Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday Five

1. One last Christmas photo

Marvin put lights on out porch rail at Grimmwood this year. It was so pretty that I hated to take it down. The Christmas tree can be seen in the window. Bruce said he enjoyed seeing them glowing at dusk as he was working on the farm.

2. Our Giant Baby

Joshua is 8 months old this week!! He is starting to look like a toddler and not a baby.

3. A New Fire Screen

Some friends bought  a new house and they had this pretty brass fire screen that they did not want so I am buying it from them. Actually we may be bartering as I have something they can use.  I am taking the old black fire screen to use at Grimmwood.

3. Winter Whirlygig and Dough Bowl

I put out some smalls in the dough bowl yesterday.  Dont forget to keep an eye out at Cathy Haberman's webpage for her February Freebie. She does one each year in honor of her wedding anniversary. With You I am Home is from one of her freebies.

4. Bow Ties

We are so enjoying these old photos Marvin is putting on a flash drive. Marvin is thinking of taking up bow ties again!  He and Mina were spiffy dressers.

5. The Winner Is...

Number 17....

Out of 19 comments, Joyce F was the random winner!! Joyce please send me your snail mail address to  Thanks to all who entered the giveaway. It does seem that coffee is the winner in the hot beverage department among my readers.

I will be doing another giveaway on Stitching Saturday so if you are a stitcher, you might want to be on the look out for that giveaway this month.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

The firescreen is very nice and looks so good. I love your smalls that you do and put in dough bowl. The picture with the bow tie is a cutie!
Have a good Friday and weekend ahead.

Robin in Virginia said...

I love the lights that Marvin used on the porch rail. You could change them out to warm white and let them stay up all year. Just a thought! Love the picture of Marvin and Mina! They were definitely sharp/snazzy dressers.

Arlene, your dough bowl looks fabulous. The Love piece on this left is also one of Cathy's Anniversary freebies. Who is the designer or name of the design of the heart piece on the right of the Whirlygig?

Enjoy your Friday!

Sandy said...

That Joshua is adorable and he is looking all big now. They grow so fast.
I love your little bowl of goodies and have fun finishing today.

Terri D said...

The Christmas lights do look great. BUT... Joshua is the winner today over all the other photos! He is ADORABLE! You are right that he looks like a toddler now. I do love your little finishes in the dough bowl! Congrats to the give-away winner!

Mrs.T said...

This was so much fun to read, Arlene! I enjoyed every bit of it. I would agree with Terri that Joshua is definitely the top winner today. He is so cute and yes, getting so big.

The dough bowl is lovely; yay for bow ties; and yes, the lights ... why not switch them to warm white and leave them up?

Mari said...

Oh Joshua! He is so cute and growing too fast.
I love the lights too.
I always enjoy seeing your dough bowl. It looks cute in every season.
Marvin also looks cute in that bow tie. (This post is filled with cuteness!) :)
Congrats to Joyce, and thanks to you for doing another giveaway.

RJ said...

Congrats to Joyce for her win.

Your Friday Fives are great as usual. Oh my Joshua is so adorable and growing so quickly. Marvin looks adorable in his bow tie. Love how you fix your dough bowl...I need help! And the whirlywig is beyond adorable. I have a big love for cardinals and that one is on my want list. What type trim did you use...I really like how pretty it looks. Have a great weekend Arlene. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Carol said...

Oh, my goodness--Joshua is really growing up, Arlene! I think when babies have hair, they look so much older :) And I love your bowl of "love!" Such a cute Winter Whirlygig finish, too! That may be the biggest cardinal I've ever seen :)