Thursday, November 21, 2019

Tour our Air B and B in Brevard

We stayed at Grace Highland Cottage in Brevard. Located on Caldwell Street we were within walking distance to downtown. It was a cute sage green bungalow and it was perfect for us.

The living room had plenty of seating for our needs.. It was very airy with windows to let it  lots of light.

I loved the leopard print rug.

The cue balls made a colorful decoration on the mantle.

The Dining Room would seat six easily.

A cute hutch in the dining room. I love seeing how people repurpose old wardrobes.

The wine rack held books as well as brochures of the local attractions.

A cozy kitchen with everything you needed to make breakfast.

I loved this little pantry with a frog door pull. It was perfect to hold all the groceries.

Our bedroom

Margaux( Margaret has decided to be Margaux) and Grandpa are ready for the cold weather.

Love this girl an so glad she could come to her cousin's wedding.

Air B and B or VBRO is our choice for four day trips. It is much more comfortable than a hotel and the prices can be pretty comparable. Our host, Carol, was so accommodating and helpful. If we go back to Brevard to visit we will definitely stay at Grace Highland again.


Sandy said...

I do love that wardrobe. And Margeaux. I wonder if it will stick?! Gotta love them.

Robin in Virginia said...

What a lovely place you stayed, Arlene! Love the shot of Grandpa and Margaux! Thank you for sharing!

Mary said...

Such lovely accommodations!! I have never tried an Air B&B. My brother stayed in 2 and he said one was great but the one he rented in Nashville was filthy. I'm afraid to take a chance on it.
I love the photo of Margaux!!! She has the sweetest face!

Linda said...

You do find such wonderful places to stay! I should try to do more of this but I don’t really travel much. I dearly love your travel posts! Next best thing to going myself!
I am so late in thanking you for the lovely Thanksgiving card! It made me smile to think of the years you and I have been friends. I remember when Grimmwood was a dream....and when Marvin was busy working....and all the good advice you’ve given me over the years. You would always say, “From an old nurse,” which is not true! A retired nurse - yes! But you look younger and more beautiful today than you did when we became blogging friends.
I’m sorry to hear about you losing bees. Our speaker this month at the bee meeting said all beekeepers will lose bees at some time or other. Sherry and I will need to re Queen next spring which is a whole new experience for us. That’s one reason we are getting another hive. We think it’s best to have a few in case you lose one. One of our hives is stronger than the other. We are in it for the honey as well as the experience! I still have not rendered my wax yet but I want to make the wax things like you did so I can give some away for Christmas.
It’s been fun catching up with you this morning! I’ve missed so many posts lately....
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Marvin and to that sweet Margaux!

Mrs.T said...

How fun! A really nice cottage.

And I too love the photo of Grandpa and Margeaux! Marvin's hat color coordinates with his shirt.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

You had a great place to stay and it was well decorated. Glad it worked out for y'all.

Terri D said...

That bungalow is decorated SO well! One could get some great ideas from your little tour! Margaux... too cute! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

Mari said...

Oh that Margaux! She is a character - and a cute one too!
Your little cottage was so cute. I love staying in places like that instead of hotels too. So much nicer!

Carol said...

Oh, I love Airbnbs! We stay in them on 90% of the trips we go on--they are just so much nicer than a sterile hotel room. You never know what you'll find, but we have been very pleased with those we visited. Looks like you had a great place for the family, Arlene :)