Monday, January 6, 2020


My Tankersley cousins had a get together on Saturday. We decided that we really need to see each other every now and then and NOT at funerals or the funeral home which seems to be the only time we run into each other. We were a very close family growing up and it is good to share those memories with the next generations.

We had lots of good food to eat and my sister, Kristi, brought picture albums for everyone to look at during the afternoon.

These are the Grandchildren of Cliff and Naomi Tankersley minus two of our Hooper cousins, Brent and Dwayne.

Cousins with Andrea ( in the Leopard print) and Misty who is behind me. Their moms were our cousins, Carolyn and Pam, who are in heaven. Niece Laura is between them.

The Great Grandchildren of Cliff and Naomi.....missing quite a few of this generation. Some were working, others live far away like my children.

The great great grands.....again missing quite a few of this generation as well.

It is always good to be with family!!


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I agree with getting together other than at funerals, etc. Glad you did and had a good time with the memories.

Robin in Virginia said...

What fabulous family photos you shared, Arlene! I think that is such a good idea to gather together outside of a funeral. What memories you shared and new memories made!

Carol said...

That is a great idea, Arlene! And when you are all lucky enough to live nearby, why not get together more often. I really miss my times with my cousins, but we are scattered all over the U.S. now--can't remember the last time I saw all of them.

Terri D said...

It is great when families can gather together for fun times like that. We just don't do reunions like we used to. So many are spread out so far. You had a good showing, though, even with quite a few missing. Great memories!!

Sandy said...

This is such a wonderful idea. I saw my Dad's side of the family cousins at a funeral in November. Even with the sad we were so happy to see each other. Such love and good memories of growing up together. It is sad that we don't see each other more.

Mari said...

How nice to get together with them. My Dad's family has always been close too, but as the older generation passes, there is less attendance at things by the kids.
I enjoyed the pictures.

Visits With Mary said...

Beautiful family, it's great that you had a family gathering!!

Anonymous said...

What fun, Arlene! My there are lots of grands! xo