Friday, November 8, 2019

Friday Five

1 and 2

I had enjoyed Erin Morgenstern's The Night Circus so I was eager to read her new book, The Starless Sea. So far I am enjoying it. If you love books, this novel is filled with things that you will enjoy. I will say that as most modern books there are some themes I do not care for but I am going to read it to the end to see what I think.  Number 2 is Starbuck's Pink Drink. Strawberry Acai and Coconut Milk. Several of my younger friends rave about this  treat so I picked up a small one. Let's jut say it was delicious but the price for a small one will make it a definite treat and not every trip to Target  occurrence.

3. Pony Rides.

Yes some birthday parties still have pony rides! Audrey was one lucky little girl.

4. A New Hat

Our niece is getting married in November in the Pisgah Forest of North Carolina. At five in the evening. I needed something to preserve my body heat. I am packing some cuddle duds as well.  BTW, I found this at Cracker Barrel of all places.

5.  A Halloween Card

This cute little witch arrived in my mailbox last week. One of my sweet blog friends sent it to me. I love Mary Engelbreit designs so I was delighted to display it with the rest of my Halloween decor.


Laurie said...

That’s a great Friday five and you look wonderful in that hat! I love red!.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Love your new hat and bet you will be glad to have it at the wedding. Cute picture of Audrey on the horse too. Stay warm and have a good Friday.

Sandy said...

Aren't you adorable in your red hat! It looks like it was made for you. Thanks for the book recommendation. I will write it down on my list to look for when at the library. Audrey is just a cutie...sincererly.

Georgia said...

I love the hat! Your "Friday 5," is always so much fun. Thank you so much for sharing. You brought a smile to my day:)

Robin in Virginia said...

You and your red hat are a great combination! Thank you for the book recommendation. I always enjoy reading your Friday Five!

Mary said...

Arlene, I love the hat!! Red is your color! I enjoy seeing your cracker barrel finds. I live in vests like that all winter and have one the same color and trim. Happy Birtday to Audrey, she looks very comfortable on the pony. Cute care, I can't believe we are looking towards Thanksgiving already.

Terri D said...

You look great in that hat, Arlene!! Very smart! I wish I could wear hats but I look ridiculous in them. Audrey looks so cute on the horse! What fun for her and all looking on! Looks like she had a great celebration!!

Barbara said...

LOVE YOUR RED HAT!!! I have a black one that is similar, but it looked better on me when my hair was long enough to be seen below the hat (like yours). I'm in the process of growing it out longer, so maybe I'll get some wear out of my hat this winter.

Like you, I am a Mary Engelbriet fan. One of her calendars is right here beside me in my office nook.

And a birthday pony ride! Now that's a party!!!

Carol said...

What a fun hat, Arlene! I can't say that I'm a hat wearer, but if I were going to an outdoor wedding this time of year, I'd have to look into buying one for myself. That is such a lovely area in North Carolina--we were there for our 35th wedding anniversary 7 years ago :) Enjoy!