Monday, October 7, 2019

Front Porch Sitting

One of the best parts of Grimmwood is the front porch.  We love to sit out there and visit with family and friends. On Saturday, Charles, Nancy and the children came up for lunch. Aunt Leta and Aunt Kristi had never met Joshua so it was a good time to meet the great nephew.

Me and Audrey were SWANGIN. Pardon the no makeup look for Nana as she seldom puts any on in the country.

Audrey got to help Grandpa feed the fish.

Mother enjoyed Joshua and Audrey.

We were all baby hogs!

Laura and Joshua. She had not met him yet so she enjoyed getting to hold him.

Lots of visiting.

Ok, I know I am biased but he is a cutie pie.

Mommy and Joshua.

Audrey was telling Great Grandma good bye as Grandpa snapped this shot. I am so glad my grands have a great grandmother that they will remember.  I was fortunate to have one great grandfather and great grandmother until I was twelve and I have many happy memories of time spent with Mama and Papa Swanson.

Family times are precious times and I think we all lost a lot when we quit Porch Sitting for the Air Conditioned indoors.


Laurel Wood said...

These are wonderful pictures, Arlene. That is heartwarming to see Audrey give great grandma a hug. Joshua is precious! Growing up, we all loved to visit on the porch. I have precious memories of all the fun times with loved ones. Enjoy your day. xo

Sandy said...

Your last sentence just got me! I have so many memories of front porch sitting. I think we are so soft now. I know we sat out there all summer. I had one set of great grandparents too and I loved them so much.
The pictures of your mom and the kids are truly precious. I am glad you could visit with all.

Laurie said...

Such a beautiful post and beautiful family, porch sitting is alive and well in this areas because few have air conditioning, it really doesn’t get hot enough to need them!

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, what a fabulous weekend you had! You are so right about family times being precious. What memories to hang on to from porch sitting! Thank you for sharing!

Carol said...

Front porch time is the best! I grew up with one and when we remodeled this house over 20 years ago, we added one on :) There is just something that brings relaxation and contentment when sitting on the porch :) Glad you had such fun with your sweet family!

Terri D said...

Yes!! Bring back front porches!! Those kiddos are adorable and Joshua just begs to be cuddled!! You look wonderful without make-up! Glad you had such a good time at Grimmwood.

Mari said...

I love your porch! We are trying to add one to our house, but it's so hard to get contractors right now.
You may be biased but you are right. Both Joshua and Audrey are just adorable! It's wonderful that they are getting to know great-grandma.