Saturday, January 11, 2020

Saturday Stitching

Good Morning! As you read this post I will be at the Drury Hotel in Huntsville where Katrina Boyd is holding her January Retreat. I am not a big traveler but I can drive 30 minutes to get to Huntsville.

Here is a WIP parade of things I am working on in the New Year.  All these things were from my stash I am pleased to say!

I made a lot of progress on Rebecca Nurse while we were in Georgia last week.  I am using my cute needle minder from RJ and Mary's Giveaway.( Stitching Friends Forever)  I am doing this piece in memory of my ancestor, Samuel Aborne who testified on behalf of Mrs Nurse.

I kitted this Penny Pumpkin up to take to the Retreat. The fabric is Cyprium....another friend at North Alabama Stitchers was using this fabric and I loved how it looked on her piece. It is 28 count Cashel from 123 Stitch.  Dont envy my Dr Who Needleminder!

I am stitching The farmers Wife from Farmyard Parade. Another start to take to the Retreat. It is being stitched on 28 count Even Weave from Hobby Lobby. It will go to the dough bowl at Grimmwood.  I am using my Mr Rogers Needleminder on this one but it is at the bottom of the Q Snap.

Now for some finishes...

This Whirlygig from Heart in Hand will be made into a pillow. I finished the others in rounds but thought I would change things up.

I finished my January Prairie Schooler.

All you quilters do not cry out in Dismay at my feeble attempt at quilting stitches. It was late at night and I was getting tired.

This last piece is the small I am taking for our North Alabama Stitchers Smalls exchange at the retreat. The lady I stitched this for does not read my blog so I can go ahead and share it.

We were supposed to do something Wintery. I used a freebie chart I found online. Sorry I cannot remember the designer. I added the little spools at the top in a nod to our love of stitching.

I will be back next week with pictures from the Retreat! Stay Tuned.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Enjoy your retreat and we will look forward to pictues when you get back home.

Sue said...

Absolutely beautiful crafting, Arlene,

Loved your Friday Fives post, seeing baby's first haircut brought back memories for me, he is so cute, I like shopping at Hobby Lobby too!
I also enjoy essential oils, and love the holder.
Have a great weekend.Blessings,

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Have a wonderful trip! You've done so many beautiful stitchings! I love the Prairie designs! Happy weekend!

Robin in Virginia said...

Arlene, enjoy your weekend of retreating! I look forward to your retreat recap. What a lovely small you created for the exchange! I think the designer is Homespun Elegance, but don't hold me to that. Well done on getting your January PS piece stitched and finished! Love it! The Winter Whirlygig makes me grin. I enjoyed seeing your WIPs. I really like the Salem piece on the gingham.

Sandy said...

I adore the PS skater and the finish is just perfect for it. The stitches look wonderful with that one. I also think your Salem stitch is so pretty. the red is perfect with that one. January is off to a great start with you.

Carol said...

I hope you're enjoying every minute of your retreat this weekend, Arlene! That is great that it is so close-by. Your finishes are darling and your display of winter PS pieces is so cute! Happy Stitching!

Meg said...

Arlene, I hope you are having a BALL at the retreat. Your WIPs are fabulous! The Rebecca Nurse is especially stunning and I love the checked linen. The Cyprium fabric is really pretty, such a nice, rich brown that your stitches should “pop” on it. Love the whirlygig (thanks for the pattern, BTW). Love the PS, too, and don’t apologize for your hand stitches. I think they are great. I was looking back at some of my own hand-stitched finishes from years ago. At the time, I thought they were so bad, but now I love them. I’m starting to realize that it’s better to finish things, perfectly imperfect, rather than letting our inner critics get the best of us. I have a box of gorgeous stitches I never did anything with because I was afraid I didn’t have the time or skill to be perfect.

Terri D said...

I love that pillow you made for the exchange! She will love it! Your work is always amazing to me, one who has no experience with cross-stitch. Beautiful!

Mari said...

I love the Rebecca Nurse piece and the fabric you used for it. The family connection is very cool!

Barbara said...

All your stitching (even the charm of the quilting stitches) is so special. My favorite on this blog post is the January ice skater.

Enjoy your retreat. We all look forward to a re-cap of that.