Friday, October 4, 2019

Friday Five

1. Downton Abbey

Marvin and I finally made it to a showing of "our story". We say that with humor because our grandmothers called their soap operas "their stories". My uncle used to tease my Grandmother Tankersley that she prayed for the Horton family on Days of Our Lives.:)  Downton Abbey was our soap opera that we watched faithfully every Sunday night at nine pm.  The movie was good. I will warn you that there are some scenes that are not my favorites but I had heard about them in advance.  If we prayed for Soap Opera characters we should pray for Thomas on Downton Abbey. Maggie Smith was a delight as always. Julian Fellowes writes the best one liners for Granny. A new Crawley family member was introduced. Matilda was played by Imelda Staunton who is Carson's wife in real life. You may also remember her as the very mean Hogwarts teacher, Delores Umbridge. The main part of the movie was about a visit from the King and Queen. The Downstairs members of the staff were brilliant in dealing with the King's servants who arrived with him. Overall a very enjoyable two hours.  I will say that on the High Def big screen, you could see every line and wrinkle on the characters that you miss on the television screen.

2. Le Creuset Dupes from Aldis

I was watching the Aldis ads for this product to return to the shelves. I purchased a dutch oven for each of my children two years ago and really kicked myself for not getting one of my own. This week I was able to purchase a Dutch Oven, saucepan and stove top griddle( not pictured) for $60. I always told Marvin the reason I did not want the REAL le Creuset is that he would expect me to cook and get my moneys worth out of them.:) These pans look exactly like the more expensive brand. We will see if they stand the test of time.  On the downside, I had to take the colors available.. If I were purchasing the real thing I would have purchased a lime green pan to match my Kitchen Aid mixer. However, red is my favorite color so these will do nicely.

3. Snowdrop

I grabbed this new Christmas scent set of Mrs Meyers at Target the other day. They smell so good. I went back the next day to get more of the hand soap and the shelves were empty. I was surprised to see these on the shelves so early this year.

4. Bedroom Doughbowl

I decided to rotate some of my stitching among my dough bowls as I am accumulating so many small items. I went for more serene for the bedroom....these pumpkins look so cute all alone that I left them that way! I cannot remember where I purchased these fabric pumpkins...maybe Ross.

5. The BibleMobile.

Marvin and I spotted this RV when we were coming home from Landon's soccer game on Saturday. The vanity tag read James 4:8.  This is something you do not see every day!


Laurie said...

Great Friday five selection! That bible mobile made me smile! The dough trough is lovely! Have a great day!

Sandy said...

Those pumpkins are just right in that bowl. I think your new pots will work well...I just need to get motivated to cook again. Having Tucker got me lazy and going out actually gets old. I am striving to get in the habit of cooking again.

Robin in Virginia said...

I enjoyed reading this week's Friday Five, Arlene. The last picture gave me a chuckle. Nope, not something one sees every day. I hope you enjoy your new cookware.

Linda said...

I loved the Downton movie, too! And I remember my dear Mrs. Morrison and watching her stories with her when I was very young.
Thank you for the tip about Aldi. I’m going there today to see if I can find the same pans! And red would suit me fine!
That RV was spot on!
Happy weekend! I’m guessing y’all are at home.....

Carol said...

Love the simplicity of the pumpkins in your dough bowl, Arlene. The older I get, the more I crave simplicity in my decorating. Too many "things" makes my head whirl :) I had no idea they had pretty cookware at Aldi! These look fantastic and your food is bound to taste even better when cooked in them, don't you think?!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love Mrs. Meyer's products...I'll look for this scent! And your dough bowl is pretty with pumpkins! Enjoy your weekened!

Terri D said...

Cute fabric pumpkins! I have some left-over orange fabric that I may have to experiment with!! I've not tried the Mrs. Myers products at Target. May have to investigate! I love your new red pans! Enjoy!

Laurel Wood said...

The dough bowl is very attractive with the pumpkins. I hope you love your new pans. Wishes for you to enjoy a delightful Autumn weekend.

Mari said...

I am waiting for Downton Abby to come to Netflix or something similar. I'm anxious to see it, but am not a fan of going out to the movies.
I better get to our Aldi's and see if they have those dupes - I've been interested in a dutch oven for awhile.
That new scent by Mrs Meyer sounds like a winner!
I like the Biblemobile!