Monday, October 28, 2019

The Stream

The Stream is a bit chilly this morning but I am not going to complain. I am loving this pretty fall weather.

1. Why are people so mean? I guess I could do a term paper on this one. A lovely lady who I watched regularly on You Tube took down her channel and her blog due to some serious internet nastiness. I really feel like I know her as I have watched her for three or four years and I recommended her channel to many of my friends.  Just a reminder that there are ugly people out there trying to take positive things off the internet. I am thankful for my readers who are always so positive.

2. Are you getting ready for Christmas? I finally sat down and made my list the other day.  Most of the grands are getting a combination of Gift cards and presents. As my grands are getting older it is harder to find things I think they will enjoy.

3. My sister, Leta, sent me a link to a Christmas craft that I hope to share with yall this week....if it works out that is. I really enjoy seeing those people who post their Pinterest FAILS. I have had a few of those myself.  With you tube tutorials we all think we can do anything!

4. I have my Trick or Treat Candies purchased and in the pantry. We get very few tricksters here so I do buy the full size candy bars. I also bought some small packages of Oreos I found at Walmart. That way I have a back up. Landon told me that he loves our neighborhood because everyone gives him two handfuls of candy!

5. But before Christmas arrives we will be having Thanksgiving. Our table will be small this year as it looks like it will just be Amelia and Todd. They will not have the children for the holiday. Ben and Katy spend the day  with her family as her sister and her children are visiting. This sis lives in Texas so she only gets home for this week once a year. Charles and Nancy are not fans of traveling with the little ones and I understand that as we traveled a lot with our kiddos at the holidays. We went to Georgia for a week at Christmas. We would spend Christmas with the Tankersley's one year then New Years at the Grimms. The next year we reversed it.  Our kids loved being with their grandparents and their cousins. Aunt Mina always took the whole crew to a movie as her special treat to them. Yes it would have been easier to stay home but we all have many wonderful memories of time well spent.

6. We are looking forward to niece Maggie's wedding in November. We will be traveling to North Carolina and it looks like all six Grimm siblings will be in attendance. We really are tying to make it a priority to be with each other at least once a year.  Four siblings were together at Mina's birthday and it was a little easier to say goodbye knowing we will see each other again soon.

Everyone be on the lookout for those Trick or Treaters Thursday. Watch for the blue buckets!


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I have thought about Christmas but have to get through Halloween and Thanksgiving first. Our Thanksgiving is almost bigger than Christmas now days. The adults dont give gifts any longer and the children draw names and give each other gift cards. At Thanksgiving we have all the good food that everyone brings and it just have an upbeat feeling.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's so nice to have some fun trips planned and know you are going to get to be with family. I've been stuck home lately but hope I can travel soon. I hate that people are rude or mean and cause so much grief to those that aren't. I wish we could just ignore them...I TRY!!! Enjoy your day!

Sandy said...

Oh I do love Landon...two handfuls. That is the case at our house as well. I guess some neighborhoods get inundated. I am going to do my best to remember the good times I had at holidays when my kids were younger. Things are changing. I am going to try and take what I can get and enjoy it. I hate to hear that about the YouTuber. People forget the biggest message of all...don't say anything at all if you don't have something nice to say.

Robin in Virginia said...

I have a few treat bags created (just in case), but I know they will be heading to the house up the road as our road isn't good for night time walking (it isn't great for day time walking either). I have a few gift cards to pick up for Christmas, but the rest of the gifts are just waiting to be wrapped. I am sorry your blogging friend has pulled her blog and You Tube channel due to meanness. I hope she returns down the road. Enjoy your week, Arlene!

Visits With Mary said...

My mother used to say, people are mean because they have nothing better to do. I don't know about that, meanness comes from a mean spirit. The daughters and I have been making our plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I love this time of year. btw, sorry your friend was bullied into shutting down her blog. So sad.

Terri D said...

Family times together are just the best and that's just one of the good things about this time of year! We don't get trick or treaters here, which is fine with me. Pinterest fails are always so funny!!

Mari said...

I don't know why people have to be mean. There is something about the internet that allows people to be anonymous and nasty!
Looking forward to your craft!
We don't get trick or treaters here - too far outside town! I always buy one bag of candy though, just in case!