Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday Five

1. Indian Maiden Mascot

My high school team is The Indians. As our county is in the middle of what was Cherokee territory it is fitting.  This picture popped up on my news feed. Our mascot this year is this beautiful young lady and her horse who is well under control even on a football field. And yes, she is carrying a spear that has fire at the end. She pulls up and plants it at all the home game. Kudos Miss Murray Mascot.

2. I am an Old Lady

Okay, we thought I was an old lady when I had to wear my mother's thigh high hose to my uncle's funeral. Well now I have to use this to get rid of some facial hair that has gotten worse with age. On the plus side, it works pretty well.

3. New Plattter and Bowl

I saw these pretty dishes at Walmart the other day. I needed a few extra things for some entertaining I am doing in November. And they were very economical. The platter was $10 and the bowl was just $4.

4. New paper plates and napkins

I use paper plates and napkins for my grands snacks when they are visiting. I got these at Dollar Tree.

5. Byrds Cookies

We made a stop at Byrds Cookies in Savannah and I picked up this tin of cookies for our next door neighbors. The J's are so nice to pick up our mail and paper for us when we are traveling.  Pictured on the tin is Factors Walk in Savannah.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

You got some goodies for sure. I have and use the Flawless too. The platter and bowl are very pretty. The mascot looks like she is having fun and that is so cool. Have a good Friday and upcoming weekend.

Sandy said...

Your dishes are very cute. Lot cheaper than Pier 1. The high school just down the road from us that the kids graduated from are Indians as well and do the same thing at their games.

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoyed this week's addition of your Friday Five, Arlene! What pretty paper products along with the bowl and platter you picked up! I am in awe of your Lady Mascot and her horse. I will have to check into that hair removal tool you featured. Enjoy your Friday!

Visits With Mary said...

Pretty mascot!! The bowl and platter are nice, will look great on your table. I have one of those flawless things too. {{sigh}}

Linda said...

Love it all! That bowl and platter are gorgeous! And that TIN! I really love that!
What is up with facial hair these days? I can go to bed with a hairless chin and wake up the next morning with a long single whisker over an inch long! I have a magnifying glass and a pair of good tweezers. My eye brows quit growing so did my face get confused and sprouted out on my chin??

Mrs.T said...

So enjoyed reading all of this, Arlene! That mascot on horseback is amazing. Must add some real excitement to the home games!

The pumpkin platter and bowl are gorgeous! There are always great autumnal dishes to be found at Walmart. I got a beautiful fall-themed teapot there years ago and I always bring it out in the fall.

The paper plates and napkins are so pretty too. Love the Dollar Tree!

Laurel Wood said...

She is a pretty and talented mascot! I have sideburns and use the Finishing Touch, too. Funny, my eyebrows have disappeared! I've been seeing lots of pretty Autumn dishes and paper plates and napkins. Gets me in the mood for Thanksgiving. The cookie tin from Savannah was a thoughtful gift for your neighbors.

Terri D said...

Hmmmm... I may have to look for Flawless!! What fun to be that mascot riding in on a beautiful horse and planting the fire before the game! A fun post!!

Mari said...

I love the mascot and the fact that they are still using the Indian name and keeping the mascot. They're removing that from so many teams, but I feel it honors those who were there first, rather than disrespects them.
I need to look for the Finishing Touch. I'm getting more little hairs all the time. :(
I love all your Fall finds.