Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Weekend at Grimmwood and Georgia Tech

Friday, November 1st found us on the road headed to Grimmwood.

We surely enjoyed seeing the pretty color there. Marvin took some time to check on his girls(bees). He fed them some sugar water and put their winter door in place. This helps keep the hive warm in the cold weather. They are not coming and going as much during the cold days.  We left them plenty of honey to get through the winter. We will rob the hives in June after they have had time to fill up the frames with the nectar from the spring/summer blooms.

Saturday morning we were off to Atlanta. It usually takes us about two hours to get there due to the traffic and the congestion. Atlanta is about 90 miles south of Chatsworth.

We met up with Marvin's old friend, Ed Johnson, and his wife, Susan.

Marvin has known Ed since they were in junior high together. Marvin has known Susan since second grade so they all go WAY back.

There was a nice set up at the Alumni Area.

Free snacks, trinkets etc for the visiting alumni. Behind those trees is the iconic TECH Tower.

Here is a view from our seats. GT is in Atlanta for sure but it has a pretty campus to be a metropolitan school.  I HATE heights so I had to do some stern talking to myself to be able to sit here without feeling as though I was toppling forward. Marvin should never doubt my love for him because he is the only person I would do this for!!

We lost the game but the band looked good.

Sunday morning we slept in a bit then packed up for Sweet Home Alabama.

It was a pretty but frosty morning.

The trees are very pretty right now.

Frost on the pasture.  Our pond had filled up again after the recent rains.

Here we are at the gate we lock before we leave after each trip. The Peeples Property across the road was so pretty in the morning sun.  The mountains are just beautiful.

On the way home I usually read or nap but it was so pretty on Sunday that I just enjoyed the ride and the views.

We are so thankful for our home away from home.


Laurie said...

What a wonderful trip, The value and joy of long lasting friendships is a testament to the people you are,, it speaks volumes. What an amazing view you had from you seats, it looked wonderful, it’s always good to come home isn’t it, I enjoyed this trip today 😊

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

The colors are beatiful this time of the year and glad you got to enjoy them. Sorry GT lost but like UT, it is still fun to go to a game. Sounds like you had a great weekend.

Sandy said...

The views are quite pretty this time of year. That would be the best part of going to Grimmwood. I haven't sat in our upper decks in a while, but you know I think we may go back to that. There is way more room. That was why I loved them in the past. We may do those again down the road.

Robin in Virginia said...

What incredible views you had over the weekend, Arlene! Gorgeous colors! Sorry that GT lost their game, but it sounded like you had a good time with friends.

Linda said...

I love your Grimmwood and remember so well your posts way back when y'all were just starting it. Our place is more of a rustic camping cabin but yours is a real home. And in such a beautiful setting. I'm so happy Marvin retired and y'all get to do all these amazing trips. You two have so much fun! Always somewhere to go, someone to see and something to do!

Terri D said...

Great pictures of your trip. Sorry your team lost but I know you enjoyed being there with old friends and other alumni. The colors are lovely and I'm sure the bees appreciate the winter prep Marvin is doing for them!

Mari said...

This looks like such a fun little trip. I'm not a fan of heights either, but the band does look good from where you were sitting.
Grimmwood has such pretty scenery around it!

Carol said...

I always love your photos of peaceful Grimmwood--it looks like the perfect place to relax :)