Thursday, October 31, 2019

Flags Across Murray County

Happy Halloween... it is a rainy one here and colder weather coming in! Well it is FALL after all.

Today I am posting about a GREAT thing that my hometown and county is doing to honor the service men and women of our area, living and deceased.  Elizabeth Robinson came up with the idea to place crosses with flags across the courthouse lawn in celebration of Veterans Day. When my sister, Leta, heard about it we girls decided we had to get one for our Daddy.

About half of the 100 flags were assembled yesterday.

So impressive.

People from all walks of life came to help with this project.

Our local football team came to help. We hear so much about the bad things young people do but I am hear to tell you these are some fine young men who are honoring our veterans.

One of the local vets got a change to walk among the crosses and flags.

Just another reminder that Freedom is not Free.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Early Halloween Post

Audrey got to wear her Halloween Costume to School the other day.

She is Sky from Paw Patrol. Daddy said her hood did not lay correctly because he had put pigtails in her hair that morning.  Charles is really good at hair dressing for Toddlers. When I taught preschool we always kept some extra bows and pony tail holders on hand to correct the Daddy Dos some of the girls came in with when Daddy was in charge of getting them ready for school.

Joshua is going to dress as a toddler for Halloween.

This boy is wearing 12 to 18 month clothing. Here he is dressed for church on Sunday.

And another one that I had to share.

It is a good thing he does not live too near Nana or he would be spoiled rotten.

My niece, Laura, dressed as Belle for a Halloween party. I thought she was Belle!

It is so fun to see all the costumes at this time of the year!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Decoupage Ornaments

This ornament idea was sent to me by my sister, Leta. If you look up This Southern Girl Can on You Tube you will find her tutorial. She does lots of cute crafts so you might find some ideas for simple home made ornaments.

These ornaments are smaller and flatter than the round balls.  I use wax paper to protect surfaces when I use messy products.

Fabrics....I had these on hand.

Rick Rack and some trim I found at Dollar Tree. I did not use the trim on this project...Rick Rack was the better choice. On Southern Girl Can, she used rope trim for her ornaments. It is up to you to pick out the embellishements. I think if I do this project again I will use those square glass ornaments and the bigger rick rack to hide the seams. Also you can purchase holiday napkins, peel off the plain ply at the back and use napkins to make these ornaments as well. I have done these in the past with glass balls and those were pretty as well.

Take the hangers off all the ornaments. Lay the ornament on the fabric to decide the placement you desire. Cut around the ornament and leave about 1/4" overlap. Paint Modge Podge on the ornament and lay the fabric over the top, paint on more Modge Podge..smooth. You will have some crinkles but those will be trimmed and covered by your trim.  Once one side of the ornament is dry. trim the edges and repeat the process on the other side of the ornament.  When both sides are dry...trim again and using a glue gun, add the rickrack to the sides of the ornament to cover the seam.  Put the hangers back and trim as desired.

Here are my finished ornaments.

This one will go to Grimmwood.

I really like the buffalo check. But next time I will use black rick rack for my seam.

This one will be going to Grimmwood as well.

These two ornaments are going to my friend, Sharon in NC. She reads the blog but I decided to share this as the ornaments will be on the way to her this week.

Sharon lost her sweet mama recently and since cardinals are a favorite of my friend, I thought this ornament would be in memory of Miss Ruby.

I did this one for Sharon's granddaughter, Miss A.  Sharon can hang it on her tree or let Miss A take it home for her own tree.

These ornaments are relatively easy and could be finished in many different ways.   Thanks to This Southern Girl Can for sharing her ideas with her subscribers on You Tube.

Monday, October 28, 2019

The Stream

The Stream is a bit chilly this morning but I am not going to complain. I am loving this pretty fall weather.

1. Why are people so mean? I guess I could do a term paper on this one. A lovely lady who I watched regularly on You Tube took down her channel and her blog due to some serious internet nastiness. I really feel like I know her as I have watched her for three or four years and I recommended her channel to many of my friends.  Just a reminder that there are ugly people out there trying to take positive things off the internet. I am thankful for my readers who are always so positive.

2. Are you getting ready for Christmas? I finally sat down and made my list the other day.  Most of the grands are getting a combination of Gift cards and presents. As my grands are getting older it is harder to find things I think they will enjoy.

3. My sister, Leta, sent me a link to a Christmas craft that I hope to share with yall this week....if it works out that is. I really enjoy seeing those people who post their Pinterest FAILS. I have had a few of those myself.  With you tube tutorials we all think we can do anything!

4. I have my Trick or Treat Candies purchased and in the pantry. We get very few tricksters here so I do buy the full size candy bars. I also bought some small packages of Oreos I found at Walmart. That way I have a back up. Landon told me that he loves our neighborhood because everyone gives him two handfuls of candy!

5. But before Christmas arrives we will be having Thanksgiving. Our table will be small this year as it looks like it will just be Amelia and Todd. They will not have the children for the holiday. Ben and Katy spend the day  with her family as her sister and her children are visiting. This sis lives in Texas so she only gets home for this week once a year. Charles and Nancy are not fans of traveling with the little ones and I understand that as we traveled a lot with our kiddos at the holidays. We went to Georgia for a week at Christmas. We would spend Christmas with the Tankersley's one year then New Years at the Grimms. The next year we reversed it.  Our kids loved being with their grandparents and their cousins. Aunt Mina always took the whole crew to a movie as her special treat to them. Yes it would have been easier to stay home but we all have many wonderful memories of time well spent.

6. We are looking forward to niece Maggie's wedding in November. We will be traveling to North Carolina and it looks like all six Grimm siblings will be in attendance. We really are tying to make it a priority to be with each other at least once a year.  Four siblings were together at Mina's birthday and it was a little easier to say goodbye knowing we will see each other again soon.

Everyone be on the lookout for those Trick or Treaters Thursday. Watch for the blue buckets!

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Saturday Stitching

When I got back from our trip to Savannah, my Colour and Cotton Halloween Box was waiting for me. This is my first time ordering a special stitching box so I was excited to dig into it. Thanks to Meg at Live to Stitch  for sharing the info on this box with me.

It came in a regular box but the inside was fun!

A Bees Wax pumpkin and a $10 gift card on future orders was included.

A pretty pumpkin needle minder.

Some trims and Candy Corn!

Lots of special edition flosses.

Cat snips....It is very pretty but heavy and not too sharp. I am using it in a vignette. My favorite pair of cat scissors are the ones I got in my Stitching Friends Forever gift box.

Two big pieces of hand dyed fabric.

And last but not least this cute pattern from Heart in Hand and the flosses to stitch it.

Now I want to order the Winter Wonderland box!!

I have a bit of stitching and several finishes this week. I started Cranberry Christmas on the green fabric I received in my Halloween Box.

I am using Cupid for the lettering rather than white. Cathy designed this piece using Sulky Threads but I am just using floss from my stash.  The picture on the chart looks like these pieces are stitched on a light green but when I read the description, it called for a dark tan fabric. I think I like my green better!! I also completed one mouse on Plum Pudding by Plum Street Samplers.

I did get some finishes done this week.

My version of Holiday Hoopla by Brenda Gervais at With Thy Needle and Thread.  I used some ribbon I had on hand but I may change it to a solid brown.

My version of A Little Thanks by Lizzie Kate. Thanks to my friend who let me borrow it. I am thinking those three ships are the Nina the Pinta and the Santa Maria. Oh and there are blue waves under the ships!:)

My last Christmas ornament for the grands. Now I am ready for gifting them at Thanksgiving.

Now I am moving on to some Christmas stitching. I started Plum Pudding, Cranberry Christmas and I am planning to start a series of Snowmen. I will try to post a picture of my progress next Saturday.

Hope all of you are getting into the holiday mood...Christmas Stitching is a favorite for me. I will pick up my regular WIPS come January.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday Five

1. Indian Maiden Mascot

My high school team is The Indians. As our county is in the middle of what was Cherokee territory it is fitting.  This picture popped up on my news feed. Our mascot this year is this beautiful young lady and her horse who is well under control even on a football field. And yes, she is carrying a spear that has fire at the end. She pulls up and plants it at all the home game. Kudos Miss Murray Mascot.

2. I am an Old Lady

Okay, we thought I was an old lady when I had to wear my mother's thigh high hose to my uncle's funeral. Well now I have to use this to get rid of some facial hair that has gotten worse with age. On the plus side, it works pretty well.

3. New Plattter and Bowl

I saw these pretty dishes at Walmart the other day. I needed a few extra things for some entertaining I am doing in November. And they were very economical. The platter was $10 and the bowl was just $4.

4. New paper plates and napkins

I use paper plates and napkins for my grands snacks when they are visiting. I got these at Dollar Tree.

5. Byrds Cookies

We made a stop at Byrds Cookies in Savannah and I picked up this tin of cookies for our next door neighbors. The J's are so nice to pick up our mail and paper for us when we are traveling.  Pictured on the tin is Factors Walk in Savannah.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Grands on Parade.

Instead of a Throwback Thursday, I have some cute pictures of the grands to share today.

Kendall allowed her mom to share her Halloween outfit. Dont ask me who she is! It is one of her Anime characters that she enjoys. All her friends are picking a different anime character from one of their favorite programs.

Wig, triangles on her cheeks and white gloves are this character's trademark.

And here is one of all four on their traditional family hay ride.

Looks like Landon is taking a nap!! Amelia and Todd do so many special things for their big kids.

Katy sent me this picture of Baylor at the Library. He loved going to the Hoover Library. It is such a neat place for the children.

All the Grimmlins...looks like Margo got a hair trim! Elliott always manages to make a face that reminds me of the Grinch. That boy has a big smile.

Look who turned 5 months old. And he is waving to his fans!!  I could eat him with a spoon, he is so sweet. He continues to be our Giant Baby. He is wearing 12 to 18 month clothing. And look at those feet. I do think he will be tall like Grandpa.

Audrey is happy that now her brother can play with her!

Thanks for indulging Nana today.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Birthday Weekend

We enjoyed a nice weekend in Savannah with friends and family celebrating Mina's 7oth birthday.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and Marvin indulged me with a ride through Ardsley Park, my favorite neighborhood in Savannah.

These trees dripping with  hanging moss are beautiful. The stately houses on each side of the street make this a lovely area of Savannah.

Several houses were decorated for Halloween but this lovely home just had the lone Jack O Lantern in the window.

Before heading to our studio apartment at the beach we stopped for dinner at Carey Hilliards. We had sea food but I only snapped a picture of their onion rings...our favorites.

On Friday we did some shopping and met up with family in the afternoon. After visiting at my nephew's home we went to Huckapoos for pizza.

I got a picture of the birthday buddies.

Saturday was Marvin's birthday and Mina's big day. Mina had purchased a cake for Marvin too! I  thought that was very sweet of her.

Mina with her treasures, granddaughters Sarah and Allison.

It was rainy so we had to move the party inside but there was plenty of room for visiting.

This beach house has provided many hours of love and fellowship over the 43 years I have been in the family. It now belongs to my nephew and he remodeled it and rents it as an Air B and B. He and his wife live in an apartment next door so it is a very nice arrangement for them.  Located in old Fort Screven it is a historic property at Tybee.

Sunday we took to the was cloudy when we started our walk but cleared up quickly.

The beach and the ocean here are much different from Gulf Shores.

We were happy to see the clouds disappear and soon there were none at all.

A view of one of the streets near the beach. It is a great area for walking!

Marvin took this picture of us Under the Boardwalk.

We had a lovely weekend but we are glad to be back at Sweet Home Alabama. Now to catch up on the Laundry!!