Saturday, January 25, 2020

Saturday Stitching

Good Morning! Cold January Days are perfect for stitching. I have spent a good bit of time in my stitching chair with my favorite Matilda Jane Blanket over my lap!! Cups of hot tea may have been sipped as well. I enjoy Green Tea but recently I cam upon Yorkshire Tea in the English foods section at Publix. Since my Tankersley relatives are from Yorkshire I thought I would give it a try. Oh is a strong but mild tasting tea. It has become a new favorite.

I thought I would do a throw back stitch first this morning.

In my cleaning I came upon this little stitch that I had put away last winter. It is a Prairie Schooler stitch and one of my first attempts at Priscillafying something.

Weather Wise is finished and applied to this blue frame. I saw Priscilla do something similar and I copied her. Mine is plain and not as froo froo as Priscilla's but I like it and I think it looks nice in the guest room.

Rebecca was finished and framed. Some of you may remember I stitched this in honor of Rebecca and my ancestor, Samuel Aborn(e) who testified to her good character at her trial.  One of my stitching friends said she liked the cute plaque above Rebecca.  It says Take the Trip, Eat the Cake, Buy the Shoes. A gift from my good friend, Sharon. I told my friend, well in light of what happened to poor Rebecca maybe we should take that advice to heart!

Another finish for the dough bowl. February Square Dance by Heart in Hand. These are much smaller that I thought they were! Perfect for a small pillow. I did change the colors using some of my fancy floss.  I stitched the February in a Royal Purple instead of the black that was charted.

I started my unicorn chart this week!

Easter Parade by Blackbird Designs. It is such a fun stitch! I am so glad the company decided to release it again. This chart sometimes went for over $100 on Ebay.

I have to share the sweet small I received at Retreat. This was part of an exchange the NoAla Stitchers participated in this year. Catie and Brenda are planning another one. It is fun to stitch something special for a friend. ( and a little intimidating as well in this group of great stitchers.)

I decided to hang it on the picture of Marvin and me and the grands that sits on my dresser. Thanks to Patti for such a pretty heart. Patti is known in the No Ala Stitchers for her beautiful bead work. Her Mill Hill pieces are amazing. She is a gifted stitcher for sure. Thank you Patti for my gift.

I have spent some time working on my Snowmen triplets this week. I just have one to go. Maybe he will be a finish next week.  Happy Stitching.


Laurie said...

I can just picture you sitting stitching in your chair, your passion for your craft is so evident in your writings. Your home must be like a treasure chest with your creations all around,

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

All of the stitching is so good but my favorite today is the lst one that looks like it has a snowflake on it. You do such pretty work. Happy Saturday.

Sandy said...

Those PS stitches are always a favorite. I love the way Weather Wise turned out. I think it needs nothing else. Rebecca also turned out quite nice. I have always like purple at Valentine's. I guess it is because I loved that color as a kid. I helped Daddy pick out a lavender box of candy for Mother once. Maybe the memory still holds the color special of me. Isn't it funny how something as simple as that little heart hanging on the frame makes it so pretty.
I got my frame from Amazon in yesterday so Jeff is going to help me frame the family registry. Wish me luck.

Barbara said...

Your finishes are so inspiring! I have saved the pictures for the next time I'm stumped for finishing ideas.

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoyed reading your Saturday Stitching post this morning, Arlene! Both Weather-wise and Rebecca turned out beautifully. I think the less is more is sometimes the best approach. What a beautiful heart you received from your friend. I am glad you are enjoying the Easter Parade stitch. Enjoy your weekend!

Linda said...

I’m always amazed at your stitching! Everything you do is simply beautiful!
I laughed when I read your comment this morning! I often dream of losing my purse! How fun it would be to meet up someday!
I already feel like you and Marvin are dear friends!

Angela S. said...

I did the Easter Bunny years ago and it's still one of my favorites! I also did the companion piece, a basket with eggs and flowers. This year I'm doing the bunny by La D Da with the pocketwatch🙂

Terri D said...

A good way to spend cool/cold days in January, for sure! I love your projects and that little heart gift is perfect for your photo of your family! Enjoy your weekend!!

Mari said...

You are so creative in how you finish your stitches and then display them. I love the little heart on the frame. I also really like the winter stitch. And Rebecca Nurse turned out beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love all your stitchery, Arlene. I noticed the embroidery (or was it cross stitch?) on the bed pillowcase. Did you do that as well?

RJ said...

Arlene, what great stitches. I loved every single one of them and the way you finished them. I like the more simplified look's perfect. I'm totally in love with Easter Parade...what a beautiful stitch it is. Love your Saturday stitches. RJ

Carol said...

I'm so glad you are getting the chance to stitch Easter Parade, Arlene! I had to borrow the chart from a friend to stitch it a couple years ago. Personally, I love your Weather Wise as a simple finish. I'm not big on all the bows, etc. as I think it detracts from the stitching. Love your Rebecca Nurse framed finish, too--that fabric is wonderful! It's always fun to visit you on Saturday Stitching :)