Saturday, February 29, 2020

Saturday Stitching

The last day of February...will March come in like a lamb or a lion? I am voting for Lamb and that we will have some spring weather here in Alabama.

Sister Leta found this piece of cross stitch while decluttering. She kindly gifted it to me to make a pillow for my Grimmwood Dough Bowl. She says she cannot even remember doing this little stitch. It must have been the 90s because look at all that back stitching. I have to admit that I am glad back stitching is seldom found in charts these days.

It is stitched so neatly and her back looks as good as the front.  Most of my pieces are business in the front and party in the back. As long as no one sees my backs, they think I am a fine stitcher.:)

On Wednesday I had my six month dental cleaning and check in Huntsville so I rewarded myself with a trip to Patches and Stitches.   This shop is a combination quilt/ cross stitch shop and on Wednesdays they put their fat quarters on sale....20% off for each one.

I found this cute print to add to Leta's stitch to make a little pillow.

Here are the  fat quarters I picked up....

I will be using them for future projects. I just love the blue stripe with he pink flowers.

I picked up two pieces of fabric for stitching....

I will probably use this one for a Christmas ornament. Plans could change.

Speaking of changing plans. My Very Prairie Year took a detour last week. I have completed three monthly projects and as I was looking at my spring plans I had a change of heart. I think I was a bit unrealistic about my Prairie Stitching. So my April May and June stitch will be Summer Breeze .

I found some lovely soft Aida at Patches and Stitches and I will use it for this piece. I think Prairie Schooler pieces just look better on Aida.  It will give my eyes a bit of a break as well.

I have three finishes....

Forest Snowfall....what a fun stitch. I did change some of the colors as well as the front door style.

My March Prairie Schooler piece.  It will be a small pillow as well. Going to Grimmwood.

I also finished up my October Word had been in Time Out because I just got tired of stitching on it.  I managed to get these two pieces laced up and ready to FFO.

Oh and one more bunny I forgot to share on Wednesday.

He is living on the kitchen hutch until after Easter.

The Admin of the Prairie Schooler facebook page shared this inspiration.

Happy Stitching!

Friday, February 28, 2020

Friday Five

 1. Bald Eagle sighting by Todd and Amelia on their way to work one morning last week. Amelia said they had to stop the car and he kindly allowed them to take a photo. Looks like he was even posing.

2. Spring Dough Bowl....I hastily tossed these pillows in the dough bowl and  I need to go back and fluff them a bit.

3. Spring Flag
Another Tuesday Morning find....It hangs on the back door going into the garage.  It gives me hope that spring is on its way.

4. Lando showing his Auburn Pride...   This lucky boy saw Auburn and Tennessee play basketball at Auburn on Saturday. Nick and Tara treated him royally with mid court seats AND he got to meet the Auburn basketball coach, Coach Pearl.  For an Alabama lad meeting his favorite team's coach was the highlight of the day.

5. I was stitching with the friend who introduced me to the electric tea kettle and she enabled me on purchasing this tea from Amazon. Oh my delicious. I also ordered an assortment of Ahmad teas to try out some other flavors. Could Nana be becoming a tea drinker???

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Return of the Bunnies

I am really looking forward to March, longer days and warm sunny spring days. What is a Nana to do when it is continually dark and dreary? Time to bring in the bunnies.

I found this melamine bunny platter at Tuesday morning for $7. It hopped into my cart? What could I do but bring it home. The carrot dish is an old Hallmark purchase and it is filled with fake cookies. The Bunny pillow on the left is a Prairie Schooler Bunny.

Here is the BIG bunny! He was a gift from my friend, Terry. She was moving and had to get rid of some of her holiday decorations so she asked if I wanted THE BUNNY....any Veggie Tales fans out there? You may remember the Veggie Tale rendering of the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abegno . named Rack, Shack and Benny. The Veggies were working in a candy factory and Mr Nezzar, their boss told the boys that they had to bow down to the giant chocolate bunny . They were told to worship THE BUNNY.  I think  of this every time I bring my big guy down from the attic. Clearly Veggie Tales were aimed at children, their parents and grandparents.:)  I put up my March Prairie Schooler piece along with my recent finish March Hoopla.

Old favorites made for my three Grimmlins by their Aunt Mina. I found the egg cups at Cracker Barrel and they are perfect for these glass eggs. They sit up high out of the reach of little hands.

My wooden bunny is on top of the kitchen hutch this year.

Mr and Mrs Benjamin Bunny sit on my buffet. Candle rings are by Valerie Parr Hill and I purchased them on QVC several years ago.

Another small Prairie Schooler Bunny.

One thing I do have to say about these bunnies is that they make me smile when I see them. They are just so cheerful and the spring colors perk up a dreary rainy day.

Monday, February 24, 2020

A Visit at Grimmwood

Marvin and I can hardly believe that we have enjoyed Grimmwood for three years now. Time does seem to fly by.

We woke up Friday morning to SUNSHINE.....

This is the view I see out the front window from my stitching spot.

Marvin goes to the gym in Chatsworth with his Silver Sneaker program. He got this photo on his way home.

Someone asked about Silver Sneakers. It is a portion of our supplemental Medicare insurance that allows  free visits to certain gyms in your area.  Marvin uses one near our home in Decatur and the local Chatsworth gym is also a part of this program.  I will be able to start my gym visits on May 1st.

Speaking of my stitching chair...

We love our recliners....the little table between the chairs holds books, tv remotes and gas log remote.

Marvin's reading material and my reading material...can you guess whose is whose???

He is the brainy part of our dynamic duo.

We drink lots of hot beverages in the winter...

And I love my little kitchen...

Everything is very compact.

Open shelving is nice too!

The gas logs keep it very cozy in the cold winter time.
Grimmwood is small but so easy to clean and keep tidy.

I am working on my Grimmwood Dough Bowl. Hoping to have some pillows to add on my next visit.

Sunset over the pond...

Our view on the drive away....headed back to Decatur. Until next time little house.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Saturday Stitching

I had a good FFO week here at Nanaland.  But before I show you my goodies. Let me announce the winner of Seas the Day and a waxer is Brenda. Brenda shoot me your snail mail address and I will get it in the mail to you! Thanks to Georgia for her generosity in passing the stash.  I have done giveaways, shared with friends and mailed a few to some special people who will give the charts good homes.  Now on to Finishing....

March Square Dance....  Heart in Hand

I found this small sign at Hobby Lobby for $3.  I thought it would be perfect for my March Square Dance.

I hung it on my china cabinet. The blue background picks up the blue in the stitching. These little signs come in several colors so you might find one that coordinates with one of your own pieces.

March Hoopla...  With Thy Needle and Thread

This on his Easy Peasy for sure....just add it to a wooden hoop. The lace came from my wonderful give away box from Stitching Friends Forever. Thanks RJ and Mary.

Tulip Time....Hands On Design...freebie

Another Hobby Lobby Find. If you stitch this piece a four by four frame is the perfect size.

I placed this one on my bedside table.

Spring Whirligig   Heart in Hand

 I used a paper box from a kit I had on hand for this project. I decided that I did not want to stitch  the kitted chart so I would use it for Whirligig.  It looks white in this photo but it is a pale aqua.

 I used some scrapbook paper to line the inside of the box.

All finished.
  I will probably put some Easter Candy inside the book! Don't tell the kids!!

This is a good picture of the true color of the book!

It is fun to think of different ways to finish our stitching!

Friday, February 21, 2020

Friday Five

1. My Valentines Day

I have a sweet husband I hid my Dove Truffles in my stitching closet so the Grands do not help themselves to Nana's candy. Don't feel too badly for them...Grandpa got a package of Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate hearts for them! Nana's treat bowl is well stocked.

2. Glue

I found this at Dollar Tree and I must say Crafters it is a nice spray glue that is not as messy as Aleene's Tacky Glue Spray. It is a bit thin but I used a paint brush to spread it over the craft I was working on! Easy Peasy. I will be purchasing some more bottles of this to have on hand.

3. Electric Tea Pot

Marvin and I have been drinking a lot of hot tea lately so I purchased an electric tea kettle. My stitching friend, Karla, enabled me on something besides stitching this time.:) I was boiling water in the microwave but I worry about spills and burns so this is a safe option and I have been very pleased with this new toy.

4. March Door Hanger

I took down the Valentine Decor and replaced the bow with a  Shamrock version.

5.A Favorite Apron

I was doing a lot of cooking one afternoon this week and I pulled this special apron from the pantry. It was a gift from Deborah but made by a dear lady in our church who is in her 90s and while declining, she comes to church as often as she can get there. Always cheerful...she is such an inspiration to all. It makes me happy just to wear this special apron.