Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Lunch in Murphy

Thursday morning we set out for the wedding in Brevard. We decided to take the back roads from Chatsworth . We went up 411 to Highway 64....oh my goodness. If you want to take a curvy road then Highway 64 is for you. Let me just put it this way, as we came down the mountain to Brevard I breathed a sigh of relief.:)

Halfway between Chatsworth and Brevard we stopped in Murphy NC for lunch. I had never been to Murphy but I do remember hearing stories about couples eloping there because you did not need a blood test to get married. ( I am really dating myself here.) It is a cute small town and with the help of Trip Advisor we found a local place to eat lunch.

The Red Brick Deli...

That is a picture of the owner on the back of the tees. He was a very nice guy....circulating around the restaurant between turning out sandwiches in the kitchen.

The sandwiches were huge and could easily be shared. We also got some apple pie to share and it was the hit of the deli for me. It was so good.

The owner began talking with us and when he found out that Amy was from the Keys, he gifted us a slice of his home made Key Lime pie.

It was very good and served with home made whipped cream. Turns out Bram had lived and worked in the Keys so he enjoyed chatting with Amy.

So if you are ever in the area, check out Red Brick Deli.

We needed fortification for the afternoon drive because the road only got worse. I am so glad Marvin is a good driver. It was pretty much hair pin curves for 40 miles. I declared that we were taking the Interstate home from Brevard!!

We arrived around four in the afternoon and checked into our Air B and B.  We enjoyed dinner at Square Root restaurant and then spent some time visiting Barbara, William and their children in front of a roaring fire. Maggie and Seth came in and we got some one on one time with the happy couple.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Since my maiden name is Murphy, that little town is special to me. I agree with getting there tho---winding. I love the mountains of NC and if I had to live anywhere else, that would be my choice. The food looked so good and as you said, there was plenty of it.

Sandy said...

I have been on those roads and I attest they are quite curvy and I have no desire to be the driver at all.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm very familiar with that drive and it is beautiful....but you need to be alert and be a good driver for sure! It's a challenge! The food looks very yummy! Love hearing all about it! When you don't post...I miss you!

Mary said...

Oh, that key lime pie looks so good. I always buy a key lime pie when I go to Florida, there is a bakery called JJ GAndy's and it the first stop we make when we get settled in. Brevard in NC is on my bucket list to visit, I love being in the mountains but not a fan of driving switchbacks for sure!! Sounds like a great weekend!

Terri D said...

Those deli sandwiches look amazing! I never think to look at Trip Advisor for a place to eat but will sure do that next time we hit the road! Kudos to Marvin for his excellent driving skills!!

Laurel Wood said...

I get "car sick" easily, always have! I always missed the sights while traveling when I was a kid as they would give me dramamine! Glad you lucked out on a good deli and the pie and cheesecake sound delicious!

Robin in Virginia said...

Your deli sandwiches looked incredible! That road sounds like some we traveled in western Pennsylvania. It sounded like you had a good time visiting with family upon your arrival.

Mari said...

I love a good deli sandwich, and those look wonderful!
Glad you had such a fun time.