Saturday, September 14, 2019

Saturday Stitching

Today I am sharing a quick and easy finish for you.  I stitch a lot of small seasonal things, because basically I am a child who decorates for each holiday and I like to finish things. But I do not like to spend a lot of money on finishing unless it is a special piece.

I was strolling through Target this morning and came upon this in the Dollar Spot.

I looked it over and noticed the pumpkins stick out from the frame. In other words, you could slip something down inside.

It was only $3.

I immediately thought of this stitch...

Also in the dollar spot I found some sticky backed vinyl.

Lately I have been using sticky backed felt and vinyl to put on the back of small pieces to keep from having to fold and miter corners. I know...lazy but this looks much neater and as I said, this is not a piece that will be treasured forever.

I ironed my stitch, placed the vinyl on the back and cut it to fit the frame.  I had to do a bit of trimming to get it to fit perfectly.

I did take some burnt umber and dry rubbed it over the pumpkins to make them less shiny. It is personal preference. It would have been fine as it was but as my stitch is rather rustic  I thought the pumpkins needed to be rustic too. ( Oops Jack o Lanterns!) I used some black pom pom for edging and for a final touch I glued the felt bat in the corner. You can find a package of bats, owls and jacks for one dollar per pack at The Dollar Tree.  This design is Hocus Pocus Halloween by Heart in Hand.

I have it displayed on my kitchen hutch for now.

I also finished a Christmas Ornament for myself.

I am not sure how I will FFO this one. It is Christmas Eve by Hands on Design. I took a page from Priscilla Blain's book and made the church red instead of aqua as charted.  If you need some inspiration on finishing Christmas ornaments, check out  Just Stitching Inc. On You Tube from last Sunday. Shelley shared a lot of cute Lizzie Kate ornaments.  I am going to have to use some of those good ideas in finishing. Thanks to the professional finishers who are glad to share their ideas with the stitching community.

And finally....

I moved my empty dough bowl to the bedroom and just tossed in a few random small stitches. I will add some fall greenery eventually but I though it was cute for a last minute design.

Several people have contacted me about designs they are looking for and it has been fun to play Sleuth.  Here are a few places you might find those unicorn charts. ETSY often had old charts. I have found a few Prairie Schoolers there that were out of print. EBAY....usually Ebay prices are higher than ETSY but it is worth a shot. Stash Unload is a Facebook group you must join to access but you never know what you will find there. To be honest, I left that group because it was just too tempting.:) Hope this helps you ladies who are looking for an elusive chart.

Marvin and  I are headed to the Gulf next week so I am just going to say that posting will be sproradic. I want to take this time to relax, read and stitch. I will have my laptop with me so I will be reading and commenting on your blogs while at the beach.  Have a wonderful week Friends.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I always love seeing your dough many neat ways to use it! I have those little orange pods in mine right now. (can't remember the name of them! lol) Love the Halloween idea you had! Have fun at the beach! Soak up some sun!

Mary said...

Arlene!!! You thought "inside the box"!!! Your finish is brilliant!! I would have passed by that little box thinking it was cheesy looking. I absolutely love the finish!!! I love how you added the black trim around the stitch and darkened the your little bat on it too!! I am going to have to look at things in a whole new light. Have a wonderful vacation!!!!

Mary said...

Arlene, in my excitement over you finish I forgot about the rest!! love the new stitch and I much prefer the red to the called for color too. And, I'm a huge fan of dough bowl decorating. Great job!!

Sandy said...

That Jack-o-lantern piece is simply adorable. You are so creative. I would never have thought of that add that addition of burnt umber was PERFECT!. That one reminds me of my elementary days for some reason. I love your church stitch. For some reason that ones says lace needed. I KNOW whatever you decide will be perfect. You are right about being economical on those pieces that you figure will end up at the thrift store when we are gone:) However, I would pick that Jacl-o-lanterns if I were browsing.

Georgia said...

Hi Arlene,
I just just love how you finished the pumpkin, shadow box. It is so cute, and creative. Thank you for sharing so many of your finishing ideas, and they are cost efficient too. I really appreciate that you consider the cost of things, because when you retire the budget does too (sort of).

Have a wonderful week at the Gulf Coast, the weather should be perfect, and the sound of the ocean heavenly. I am looking forward to your pics from you trip.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Love your work, and hope you enjoy your trip to the Gulf.

Robin in Virginia said...

What a sweet finish you created with your Halloween stitch, Arlene! Well done! Your ornament finish looks super and I like the red you used. Your dough bowl looks good with your pumpkins and stitches. Enjoy your time at the Gulf! Thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Arlene! I follow your blog and have never commented. I really enjoy your blog and stitching. My stitches are simple pieces and I've never graduated to linen. I ADORE your Halloween finish. How creative! It makes me want to run right out to Target!!!


Meg said...

Enjoy your time on the beach, Arlene. Do you like to look for shells and sea glass?

Your pumpkin finish is darling! Since finishing my BAP, I’ve been enjoying stitching little projects. Lots of autumn and Halloween. I bought a spooky, glittery tree to hang Halloween ornaments on and I need to get busy making things to hang on it.

Carol said...

Don't you love what great things you can pick up for finishing at the dollar stores and Target? The idea to slip your stitching into that frame is genius! And I like the darkened pumpkins, too--great job, Arlene :) I much prefer the red color and you know I love your smalls in the doughbowl! I need to get busy and get my fall decor out--just way too much traveling lately to stay on top of things!

That family photo of you with your beautiful grandchildren is so special, Arlene--you are truly blessed!