Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Stream

Good morning! Here in Alabama it is 52 degrees with a high in the low 80s. I will take it!! Let's dip our toe in the stream together.

1. Frustrated....I enjoy watching Instagram stories on that app and lately I can get no sound! I have googled and fiddled with settings to no avail. There is a theory that it was a recent update that caused the glitch. That is why I hate updates. Just as I am getting used to everything, Apple gives us an update. Some are good and some are not so good. Apparently the most recent one was not good. Any suggestions?

2. I am loving my floors. So far they are a breeze to care for! They dont show dirt or dust and they dry very quickly after mopping. My installer said that water and vinegar is the best solution for cleaning.

3. I have struggled with Rosacea for most of my grown up years. It is the curse of those of us with Scotch Irish/English genetics. I have tried the gels etc with little results. So I went for an IPL laser treatment this week. Already I can see a difference in the skin on my nose. ( I did not want to look like a real witch for Halloween!)  My doctor says one more treatment then once a year should keep it under control. It was not painful...they put a numbing cream on your face first. It took about 30 minutes and in addition to helping rosacea it gets rid of discolorations on your skin.  I  hope you all don't think I am too vain but I have seen many who let rosacea go and it can be disfiguring.

4.  I had a Throwback Thursday post scheduled for today or else I thought it was scheduled for today but this morning it had disappeared so I am late and I thought it was time for a Stream post anyway. I do try to post ahead as it is easier for me but I need to remember to hit that publish button after I schedule it.

5. I am off today to have lunch with the besties. Thursdays are one of my favorite days. Susan, Deborah and I have been having lunch together every Thursday for over 20 years now. On the first Thursday of the month we meet for breakfast with some of our younger lady friends. Someone once told me you want to cultivate some younger friends so you will have someone to visit you in the nursing home. Now that is a cheery thought isn't it?

6. I would appreciate prayers for a friend of ours who is having open heart surgery today. His name is Mike. He had two major blockages. Mike is trim, rides his bike regularly with friends and looks the picture of health. However his genetics are against him according to his physician.  Another reason we need to be aware of our family predispositions to illnesses.  Mike is in good hands at UAB in Birmingham. We are so blessed to have both UAB and Vanderbilt in driving distance for those problems that need expertise.

Have a blessed day friends.


Preppy Empty Nester said...

Let's start a club called I Hate Apple Updates club. Ugh.. Every time I get the hang of things Apple goes and ruins it! Hope you have a great lunch with your buddies, Arlene!

Laurel Wood said...

Great news about your floors! I am pleased to learn that the Rosacea treatment worked well for you. I don't have Rosacea but my bi-pap mask leaves a large red mark on my nose and it takes til afternoon for it to go away. It seems that the day I have appts., the mark is at its worst!
Prayers for Mike. May God bless him.
Enjoy your lunch with friends. xoxo

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, I hope the procedure for your Rosacea helps you with yours. Praying being lifted up for your friend having the heart surgery. Enjoy your lunch with your friends!

Barbara said...

Praying for Mike that his surgery goes well. I knew nothing much about rosacea till your post here. Thanks for the education, and I surely do hope this treatment continues to be exactly what you need and desire it to be.

As for Apple updates, I wish I could tell you what to do but I can't. Like you, I wish they would leave well enough alone when it comes to the updates.

You are so blessed to have the 2 friends you lunch with so regularly.

Terri D said...

No advice about Apple products. I've never used anything Apple. Hope someone has a fix for you!! I don't think you are vain at all, wanting to care for your skin. Prayers for your friend, Mike!! Keep us posted!

Laurie said...

I’m glad you’re enjoying your new floors, they are beautiful, I don’t think you’re vain at all, it sounds like an excellent idea, better than putting goodness knows what is in those gels on our faces! I keep your friend in our prayers,

Visits With Mary said...

Wonderful that the treatment helped you so much, and no, I don't think you're vain at all. We have a GOOD cold front coming in tomorrow, I sure hope it doesn't fizzle out between here and the panhandle where it is now. Have fun with your besties, I'm having lunch with mine tomorrow!

Mrs.T said...

I always enjoy dipping a toe in the stream with you, Arlene!

It is great to hear that your new floors are working out so well.

We do cultivate younger friends, but I must admit I never thought about that ensuring me visitors in the nursing home. We just enjoy their friendship and fellowship!

Mari said...

I hate updates of all sorts! Last week the computer I use for photos updated, and when it was done it wouldn't start. Grrr!
I'm so glad you are enjoying your new floors.
You are wise, not vain in treating the rosacea, I've seen what happens if you just ignore it too.
Hope you had a fun time at lunch!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I cant help with the Apple situation as I have never used any of them. Good for you in getting the treatment on your face. Will definitely pray for your friend Mike. I think having friends of all ages is a good thing in our lives.

Carol said...

Good for you for taking steps to reduce your rosacea, Arlene! My dad and brother suffer(ed) with it and I have a very mild case that is mostly set off from drinking wine and sunlight. So I just avoid those two things and am fine most of the time :)

Great to hear that you are so happy with your floors--I was in Lowe's looking at the porcelain last week. Not sure if we are quite ready to go for it, but it's great to hear good reviews.