Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Stream

Good house is in a mess and my stream of consciousness is as well!

1. We are having our floors replaced. All the downstairs floors except the tile in the bathrooms and kitchens. The workmen arrived yesterday and oh my goodness. It will be a mess for sure. We are replacing the flooring with Shaw's Petrified Hickory. It is a dense porcelain tile that looks like wood. It is virtually indestructible....we will le the grands try their hand at it just too check!

2. As someone who likes order, having my house torn up, things placed here and there. Mostly there in the garage, is going to take all my resolve to deal with. One thing I did tell Marvin is that when I put it all back I am doing a good cleaning that will be great before the onset of the holidays.

3. Many of my friends have seen the Downton Abbey movie and they are raving about it. I hope Marvin and I can make it to the movie this week. We are both Downton fans. Marvin loves this quote by Granny. " I came with low expectations and left disappointed." He says this sums up his feeling about Georgia Tech this year.

4. My stitching may be sparse this week. I have things to work on but I keep getting distracted by all the activity downstairs. I do have two finishes to share on Saturday. BTW, Marvin and I are banished to the Man Cave. It will be an interesting week for sure.

5. If you are looking for a good beach read, check out The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins. It is a sweet story about a quirky town called Dove Creek. The librarian is very special. Books talk to her and tell her who needs which book at the particular moment.  I got my copy at Target for $12 or so and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only problem was the ending. It seemed rather rushed but I am hoping that maybe this will be a series and we will meet more of the people of Dove Creek.

6. Marvin and I have been enjoying the Ken Burns Series on PBS about Country Music. Marvin did not listen to country music growing up but I did. My daddy loved country music, mainly the old time fellas like Johnny Cash, Hank Snow, Buck Owens etc.We watched Flatt and Scruggs every week as well as Porter Wagoner.  Hearing the stories behind the music as well as the musicians is quite enlightening. Did you know that before the music was known as country western it was labeled Hill Billy Music? It has brought back many memories for me of the old days.

7. It is nice to have a 13 year old granddaughter who keeps you up to date on Urban slang . I had never heard of a VSCO girl. Apparently those are the cool girls now. They wear Scrunchies on their wrists with no intention of using them in their hair. They also wear over sized tees and Nike shorts. Crocs or Birks are the shoe of choice. They wear Kanken backpacks and sip water through the stainless steel straws in their hydroflasks. Well now you know too. I showed Kendall my old book The Preppy Handbook from the 1980s. She got a kick out of looking at it.:)

Well time to get on the ball....gotta keep a close eye on these workmen.:)


Sandy said...

We are loving the country music documentary too. We both grew up on it as well. I may have gone to the bedroom to play my bubblegum 45s on the record player, but if you were out with parents you listened to country music and all of those related shows.
I learn a lot from "my girls" at church, but they haven't hit middle school yet, so they are still a little in the not know. I have not heard of this type. I am going to be in style since I usually have a scrunchy around my wrist for getting my hair up off my neck.
I actually ordered the Inspector series from I can't think of the name to start reading it this weekend. First book in the series.
Getting new floors is not fun, but the results will be good. I haven't had much stitching time either. Sometimes you just have to get things done.

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoyed the dip in today's stream, Arlene! I hope the new floor installation goes smoothly. Thanks for the heads up on a VSCO girl! And I thought we had it tough growing up. LOL! Thank you for the book recommendation; will have to see if I can find it. Have an enjoyable day!

Jan said...

Oh my, yes-our 10.5 and 13 year old granddaughters have told me all about about the VSCO girl thing! (I can't remember what VSCO stands for, though.) I guess every generation has had something like that! They love to see (and giggle at) pictures of teenaged me in the 70's and their mom in the 90's.

I would love to have the tile that looks like wood, but don't think it's going to happen for a while!

Anonymous said...

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Mari said...

Your new flooring sounds amazing. Can't wait to see pictures!
I can't wait to see Downton Abby either. I've heard such good reviews.
I have to look for that book. I think I would love it.
I wanted to watch that Country Music Special and I forgot to look for it!
I haven't heard of VSCO - there is always some fad happening. :)

Carol said...

Okay--that's a new one to me, too. Never heard of VSCO and I googled it for photos--ha ha! At least it looks like a harmless fad :)

I'll be very interested to see how you like your porcelain tile floors, Arlene. We are thinking of replacing the carpeting in our finished basement with them, but I worry that they may feel too cold down there. Our floors in the upper two floors are all hardwood which I love, but a couple of the rooms need to be refinished. It's always something!

Barbara said...

We have never got into Downton Abbey here, but love the quote you shared: " I came with low expectations and left disappointed."