Saturday, December 7, 2019

Saturday Stitching

It has been a busy week here in Nanaland but not much stitching on the schedule. I have been busy addressing Christmas Cards and finishing up my shopping. As I type this post, all the shopping is done, packages mailed and cards winging their way to friends and family.

I received a very special package last week from my blog friend and fellow stitcher, Georgia.( You know I LOVE her name!). Like me, Georgia is trying to organize and look realistically at her stash of charts. For those of us who love to stitch it is a hard thing to say, "I  love this pattern but I will probably never stitch it."  And who has not purchased two of the same chart at some time or other? So Georgia sent some lovely charts and magazines to me. She said I could keep them or give them to someone who would enjoy them. I have already sent some of them on to new homes where they will be loved and stitched. I kept a few for myself and I decided that Georgia and I would do a giveaway here on the blog. To enter you must be a follower of my blog and you will answer the question, What is your favorite Christmas Cookie? I will announce the winner here next Saturday.

Georgia contributed the Leisure Arts Magazine and the La D Da chart, And Rudolph. I tossed in Henry as I finished him up and I am started on Jack. I was too lazy to take it out of the q snap to get a picture but I will share next week for sure.   Good Luck my Stitchy Friends.

I did finish up Plum Pudding and decided to make it into an ornament for the tree. I have enough pillows and smalls. It is a large ornament but I was inspired by Priscilla Blain who uses large and small pieces on her themed trees.

I was very happy with it. I also finished Cranberry Christmas into an ormanent. Just changing things up this year! As I look at this section of the tree I see some other hand made ornaments. Look at the red and green ball in the upper left of this photo. My sis in law, Mina, made that for us in 1976, our first Christmas. Just to the right of Plum Pudding is a navy clothespin soldier. One of our cousins who was a Navy Pilot gifted everyone in the family with this reminder of him during the Gulf War. To the bottom left of Plum Pudding is a Polish Star I made several years ago. They are pretty but involved. You can find a tutorial on You Tube.  To the upper left of Plum Pudding there is a navity ornament that I made  with my Mops Girls one Christmas.  I could never have a themed tree as I have so many memories in each and every ornament on the Christmas tree. And those two baby boys are Joshua and Landon. I love remembering how the grands looked on their first Christmas. Thanks for indulging me in a walk down memory lane.

Have a good week friends...enter the give away if you are interested. Please just answer the question about Christmas cookies and do not use the word giveaway. Trolls love to enter them and spoil the fun for the ladies who read and comment each week.


Linda said...

I’ve so enjoyed my visit with you this morning! I’m sitting up in bed with my huge Christmas mug of coffee! Loved seeing and hearing about your special ornaments.....wish I could have seen more! I always admire your beautiful needlework!

Robin in Virginia said...

What a gorgeous section of your tree you featured, Arlene! What memories it holds for you and what treasures you have! Enjoy your Saturday!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I always loved peanut butter cookies when I could eat sugar! And it really is nice to share charts and magazines. I love those old Leisure Arts mags and have a few of them. Enjoy your weekend! I have my cards on the kitchen table...better get busy! Hugs!

Rebel rabbit treasures said...

Tis the season to share. I love decorated sugar cookies. I usually have a cookie decorating party for my son's friends and their moms.

Terri D said...

I love your tree! I couldn't do a themed tree either... or maybe the theme is "tradition" since many of our ornaments have been on the tree for years and my mom made some of them. I think our hodgepodge trees are the most interesting! :)


I have been reading you regularly for a while now--just didn't add myself to the follow button until now--
I love all the projects you do--I am working on #12 December's word play-I started this series 8 years or so ago and did the first 4 months--then nothing until last spring and I did the May one and then just on going to get them all done--
so I will be a happy camper when this one is done--and I can do something else besides 'series' of things all the time!
luv, di

Jan said...

I love sugar cookies! Made some just this morning with my 7yr. old grandson at his request!

Mary said...

Such an enjoyable post Arlene!! My first married Christmas as in 76 too! I love looking at all the ornaments on my tree and how sentimental they all are too me. So many memories!! Plum pudding is just precious!!

Carol said...

That was so sweet of Georgia to send you those cute charts, Arlene. I have them already, but they will make some stitcher very happy :)

I love a tree of memories--that is how mine is, too... I have things that were given to me years ago as well as my boys' ornaments and my cross stitch creations all on the same tree. I do have a small snowman themed tree in the corner of the kitchen that I love, too :) Your tree makes me smile with all those wonderful old ornaments mixed with your new stitching!