Friday, December 6, 2019

Friday Five

1. New Mulch

So thankful for Joe Garrison who came to put out new mulch for the front flower beds. It has probably been two years since we have put any new mulch out. Joe works for many people in our neighborhood and does an excellent job at a reasonable price. My nandinas are looking pretty and red for the Christmas season. The hostas almost crowded them out during the summer. Joe will come back in the spring and divide the hostas for us. And the way time is flying by...spring will be here before we know it.

2. Christmas Door Hanger

After Joe got the flower beds looking so nice, I hung up my stocking for the season. I believe I got this from Etsy several years ago.

3.My favorite Santa

I think this will always be my favorite picture of Landon. His kindergarten teacher, Mrs R at Priceville Elementary School took this one. Amelia messaged her that I still put this out every year and Mrs R says she still does this with her classes and it is a hit. Also if you see the Palmers Peppermint Bark at Dollar Tree, get it. It is delicious and only a dollar. I like it better than the Ghiradelli chocolate bark squares.

4. Gum Drop Tree

This is one of my favorite decorations as it reminds me of my sweet Mama G. She had one of these out every year and my sis in law, Amy, gifted me with this one. I have to go to Dollar Tree to find spice drops. Kendall likes the gumdrops so I will have to keep an eye on her!!lol

5. Stinker Face

Charles calls this Joshua's Stinker Face. Marvin asked when I was going to get a hard copy of this one for the fridge. Mr J is also sitting up by himself now...six months old!

And I could not end this post without a Happy Birthday to Ben Grimm who is 41 today. Yes it was a busy birthday week in Hoover.

 Ben and my daddy. Everyone said they were twins.  Daddy did not have any sons so he really enjoyed his first grandson.
 Marvin and I had barely two pennies to rub together on Ben's first Easter but we were determined to purchase this hat for him to wear to church on Easter morning.
 Ben with my grandmother Henderson.  My granddad died in a car accident when I was a teenager and I so regretted that he did not live to see his first great grandchild. Be thankful for those birthdays folks.

 Sister Leta got Ben this monkey. She had one like it as a little girl and it was her favorite lovey.

Ben and hard to believe the years have flown by. He is a good looking, kind and good man. All that a mother could wish for in a son.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Enjoyed your pictures today...of the Christmas items as well as family. The mulch looks very nice as well. Happy Friday to you!

Sandy said...

I am learning to enjoy all of those moments because we blinked and they were grown. Lots of December birthdays in the Grimm household. I think that is funny how that works. We have a couple of months where so many family members are born in.
The front beds look wonderful and neat. I have one of those gumdrop trees. My brother-in-law loves them. I usually put them out for Christmas Eve. IT was mentioned in one of my favorite Fannie Flagg books of all time...Standing in the Rainbow. I remember those being out both grandmas' houses.

Robin in Virginia said...

First, happy birthday wishes to Ben! I enjoyed the flashback pictures of him as a wee one! Love the picture of Landon from kindergarten; just precious! Oh my, that one of Joshua is adorable! Glad the new mulch is down and your stocking is hung. That gumdrop tree brings back a memory or two. Enjoy your Friday, Arlene!

Dianna said...

I enjoyed this post so much, Arlene. LOVED that picture of Landon...and that sweet little J. I also really enjoyed "meeting" your dad and your grandmother as they enjoyed Ben as a baby. What treasures. Happy Birthday to Ben!

Terri D said...

Happy birthday to Ben! And that face is definitely a stinker face! LOL! Your flower beds look great with the new mulch!

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Ben! I enjoyed the photos of him.
Your mulch and front door look great and the pic of Landon is so cute!
Joshua is just adorable!

Linda said...

I love all your Christmas things!!
I still haven't rendered my wax! I am hoping to do that before Christmas!

Barbara said...

Your blog post here is delightful, Arlene. That stocking on your front door is so cheery.

Ben. What a good man he has become. Strong, good sons are true blessings. (I have 2, so I know).

And the gumdrop tree. My mother had one. I had long forgot about that.

Happy weekend!

Mary said...

Love your Friday Five posts Arlene. Joshua is just precious and love your photos of Ben, he looks just like his Grandfather!! I never saw a gumdrop tree before....oh, don't tell me about that bark, I had the Ghiradelli one for the first time last year and loved it!!

Carol said...

I enjoyed your Friday Five on a Monday :) The photos of Joshua and Landon are just so sweet. You are a truly blessed grandma!