Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Stream

Well let's take a moment to reflect in the stream.....colder weather is here in NoAla but hey, it is January. Last week felt like Spring but this week is more seasonal. I just hope the daffodils survive the change in temps.

1. My friend, Sharon in NC and I are always talking about hair, make up, dressing nicely without looking too Grandma if you know what I mean! No offense to Grandmas as I am one! When I look at pictures of my grandmothers and great grandmothers they all looked so old and they were younger than I am now.  I read that Aunt Bee was just 50 years old when she made her debut on the Andy Griffith show. That surprised me!   Sharon wanted me to ask my readers what kind of foundation that use in the make up department. She had a favorite from Clinique but the formula changed and she was upset that she purchased a new bottle to find it was not to her liking at all. I am a minimalist when it comes to make up. I do use a foundation, some blush and lipstick. I dont do eye make up as much as it seems to leave me looking like a raccoon at the end of the day. What is up with that?  I use Cover Girl foundation and right now I am using a blush that I got in an Ipsy Bag. I do not even know the name of it. I am particular about lipstick as I do use that daily. I just ordered Color Works lipstick as it is for mature lips. I will let you know what I think of it. I did read a magazine article about aging gracefully and the writer said, focus on your lips or your eyes but not both. So I focus on my lips. I feel that I need lipstick to keep me from looking like a ghost with my white hair and pale skin. If you have a foundation to recommend, leave a comment!

2. Marvin and I went on a movie date last week. We saw Knives Out with Don Johnson, Jamie Lee Curtis and Daniel Craig.  It was a bit of a camp depiction of a murder mystery. Mr Craig played Benoit Blanc, the detective who was helping the police solve the murder of a famous mystery writer played by the great Christopher Plummer.  Marvin and I both enjoyed it...there is some language but over all a pretty tame movie.  I will say that High Def is not kind to the older actors and actresses. You could see every line and wrinkle. I do applaud Jamie Lee Curtis for being natural and not going with Botox and filler.  Sharon and I both agree that we love her hair cut!:)

3.Well I tried the new lipstick and it was just ok for me. My friend, Sharon, says she uses it every day. I usually use Revlon lipsticks and they are still my favorite. I will use the new lipsticks up as they were a bit pricy. Sharon suggested using a lip gloss over them so  I will try that.   I am too easily influenced by advertising.:)

4. I did get some finishing done on Weatherwise and Rebecca Nurse. I was pleased with Rebecca but not as happy with Weatherwise. Can someone tell me how to cut foam core STRAIGHT? I did learn that if it is something I really value, I will take it to the framer. It is just not my forte. However I did make a Valentine Door decoration and I love the way it turned out. I am more crafty in that area.

5. Are any of you ladies planning for spring? I have been looking at some new capris and slacks. Part of my purging was my closet and I have gotten rid of a lot of worn clothing. I kept a few things for cleaning days as I do not want to ruin good clothes with cleaning products.  I did go through spring and summer clothes and was pleased to see that I only need slacks this year. I have quite a few dresses and skirts that I enjoy wearing in the warmer temps.  Easter is April 12th and I do like a new dress for Easter.  I think my mother spoiled me growing up. Every year she would make us a beautiful new dress for Easter.  My mother was quite the seamstress...she made all of our clothes, even pjs when we were small!  I am hoping Christopher and Banks will have something for me.

Well I have rambled on long enough!! Everyone stay warm! Mister Winter is back after teasing us with spring like temps. That is life in the never know what the temps will be!


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I am just a plain old lady- I dont wear any kind of makeup but never have, even as a teenager. Oh I tried with my friends, but it just wasnt for me. I look at ladies at church and they look so nice but if I did the same thing, I would look like a clown.Hope you have a nice Hump Day!

Laurie said...

I’m a minimalist in the make up department too, I am fair skinned and use a tinted moisturizer by Marcelle , really sensitive skin, I use Physicians formula mascara to darken my blond eye lashes and I use Burts Bees tinted lip and cheek tint. That’s it, I also admire Jamie lee for her refreshing natural look, I love her hair and she was one of the influences I had to keep mine short! We won’t see Capri weather til June but I will enjoy seeing what you choose. I love to see what others wear, I sewed many of my clothes until lost my eyesight, Thank you for sharing today, I really enjoyed my visit.

Robin in Virginia said...

No suggestions on make-up as I don't wear any. Oops, I do wear a lip balm and use Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Water Gel Lotion with SPF 50. I look forward to seeing your Valentine Door decoration, Arlene.

Sandy said...

I actually quit wearing foundation after I quit taking all those RA meds. I can't believe how my skin cleared up and the color came back. I did wear Clinque and still wear their Almost Powder makeup on Sundays or when I need to be a bit dressier, but everyday I just wear the blush. I love Clinique's chubby stick blush. I mean love it. It reminds me of the old cream blush I wore in high school by Cover Girl. I do still wear some eye shadow on dressy days, but way less! Most days I wear a little mascara, blush, and lipstick. I mostly wear Clinique, but some Revlon. A girl mentioned some lipstick that I was going to look up but I didn't I need to go back and look.
I have to really revamp my wardrobe since I retired. I was just plain sad at how much I had bought and had to donate after losing the weight. Happy with the weight loss but hated that I had so much money lost. I have been extra careful when adding to the wardrobe since then. I have honestly shopped at multiple places rather than at only Talbots as I did when I worked and had that money. I can't wear Capris. I have fat calves with really no ankle. They look Horrible on me which is sad because I have to wear shorts with the heat and the legs don't look so young anymore. Veins, age spots. ...I am wearing more knit dresses in the summer. They are cool and comfy.
It is funny that our grandmothers looked so old. Mother doesn't really look her age because she still dresses cute. Appropriate but cute. That is the key and the search for us at our age.

sharon said...

It cosmetics for me! I usually order from QVC. I would love to give up foundation, but have too many brown spots!

Rian said...

I do wear a light foundation and a Cover Girl blush, but no eye make-up or lipstick (except vaseline or a clear gloss). The foundation is to even out my coloring that is fair, but now has a few dark spots. (If I could get away with not using that I would) At my age all I want to do is look clean and well groomed. (Have never liked lipstick - red lips to me still look strange)

Barbara said...

Makeup: I use L’Oreal’s Infallible Pro-Glow foundation (#206 Buff Beige)

I focus more on my eyes than the lips because lipstick gets onto my teeth and everybody sees it except me! So I wear either clear or slightly tinted Burt’s Bees chap stick.

My eyes are so dark that if I don’t feature them, they steal the show anyway. But getting a good line on the lower lids is HARD anymore. I like it to be very thin and not horribly dark.

That’s my two cents-worth. Hope it encourages somebody! (smile)

And yes, you are so right -- our grandmothers looked much older when they were our current age.

Terri D said...

I quit wearing all makeup when I retired three years ago. It has been so freeing! I used to use a mineral powder as my foundation that I loved. I agree that our grandmothers did look older. Joe and I haven't been to a movie in months and months. Stay warm up there!

Linda said...

I've been thinking about make up too! They say as we get older - less is better. I still do it all unless I stay home. Then I just draw on some eyebrows, add some cheek color and lipstick and a bit of eye make up.
Haw you see the sdvertizements for the Boom sticks? It's for older ladies and I have been wondering about them. I won't try them unless I hear from someone how they like them. Everything costs so much these days!

RJ said...

I'm not much of a makeup wearer either. Most days I wear nothing. But, if I go out with friends I will put on mascara, some blush and lip gloss. I've never worn lipstick except for a very light color when I was first allowed to wear it as a teenager. Lipstick always went dark on me and I don't like how it looks plus it feels strange on my lips. I would like something that you could just put on brown spots to conceal them for dress up days. RJ