Saturday, February 1, 2020

Saturday Stitching

Good Morning and Happy February. I have a finish of the Triplet Snowmen by All Through the Night...Henry Jack and Harry.

I have to say that this piece will always remind me Leanne, on Lost in Floss on You Tube. Leanne and Barb are two of my favorite You Tube Stitchers. Their channel was always fun and positive. Both these ladies shared their  beautiful stitches to their audience. They were the first to introduce me to The Triplets as they called these cute snow men. When I saw Barb and Leanne stitching them, I knew I had to stitch them as well.  I put the last stitch in on Sunday, the day that I learned Leanne had lost her battle with breast cancer.  I felt as if I knew her from watching her videos and I will miss her.  So these snowmen will remind me of a lady who gave generously of her time and skills on YouTube.

I am planning to make this into a pillow I will use in January when the Snowmen grace my house after Christmas and before all the hearts come out.

After stitching so many winter/Christmas pieces I was ready to start a few Spring Smalls. I spent an afternoon kitting them up from my stash! Fabric and Flosses were things I had on hand. I have to admit I did order some fabric from Jen's Stitching Niche and it should arrive this week. I have plans for it that I will share next week.

This is the freebie I got at Retreat. I am stitching it on aida. Flosses are a mix of fancy floss and DMC.

This will go in my Mama Joan Bee Project Bag.

March Square Dance....These stitch up in an evening. Lots of color changes which can be a pain but such is stitching life.

This is a free chart from Hands on can get it in PDF form by going to the Hands on Design Stitchers Facebook page.  I am storing it in my beautiful Valentine bag made by my friend, Kay Kirn of Birmingham.

I received my Bag of the Month bags( January and February) by Brenda Greer on Saturday at our NoAla Stitcher's  monthly meeting. You will see them next week. I hope to have two more projects kitted up!  You can find Brenda's page on Facebook...Brenda's Minders and More.

And now for a giveaway...reader Georgia and I are giving you a chance to win these two charts. You must be a follower of this blog, over 18 and living in the continental USA. Dont use the word Giveaway just answer this question....what is your favorite Valentine Candy?  This weeks giveaway is a nod to Winter and to Spring.

Well when you read this I will be stitching at Grimmwood. We have not been there since New Years so it will be a nice change of scenery. We also have niece Laura's Homecoming to attend on Saturday. Fingers crossed that she will be the new Miss Dalton State College.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I love the triple snowmen but sorry for the loss of your friend. Since I dont stitch I wont enter the contest but best wishes to those that do. Enjoy being at Grimmwood and fingers crossed for your niece.

Sandy said...

The triplets are adorable and yes, that is so hard to hear about Leanne. I nave no idea how she even kept doing the videos. I am not sure I would have had it in me.
The spring pieces will all be very cute. I ordered some fabric as well.
I love Butterfingers in any form but I am not sure they love me as much. I also love organic gummy bears that they have at Publix. They seem to like me a bit better.
I am rooting for Miss Laura.

Sandy said...

The triplets are adorable and yes, it was so hard to hear that Leanne had passed away. I watched a few of their first videos.
I love all of your spring picks. I ordered some fabric as well.
I love Butterfingers but I am not sure they love me as much, so my new go to candy is organic gummy bears from Publix.
I am rooting for Miss Laura!

Robin in Virginia said...

Well done on getting the snowmen finishes! They are so cute! The stitching community lost a beautiful soul when Leanne passed away. Each one of your spring picks looks lovely and know you will enjoy stitching each one. Enjoy your time at Grimmwood and best wishes to Laura!

Barbara said...

Henry, Jack, and Harry turned out so well! Very cheery!

I love your Saturday posts with your cross stitch. Your projects are so inspiring to me.

As for favorite Valentine candy, chocolate. But this year I'm trying to lower my cholesterol, so not too much, please.

Sue said...

Beautiful patterns you have shared,Arlene, the snowmen are extra cute.
, My favorite Valentine's Day candy is a heart box of sorted chocolates, yummy.
Thank you for sharing.

Meg said...

Hi, Arlene!

Your snowmen turned out so cute! I love them and they are so cheery. Did you use a lot of Colour & Cotton flosses?

The projects you have kitted up look great - lots of pretty, bright colors to help anticipate spring. Don't you love the feeling of having things kitted up and ready to go?

My favorite Valentine candy is from See's Candy - they have a store in our mall here. They make a rum raisin caramel that is absolutely to die for!

Terri D said...

I am not a stitcher but if I were, I would be all over Blarney! I always enjoy seeing your projects and am sorry to learn of the stitching world's loss.

Mari said...

I like the triplets and they are perfect for January.
I also like Tulip Time. I may be prejudiced on it though as our area is known for a huge Tulip Time Festival in the Spring.
Enjoy Grimwood!

Renee G said...

Love your snowmen - although I admit I am thinking more of spring projects now as well. As for candy, I love Dove Dark chocolate.

LaNelle said...

Your Triplets Stitch is fabulous what a great piece and such wonderful memories you will always have! You’ve got some cute spring stitching lined up and adorable bags as well...Any kind of Dark chocolate is my favorite for Valentines ♥️ Happy stitching to you...

Mary said...

I heard about Leanne on Priscillas floss tube yesterday. I never saw her floss tube but it always saddens me to hear about yet another woman passing from breast cancer.

. I just love your 3 jolly snowmen, they were quite a time consuming project!! Can't wait to see your pillow finish. The Holiday Hoopla is on my to buy list, that series is adorable.

I just requested membership to the HOD site, love the tulip time!! Perfect for spring too!

I hope you have a wonderful time at Grimmwood!! Mary

RJ said...

Hope you are enjoying Grimmwood and stitching up a storm Arlene. I love, love, love the triplets. They are so sweet. Love all of your Spring choices. I have stitched the Spring hoopla and loved doing it. It comes out adorable. I will go find the free tulip stitch because it is so pretty and looks quick. Enjoyed your Saturday post. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Laurie said...

You are one busy stitcher ! I love to hear what you’re up to, sorry to hear of your friends passing,,

Carol said...

Your snowmen triplet finish is just adorable, Arlene. I'm so sad to read about Leanne... From everyone's comments on IG, she sounds like a wonderful human being--one the world will surely miss.