said...

Your pumpkin is divine, especially the way you've staged it. Well done! I have been on the lookout for a pedestal, or pedestals, as I think my foyer cabinet needs some variety in height. I'll have to check out Hobby Lobby (and look for candle rings, too).

Isn't it great when you find the perfect water bottle? And again, Happy Anniversary! The cards you received are beautiful. Have a lovely weekend, Arlene!

Laurel Wood said...

Have fun at the candle outlet and eat a pumpkin doughnut for me! Love your white pumpkin. We have a few of the Bubba's and just love them. You got a great deal! Have a blessed weekend.

Mary said...

I love your pumkin on the stand!! Great buy at HL, the two work together perfectly and I love the autumn ring. Well, I run by any stinky store as I'm highly allergic to anything perfumed....The cinnamon scents out now I can't tolerate at all, I can't even go in the stores. But, the scent of freshly baked doughnuts is another story!!! I hope the books are great reads, I love my library for the used book store too.