Monday, December 16, 2019

Photo Parade

I am off to have coffee with my old Central Weekday School Friends so I thought I would share some pictures from the weekend.

Christmas on Oleander Ave in the mid 1950s. Marvin has been scanning some old pictures and it is fun to look back. I love that Mina and Marvin are wearing Davy Crockett tee shirts.

Someone was being a stinker....

And back to modern times.

The Canton Grimms  Mommy has the flu so Daddy and the Grimmlins are trying to stay well. Sadly, after I wrote this post, Audrey fell to the flu. She had a rough day on Saturday but with tamiflu and motrin she was feeling better on Sunday.

One of my stitchy friends caught me stitching at our North Alabama Stitchers group on Saturday. These ladies are such great friends and I enjoyed spending the day with them.

Someone turned seven months old on Sunday.

Reports are that this big boy is trying to out world here comes Josh!


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Good pictues this morning...enjoyed them. Have a great Monday.

Sandy said...

I need to join Marvin in the scanning. That is going to a be long but steady project for 2020. I love their Davy Crockett shirts. Sad to hear that little Audrey fell to the flu. Tucker had to get part of his shot this past Saturday. His doctor gives It in two parts. He doesn't the second ones on a Saturday morning clinic so parents don't have to pay for a second visit. I like that.

Linda said...

I love those baby toes of Josh!!
It's so much fun to look at old pictures!

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoy your lunch out, Arlene! Thank you for sharing the photos this morning. Where did those 7 months go? Sorry that Audrey fell victim to the flu, but glad she is feeling better and hope her Momma is as well. It looked like you had an enjoyable time stitching with your pals on Saturday.

Meg said...

Such great photos, Arlene. The color and clarity on the old photos is spectacular. They look like they could have been taken recently. (Pass my compliments on the scanning to Marvin.)

Good pic of you stitching. You have gorgeous hair! 😊 Looks like a big project you’re working on.

Josh is such a cutie! I hope your Canton Grimm’s feel better soon.

Terri D said...

Go Josh!! Fun pictures of Marvin! Audrey is always adorable but so sorry she got sick too. Fun photos!!

Mary said...

I think my first crush ever was Davy Crockett!!! Great photo!! Hope Aurdrey is fully recovered and Josh is just too adorable!!!