Friday, November 22, 2019

Wedding in the Mountains

This week I am preempting Friday Five for Wedding in the Mountains.  The Wedding Rehearsal dinner was held in a rustic setting that just said Mountains.

Lots of family and friends were in attendance.

Two Margaret Grimms but after the wedding there will just be one. Margaret Elise Grimm on the left and Margaret Louise Grimm on the Right.

These three cousins were all born in 1978. Benjamin on the left was born in March, Sarah was born in July and Ben was born in December.  Looking good for 41!

Sethand Maggie with Cousins Sarah and Allison.  These pretty girls are my nepehew Stepehen's daughters.

Margaux and Gabby became fast friends.  Gabby is our niece so Margaux is her second cousin.

Ben and Margaux ready for the wedding.

Saturday brought the wedding and thankfully the reception was moved to the Rehearsal venue.It was pretty chilly that evening so we were happy to move inside.

The beautiful

A lovely view of the mountains.

The Grimm Contingent.

Me and Mar!

A cow photobombed the picture.

The wedding table.

I loved this one.

The Grimm Siblings.

We had a great time in Brevard and all of us want to come back and do all the touristy things.


Mary said...

Beautiful venue for the wedding. The Bride is beautiful and such lovely family photos.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

There were a lot of family and friends for the wedding! I love that beautiful outfit you wore with the red hat. And how nice for the bride to have a warm stole for her shoulders. It's a beautiful area to spend time in. I saw you comment on Barbara's was fun to meet her. I'd love to meet you some day too! Hugs!

Sandy said...

The place is so pretty. It did turn off a bit chilly just about that time, so glad they had the reception inside so y'all could all enjoy. Too bad being around the other Margaret didn't help little Miss Margeaux like her name better. Well I may be assuming that you would all like for her to remain Margaret, but we all know along the way we like to shorten things. I am Sandy not Sandra..
Great picture of the siblings and you and Marvin. The hat is perfect on that silver hair.

Mary in AR said...

Lovely photos of a beautiful wedding! Looks like everyone had a great time; it's so nice to get together with distant family for a happy occasion.

Mari said...

What a beautiful wedding, setting and bride! The Grimm contingent was looking fine. And - I love the photo of you and Marvin. Your hat is awesome!

Terri D said...

Great photos, Arlene! It looks like it was a beautiful wedding and the bride is gorgeous! I love that Margaret is now Margaux! Growing up!

Carol said...

There is nothing like a fun family wedding! I love the setting with the mountains in the backdrop and the setting sun--just perfect :)

Robin in Virginia said...

What a beautiful place to hold a wedding! It looked like everyone had a wonderful time. The bride's dress was gorgeous. Arlene, thank you for sharing the family wedding.