Wednesday, January 1, 2020


We checked into our hotel, Chancellor's House. It was a splurge for us as we were just spending one night in Oxford and it was near the Square so it meant we could walk everywhere.

The Lobby was decorated for Christmas.

A beautifully made bed.

And finally a huge bathroom.

I wish I could take that shower home with me!!

Our first stop was Square Books. It is a lovely independent book store, well known in the South.

Three floors of books....with a coffee shop on the third floor.

After I had made my purchases, I had a seat while Marvin continued to shop with his Christmas money. This store had so many books as well as lovely stationery. I love pretty writing paper but I held back. I did purchase a Square Books Sweat shirt for the chilly winter days ahead.

We enjoyed dinner at City Grocery. It was the top rated restaurant in Oxford.

I wish I could tell you that we loved our dinner. It was good but I felt the restaurant was highly over rated and over priced. A good friend suggested we try Ajax Diner on our next visit to Oxford. And we will be back. We really liked this little college town.

Here is a picture of the Courthouse...

And here it is at night.

The lights were so pretty. We took a stroll around the Square after our dinner. The Weather was perfect and there were lots of people taking a turn around the square.

Friday morning we visited Rowan Oak, the home of William Faulkner, the well known Mississippi writer.

For a five dollar admission you can tour the home and the grounds. One quirky thing we noticed was that the Faulkner's had written all their friends phone numbers on the wall by the telephone. I guess that is one way of keeping up with those pesky phone numbers.

On our drive home, I asked Marvin if we could stop in New Albany MS. I had heard of Sugarees Bakery from my sis in law and it was featured in Southern Living.

If you want a REAL Southern Cake...this is the place to get it.

My goodfriend, Sharon, gave me a little sign that says Take The Trip, Eat the Cake Buy the Shoes. Well I took the trip and I ate the cake.

I could not wait to try this caramel cake. It was so good. Marvin got a few bites as well. The icing is the old fashioned Cooked Caramel. You don't find that very often!  I highly recommend Sugarees. I wish I lived closer so I could try everything there.  The ladies at the bakery suggested Tallahatchie Grill for lunch. ( I did wait until after lunch to dig into my cake) I had some of the best Tomato Basil soup there along with half a chicken salad sandwich. Marvin had the catfish and enjoyed it as well. When we are traveling we like to try the "local" places and we have found some gems by just asking the locals for recommendations.

We were home again Friday afternoon. Time to clean and put away the Christmas things before we head to Grimmwood to spend the first of the New Year. And as today is the first day of 2020, I wish you a very happy New Year.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Oxford looks like a pretty little town with some good 'eats' too. Happy 2020 to you and yours and I pray God blesses you in a special way.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your trip to Oxford sounded lovely. Oh to be able to stroll and browse in that book store! Sorry that the restaurant didn't live up to your expectations, but the Tallahatchie Grill sounded wonderful. The cake slice you picked up at Sugarees looked so delicious. Wishing you a very happy, healthy, and stitch-filled New Year, Arlene!

sharon said...

A wonderful trip to close out 2019! Happy New Year!🎆

Sandy said...

Happy New Year. We rolled out of bed early this morning which means I was safely tucked away in bed before midnight. I did awaken to the sound of a few firecrackers. We wanted to get home before the Auburn game came on today. We had such a wonderful time and found a new park. We texted Paul Allen and Katie about it so they rolled out of bed this morning to spend a few days in Auburn and visit the new park. They were trying to get there before the game was on. We waved along the way.
Glad you and Marvin are do the traveling. There is so much to see that isn't all that far away. I like doing those small trips like that.

Terri D said...

You two have some of the most fun little get-away adventures!! Thanks for always taking us along! I wish you and Marvin and your entire family many wonderful blessings in the new year!!

Meg said...

How fun! I’m glad you and Marvin are able to take little adventures together. Beautiful hotel room! Love a good book store. I know they’re cheaper on Amazon, but nothing beats being able to flip through a book in person. What is your favorite part of any bookstore? I love to browse the cookbooks and the crafty magazines, and you’re right, bookstores usually have such pretty stationery and cards. (I have always been a paper nut.) As I sit here on my loveseat, where I will be for the next few weeks or months as my leg heals, I appreciate you “taking me along” on your adventures! Wishing you a happy and healthy 2020!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Arlene! It has been ages since I've been on my computer but as I am 98% unpacked, I can start anew! xo. Gorgeous hotel!

Mari said...

Another fun trip! The hotel is beautiful and so is the town. The cake looks wonderful!
Happy New Year!