Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Christmas in the Living Room

This year I decided to put the tree in the front window.

I was all for changing things up this year. I do think it is more convenient to place it in its usual place by the secretary and it may go back there next year.

I added some pretty picks to the tree topper this year.

Another sentimental piece. These reindeer and the sleigh always sat on this table that we inherited from Mama and Papa G. Marvin had it refinished for me this year and I could not wait to put the ceramic pieces in their old place. Sweet memories. Mama G put her Christmas cards in the sleigh but I chose Christmas ornaments.

The Dough and green are my favorite Christmas colors with a bit of gold thrown in.

A Santa Side Table.

I had to show this work in progress in my stitching chair. Henry is almost finished then I start on another snowman. There are three in the series.

This is my favorite new Cross Stitch ornament for this year. Tiny Modernist ..My wish for you this Christmas Season!


Nancy said...

Absolutely beautiful! Like the tree topper with the picks. The reindeer and sleigh look they were done in a ceramic class. So lovely.
May you and your family have a Merry Christmas.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Your Christmas decorations are lovely and your tree is beautiful.

Sandy said...

IT is all very very pretty. I love the table with the reindeer and sleigh. It turned out pretty with the refinishing and those pieces on it are so perfect. They look like things we loved as kids. All of the stitching is cute too!

Georgia said...

Hi Arlene, I am really enjoying your Christmas ideas and your sharing of your home. So many memories. Love the stitching you are doing, your colors look so much brighter than the pattern picture, so pretty. The ornament at the end is adorable. I can see why it is your favorite. Again thank you so much for sharing:)

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, thank you for taking us on a tour of your living room! The table that Marvin had refinished is so beautiful and I love the deer and sleigh pieces. What treasures they and the table are! You have lovely Christmas stitches out. Love your new favorite ornament! You are making good progress on Henry!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Georgia...could you send me an email at for some reason my email to you did not go through! Thanks!

Linda said...

I love it all!! Guess what, Arlene?? Those little ceramic reindeer??? I have them, too. I made mine in 1984 but I did not do the sleigh. Not sure I even knew there was one to the set back then. I haven't set mine out this year but now I am going to! I think this is so cool!!

Terri D said...

Your tree is gorgeous! It looks like it was professionally done and should be in a magazine! The dough bowl looks great! Of course, your stitching projects are always fun!

Barbara said...

Beautiful Christmas tree and what a clever tree topper! So many of the store-bought stars are on the heavy side and I’ve had trouble getting them to not tip to one side or the other. Your ribbons with pretty picks are very festive and symbolic of the Christmas star. You are one clever gal, Arlene!

Your dough bowl is beautiful. I enjoy seeing what people do with their dough bowls.

The piece by Tiny Modernist is great. I like the finish you gave it, too.

May your days, too, be merry and bright!

Mary said...

Your finish on the Tiny Modernist piece is so perfect, love the check and snowflake on it. Henry is nearly done!!! He will be a great addition to your Christmas Decor. I have a rent table that was my Aunts that Marvin had it refinished. The bow on top of the tree is a fun addition. Do you ever watch Garden Answer? I watched how she ran the ribbon through the tree and might attempt it this year. Your tree is beautiful!!!

Carol said...

Love your Tiny Modernist ornament, Arlene! And that bigger PS Santa--I really should try stitching one on larger count fabric for a focal piece on a table. All of mine are small and on the tree!