Friday, February 28, 2020

Friday Five

 1. Bald Eagle sighting by Todd and Amelia on their way to work one morning last week. Amelia said they had to stop the car and he kindly allowed them to take a photo. Looks like he was even posing.

2. Spring Dough Bowl....I hastily tossed these pillows in the dough bowl and  I need to go back and fluff them a bit.

3. Spring Flag
Another Tuesday Morning find....It hangs on the back door going into the garage.  It gives me hope that spring is on its way.

4. Lando showing his Auburn Pride...   This lucky boy saw Auburn and Tennessee play basketball at Auburn on Saturday. Nick and Tara treated him royally with mid court seats AND he got to meet the Auburn basketball coach, Coach Pearl.  For an Alabama lad meeting his favorite team's coach was the highlight of the day.

5. I was stitching with the friend who introduced me to the electric tea kettle and she enabled me on purchasing this tea from Amazon. Oh my delicious. I also ordered an assortment of Ahmad teas to try out some other flavors. Could Nana be becoming a tea drinker???


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

For the boy getting to meet his favoirte coach and seeing his favorite team play is pretty exciting. I like teas too and bet that strawberry one is very good. They are saying snow around here today so I will be inside packing!

Mary said...

Arlene, Great photo of the Eagle, I am always thrilled to see one, they are so stately in appearance. Your dough bowl is looking like Spring!! Now, if the weather would only cooperate!! Have your days been gloomy and dreary? Love your TM find..
What an exciting day for Landon! The smile on his face says it all! I'm a coffee drinker in the morning but will have tea during the day. I can't say I ever had strawberry tea! Sounds like it might make a nice summer iced tea.

Tina said...

That strawberry tea looks very tasty, I think I might have to reward myself for making it through the week with that today! Have a great weekend!

Brenda said...

Tea sounds good especially the teakettle. Love the photos.

Robin in Virginia said...

What a beautiful photo of the bald eagle Todd and Amelia captured! It looked like Landon had a wonderful outing to the Auburn basketball game. Your spring dough bowl looks lovely. Spring is hopefully just around the corner. Enjoy your Friday!

Sandy said...

I always love an eagle sighting. There is often one out on the island that we see on the way to Destin and one in what we call the General's bayou. It is more real woods and bayou there. I am not sure if it is the same one, but always cool to see them. I am shocked he let them just take his pic.
Woohoo for Landon. Great game to see.
The dough bowl makes me so hopeful for spring. I am really ready this year. Not sure why!

Angela S. said...

I am a tea lover and have tried them all. Expensive ones, grocery store brands and Stash is my absolute favorite. You can order straight from them, they have a ton of flavors. Its embarrassing how much tea I have😳

Linda said...

How exciting to see that gorgeous eagle! They are so majestic!
Love your dough bowl stitchery! I haven’t got up in the storage building to get down the spring decorations yet.....maybe next week!
Our yard man came today and it looks so pretty. The grass is already green and looks so spring like!
I haven’t been able to work in the flower beds yet and I need to cut all the rose bushes back. Soon.....I hope!

Carol said...

What a fun day for Landon--you can tell by his gigantic smile how thrilled he was! Love your spring pillows--it can't come fast enough for me :) I was doing a bit of spring decorating today, too--just a bit as it is still in the 30s here with a scattering of snow on the ground.

Hope your weekend is relaxing and stitch-filled!

Terri D said...

How exciting for Landon!! Your dough bowl looks just like spring! The eagle looks so majestic! Great capture by Todd and Amelia! Your banner on the garage door says it all!