Monday, September 16, 2019

On the Road

Marvin and I were up early on Saturday morning to load the car for our week at the beach. Before we hit the road to Bham, we stopped at Krispy Kreme in Decatur for some donuts for the grands. Baylor always expects Grandpa to bring donuts when he comes to visit.

We arrived at the Hoover Grimm Home around 9:30. Nana had a lot of goodies with her as she had not seen the grands in a good while. When shopping at Publix I look for the BOGO deals and purchase them to share with my kiddos.  Margaret loves Chili Cheese Fritos so we got two bags of those, Elliott loves Oreos so there were some of those in Nana's Goody Bag as well.  I also purchased some Beanie Boos for each child and those were a big hit too. I found some of the Halloween Beanie Boos at Cracker Barrel for them. E and M both shared which Christmas Beanie Boos they would like to have so I will be on the Look Out fo those. We took Ben some honey and I had some special Caldrea products for Katy.

Grandpa and Elliott horsing around.

This boy is such a monkey. He had Oreos in his mouth when this picture was taken.

Me and my Margaret....of all my grands I would say Margaret and I are the most alike. We enjoy many of the same things. She started art lessons at school and I cant wait to see how she progresses.

She is also playing volleyball for six weeks. We are going down to watch her game on the 30th.

I snapped this picture of Margo playing with her new Beanie Boos.

Baylor you see no pictures of Baylor man. He is an elusive subject but Margaret reported that this week when she walked him to his classroom, he told her See You Later. That is HUGE for us and we hold onto every little improvement. Thanks again prayer warriors.

We left Hoover to journey on to the beach. We stopped in Evergreen, Alabama for a late lunch and some rest before finishing our trek.

We pulled into our condo at five. Both of us rushed out on the balcony to enjoy the scene.

It is not too busy  here in September and that is why we enjoy coming after the summer crowds have left.

You will find me on the beach reading a good book!!


Sandy said...

You enjoy this week Arlene. The Gulf is good for what ails you. It soothes the soul.

Angela S. said...

We always go in September too, we'll be there next week! Just missed you!

Meg said...

Enjoy your beach vacation! Looks wonderful. You and Marvin are fun grandparents!

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, wishing you and Marvin a wonderful time at the beach! What a lovely view you have there! I enjoyed seeing the pictures of Margaret and Elliott. Your bag of goodies must be a satchel like Mary Poppins. Way to go, Baylor!

Preppy Empty Nester said...

No good road trip is with its salt without beginning it with Krispy Kreme! Cute pics, Arlene!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said... be at the beach! I am so ready for a beach vacation! Have fun!

Mari said...

Margaret is indeed your mini me! Glad you were able to stop and see them all and spoil them too. That's a Grandparents job. :)
Have a great time at the beach!

Carol said...

Oh, my that picture of you and Margaret is precious! You can sure the family resemblance in that one :)

So glad you got to visit with your family enroute to the beach. I love fall at the beach the most--no crowds to deal with and it just seems more relaxing. Enjoy!