Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Our Little Giant

Nancy sent me the stats from Joshua's four month check up and let's just say he is a BIG boy. Grandpa has fingers crossed that we will finally have a tall Grimm Grandson.

He is very kissable and squeezable.

These baby days fly by.

Big Sister was helping Mommy make biscuits. Charles loved to help his Grandma make biscuits when he was little. Mother would take the leftover dough and make Charles a BIG biscuit.

We had a good day at the beach yesterday. It was sunnier. We had left overs from Bahama Bob's so we had that for dinner and then took a trip to Matts Ice Cream Shop for dessert. If you are ever in Gulf Shores be sure and try Matt's. It is rated the number one Ice Cream in Alabama.

Today( Which is Tuesday as I am writing my blog) we are going to spend the morning on the beach then head to Foley to shop at the Outlet Mall. After shopping we are going out to dinner at Tin Top in Bon Secour. Angela S asked if we knew about Billy's Seafood. Yes we do...we always stop there on our way home to pick up some shrimp for the freezer. Bon Secour is such a pretty place. We always enjoy driving out there. Angelia I enjoyed your suggestions in your comment. We have been coming here for about six years now but we tend to just go to the beach. It is good to have options for days when it might not be beach weather.  Angela also asked if I brought my stitching. I am trying to finish Yule Tide on Thistle Hill. I want to get that framed before Christmas. I am working on the border and I am hoping it all lines up at the end.:)

One last thing, my good friend Sharon in North Carolina, lost her 90 year old mom over the weekend and the funeral is today. Would you say a prayer for the Ellis family as they lay this dear one to rest? I know they would appreciate it.

Have a blessed day friends.


Robin in Virginia said...

Joshua is adorable. Hard to believe he is already 4 months old. Audrey looked like she was enjoying her biscuit making. Glad to hear you are enjoying your time at the beach, Arlene.

Sandy said...

I will say a prayer for her. No age is good to lose a mom.
I just love those pictures of Joshua. He is so cute in his little sitting up thingie. I always stood by my grandma's side and made the small biscuit too. That is one reason I treasure her dough bowl. Mother did the same with Lindsay and Paul Allen. Sweet memories. There is actually a picture book that I love. It is about teacakes but a similar theme and the illustrations are just wonderful.

Angela S. said...

We've gone almost every year since 2000 when we got engaged on the beach. It was very romantic! We were looking for shells one night and he kept showing me ones he found, the last time I turned to see the shell and he was down on one knee with the ring:) I think I'm going to take Blackbird Designs "Beneath the Sunlit Sky", it seems fitting and will be a quick stitch.

Pattie davidson said...

Prayers are lifted up for your friend. Loosing you mother is so hard.

Terri D said...

Joshua is definitely kissable!! What a snuggle bear! Glad you are enjoying your time at the beach! Prayers lifted for your friend and her family.

Mari said...

Oh Joshua! He is just so, so cute! Makes me smile every time I see him. :)
Glad you are having fun and even getting some stitching done. :)
Praying for your friend.

Carol said...

Oh, Joshua and Audrey are so precious! Really love watching them grow :)