Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Dolly Day

Both my daughter, Amelia and my niece, Laura, love Dolly Parton.  My first memories of Dolly go way back to the days when she was the "girl singer" on The Porter Waggoner Show which was viewed in my childhood home every Saturday night.   I had no idea she would go on to become the famous lady she is today.  I admire Dolly for giving back to her community in East Tennessee. Dollywood employs many people and it is a big draw for tourists visiting the Smoky Mountains. Dolly also gives free books to children through her Imagination Library so that is a big plus in my eyes.

A good friend of mine owns Cotton Belle Tees here in Decatur and she made some Dolly tee shirts for her shop. I ordered two fo them right away.

Kendall held it up for me to get a photo. What Would Dolly Do?

Here is Niece Laura, out in the pumpkin patch wearing her shirt.

Isn't she a cutie?

Well about the same time I ordered the tees, my next door neighbor had this cute bike for sale.

Yellow is Amelia's favorite color so I texted the pic to her and she texted me right back that she wanted that yellow bike. Yellow is her signature color( Steel Magnolias).

So now Amelia is the owner and she christened the bike, Dolly.  I thought it was the perfect choice.


Laurie said...

Dolly just brightens everyone’s day, her smile is catching lol, lovely tee and that bike is a beauty,

Sandy said...

The shirts and the models are adorable. I love Dolly too. She just sings and does her thing.

Meg said...

How cute! That's a great shirt and a super sweet bicycle. Well done, Arlene! I think "Hard Candy Christmas" is one of my favorite Christmas songs ever.... Dolly has such a great voice.

Robin in Virginia said...

Love the bike! Well done on the Dolly shirts! Both Amelia and Laura are adorable; they have beautiful smiles. Does your friend have a website for her tees?

Georgia said...

Hi Arlene, I love that yellow bicycle. I don't think I have ever seen one that color. I could visualize a basket of flowers on the back:) I know you have been very busy, but I didn't know if you had seen the new Plum Street pattern called, "Goody Grimwood." It is really cute, and I thought of you the minute I saw it. Thank you so much for your blog and sharing. Have a blessed day:)

Terri D said...

I LOVE that she named her new bike, Dolly! Love the t-shirt too! Awesome!

Mari said...

Cute t-shirts and I love that bike! Perfect for Amelia and I love that she named it Dolly!