Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Stream

Good Morning....time to wade about and find out what is happening in the Nana Creek.

1. Our plans for our Tankersley Christmas on Saturday seem to be coming off the rails. Amelia's children are with their daddy and they have a Ledlow family event planned. So Amelia decided to wait until New Years to come to Chatsworth. Charles' family has been hit with the flu and heaven knows Mother does not need that! So far Ben and his family are healthy but in flu season you just cannot predict wellness. So we will enjoy whoever shows up and make plans to see the ones who can't come at a later date.

2. Speaking of flu....I remember having the flu one Christmas and I was miserable. I had it and my daddy had it so we stayed home while everyone else went to the grandparents. I remember the only thing I wanted to eat was tomato soup and the only drink that tasted "right" was Orange Fanta. We were just miserable. Back then there was no such thing as Tamiflu so you had to suffer through the fever, dizziness and chills until they finally broke. Even then I remember feeling puny for a while.

3.Marvin and I will be alone on Christmas Day so I am planning a nice meal for lunch then we will go and see the new Star Wars movie. Back when all the kids were home I remember thinking, "Who on earth goes to the movies on Christmas Day? Well now I know.

4. I do have my shopping done and I am not doing a lot of cooking as Marvin and I want to try to keep off those Christmas five. We had a nice time at our SS class Christmas party. We just merged our two small classes into one in September and I think this party really helped us to feel more connected. We played Dirty Santa and that is always fun. I came away with a Yeti Coffee Cup so I was a happy camper.

5. When we pulled up to the house where our SS party was located, we realized it was the former home of some good friends.  What a surprise. It is always a bit unsettling to go into a home that you remember and everything is different. I did get a pretty paint color to add to my collection. The family room was a beautiful gray/blue....Lattice by Sherwin Williams.  Check it out if you are looking for a pretty neutral. The home owner, Linda, told me that she had looked at a lot of colors and finally hired a decorator who came in and immediately chose lattice as the perfect color. It is so pretty. I am thinking Marvin's man cave might be pretty in that color.

6. I am currently reading  My Reading Life by the late Pat Conroy. I am taking my time with it but it is very interesting to see the books that shaped a famous writer. The first one on his list was Gone With the Wind. He said it was his mother's favorite book and she read it aloud to him and his siblings. My friend, Susan, loves GWTW and I had to tell her about that right away.  My sisters and I loved GWTW and Leta actually had quite a collection of memorabilia that she recently sold. She has been decluttering her house and decided she could part with many things she had been holding on to. I plan to purge my house in the New Year. I have a collection of boxes in the garage just waiting to be filled and taken to a charity shop.

Hope all of you are in the home stretch with your shopping and baking. I like to remind myself that Jesus is truly the reason for the season.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Hoping the sick folks get better soon. It never seems to fail to come around a special holiday but we go on. Our Christmas day will be a quite one too as we do our celebrating on Tuesday morning at breakfast. I am ready.

Sandy said...

Sorry to hear about the failed plans. I am learning now that we take what we can get and enjoy it when they are all around to the fullest. I should have them all for Christmas Eve. We started going to the movie on Christmas Day night when the kids were in high school. Before that I thought like you - who does that? I am so excited to see Star Wars. Don't know if I can wait until Christmas. I loved GWTW... a classic.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's always a time to adjust plans and enjoy time with family....and time with hubby too. We are anxious to see that movie too. We usually wait and buy the DVD though. It sure is nice to watch in the comfort of your own home. Hope that doesn't sound OLD! hahaha! Holiday hugs!

Georgia said...

Thank you Arlene for sharing your wonderful blog. We work so hard to give our children wings (and I am so thankful they can fly, without us). But when they are scattered across the country, you have to take and enjoy the snip its of time they give you:) We visited my daughter in Virginia Beach last week. My son is in Florida. And, I do have one very busy daughter who lives close by and we will go to her house for lunch on Christmas Day. Like you I have to remind my self "Jesus is the Reason for the season." You always brighten my days, thank you.

Linda said...

I love how you roll with the changes! I’m sure your family appreciates that about you, too!
We plan on going to the movies Christmas afternoon between the Fort Worth gathering and then going to the Bells that evening.
Funny, but I’m not into Star Wars but there’s so many good movies out that I do want to see! Still haven’t rendered my wax....hope I can do that before Christmas!

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoyed today's stream time with you, Arlene! It is good to be able to go with the flow especially during this time when most are hustling and bustling. Glad to hear that your SS party seemed to bring more connections to the merging of the group.

Mary said...

Arlene, I"m sure you will enjoy your Tankersley Christmas when it happens.
My father NEVER, EVER cooked except BBQ in the summer. I was in grammar school when Mom got hit with the flu and Dad cooked. He put catsup on my burger and I started to cry as I thought I hated catsup....well, Mom told me to not hurt his feelings and try it and I've been a catsup junkie ever since.
I never heard of Dirty Santa or a Yeti cup!! But, I'm glad it made you happy! I will check out the Lattice color...I want to repaint my LR and that sound like a pretty color, thanks for the suggestion. I read GWTW in 9th grade and stayed up to all ours of the night to finish it.....I Loved that book and should reread it again...

Terri D said...

I know how plans made that end up changing, especially with family at Christmas, can be heartbreaking. I'm glad you are ready to roll with the tide. It's really all that can be done. The flu is awful, as are the nasty colds going around. Hope everyone gets healthy and/or stays healthy! Joe and I have gone to the movies on Christmas day before. The theater is always crowded. Hurray for the Yeti Cup! Merry Christmas!