Monday, November 25, 2019

The Stream

Good Morning...lets give thanks for our friends here in the Blogiverse today as we sit by the stream.

1. Marvin made a trip to Georgia as he had to tend to his bees. When we were there last week, one hive was empty. No Bees at all. We do not know what happened. When they swarm, usually a small contingent stays behind. This particular hive had done so well and it was a sad day to come upon the loss. He is checking the other hive as he is afraid they were affected as well. At this point we are not sure what to do. Marvin says he may take a year off and try again. I told him we should leave one hive intact after cleaning it. If there is a swarm in the area they might come to the box.  He posted his loss on the local bee keepers page on FB and he was not the only one to have this occur recently. One bee keeper encouraged Marvin by reminding him that bee keeping is an art and if it was easy everyone would be doing it.  There was some honey left in the hive so I will process that when Marvin brings it home.

2. Here in Nanaland, I cleaned out the front flower beds. I pulled weeds and tossed old spent hosta leaves. Last week's cold weather killed all the hosta foliage. We really need some mulch and I told Marvin it was time to order it from a local man who does work in our subdivision. Joe is very reasonable and does a great job. He will bring it this week and he will spread it out.  Marvin protested a bit but as I reminded him, we do not want to cause Sciatica to raise its ugly head by doing things that are likely to trigger that nerve pain. I am being reminded that with aging we must make compromise and we are blessed to be able to pay someone to do those chores for us.

3.Marvin and I went to see A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood on Saturday in Huntsville. What a lovely movie about the power of forgiveness. It really spoke to me and encouraged me to be more intentional in my relationships.  As I have said before, I love Fred Rogers. He was a fixture in the Grimm household when my children were little. Ben,Amelia and I always looked forward to watching Misterogers as we waited for Dad to get home from work.  Amelia wants to see the movie so I told her I was up for a second screening.

4. I have been thinking about Facebook this week.  We all have such carefully curated lives there. We show our best pictures, we post all our achievements, the good things we bake in the kitchen and for me the things I stitch.  I am guilty of making life look pretty grand. God has blessed me and I do have a good life but I have my cares and sorrows as do all the people who lead perfect online lives.  It is human nature to compare ourselves to others and feel superior or lacking.  I am going to limit my time on Facebook in the future. Daughter, Amelia seldom posts on FB anymore, preferring Instagram. She says one photo is sufficient and there is not all the drama that goes on at FB. Something to ponder for the future.

5. It is Thanksgiving week here and the children are out of school. Kendall and Landon's Tara is taking vacation time so they will be with their Daddy and their little sisters.  I have a few things to make for our dessert and snack time on Thursday evening. Marvin and I will go to Cracker Barrel for our big meal. Friday will be full on Christmas decorating. This is a great time of the year for people like Nana who are children at heart!

Well the stream is running shallow this morning so I will close. I hope all of you have a good Thanksgiving week.


Mary said...

Arlene, I hope Marvin continues bee keeping. I'm sure he was very disappointed to find the hive empty but I truly hope he continues with his hobby. The decline of bees globally is a very worrisome problem and I appreciate all his efforts in giving bees a home. Thank him for me.

I am really looking forward to seeing the Mr. Rogers movie. I have never seen his show, he came after my childhood. I think Tom Hanks is a great actor so I had wanted to see it just for his portrayal.

I am not a fan of facebook at all. There is far too much negativity and false info on it. I would like to cancel it but I need it for the photoclubs I belong to. I had joined Instagram but I'm going cancel that. I had found I spent time looking at that instead of using my time productively. I don't have all that many years left and don't want to spend them looking at a phone!

I bought the sweetest mugs at Cracker Barrel in Cape Cod. They are brown and cream and have a sweet Moma bear and 2 cubs on them. I thought of you when I was shopping in the store!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving my friend, Mary

Sandy said...

Great wade in the stream Arlene. I definitely think you were right to have Marvin give up the flower beds. He is doing better and the last thing he needs is to undo the good.
We are so blessed. I read that book on comparing and it had many helpful tips about stopping that roller coaster which included how to start and end the day and leaving social media off a lot more. I have never had Facebook and for some reason I just have always had an aversion to it. I think I have just heard too many stories and I don't think I need to add more junk to my already filled life. I have been limiting my Instagram time as well. I just try not to endlessly scroll. Life can be very hard. It is a mixture of blessings and valleys. We don't talk about the valleys much. I know because when Paul Allen was a rebellious teen I looked for people going through the same thing. You NEVER read any of that. It would have helped. Then when they come out on the other side you feel somewhat guilty for relaying all that on a blog post. Believe me I have thought about it. I guess one reason I like blogs is that I like to see happy stuff, but real life is going on everyday. Trying to put a little Christmas each day, but slow going with Jeff off. I am happy that he is off, but he has me running:)

Robin in Virginia said...

I enjoyed visiting you by the side of the stream today, Arlene. While I do use Instagram, I haven't joined the Facebook craze. I am sorry to read about one of Marvin's hives. I hope he will continue with it if it is something he enjoys. Good for you on standing firm about hiring someone to do the mulch! Much better to do that than for Marvin to be bothered by Sciatica pain especially during this holiday season! Wishing you and yours a very Thanksgiving week!

Dianna said...

I enjoyed a bit of toe dipping in the stream today with you, Arlene. Such a lovely and thoughtful post. As I've shared before that we had a LOT of bees many years ago and enjoyed it but it is work, as you and Marvin know. I loved the advice that the man on FB told Marvin. It is so true...if beekeeping was easy everyone would do it. We have tried several times since moving to our current location 20 years ago to start hives but the winters here are just too harsh for them. Even the best of the beekeeprs here are having problems.

Great idea to order your mulch so Marvin does have all of that pain to go through again. And you are so we age we need to compromise.

I appreciated yours and Amelia's comments about Facebook and Instagram. I went off Facebook close now to five years ago and I've not once regretted it.

Have a wonderful thanksgiving, Arlene!

Terri D said...

Gosh, I am so sorry about the lost bees!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

Meg said...

Arlene, I’m so sorry about the bees. I hope this turns out to be just a temporary setback.

I closed my Facebook account more than a year ago and I do not miss it. I had commented on a friend’s political post, and one of his friends (who I don’t even know) attacked me, calling me a piece of trash among other things. She was so mean. It was very hurtful, and I said some snarky things in return. I didn’t like how FB made me feel and I didn’t like the person I was becoming in my own words. I realized that FB was more of a source of stress than joy. I have lost touch with some friends, but I figure if we can’t stay in touch without FB, how close are we, really? My FB page just seemed to be littered with politics, memes and jokes...nothing meaningful. I’ve worked hard to cultivate real, intentional relationships that don’t rely on social media to thrive. And I’m a nicer person without it.

Enjoy your Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving! Fun! I need to come up with some snacks to have here after our dinner out.

Linda said...

I am an odd man out because I absolutely love Facebook. But then I’m very careful and know my friends and keep strict privacy settings. In my Facebook World, my friends and family share our joys as well as our sorrows. We keep up with everyone and keep it real. I believe we have control over our Facebook and that reflects on who we friend and what we share. It is a source of joy for me as I get to keep up with those I love and they can keep up with me if they want and it’s all done in an unobtrusive manner. I have control over what I see and what I share. For me, Facebook had been a blessing as I have cousins, friends from far away, children, neighbors, siblings, church friends as well as blogging friends.....and I love the give and take of all these relationships. I delete any abusive or abrasive people - not that I’ve had to do that often as I’m selective about who I friend to begin with. I think sometimes we forget that WE have control over our very own version of Facebook. Delete, hide, unfollow and unfriendly are tools to use to make Facebook a happy healthy experience.