Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Stream

Well the stream is more like a river these days as the rain continues to come down.  I am ready for some sunshine gals.

1. I really think  I am beginning to be affected by SAD....Seasonal Affective Disorder. We have had a dreary December, January and February so far.  The temps are warmer than usual and the daffodils are blooming. In fact, Bradford Pear Trees are blooming too which is very early for them.  It seems when we have a rainy winter, we have a drought in the summer so remind me of my whining then!

2. Kendall and Landon lost their Paw Paw Ledlow on Sunday. He had been battling stage 4 lung cancer for the last year and a half. Please remember the Ledlow family in your prayers this week. Marvin is now the only grandpa to two sets of our grandchildren. I know that weighs heavily on him. Being a grandparent is such a privilege and such a responsibility as well.  We want to do fun happy things with the children but we do want to leave a legacy of faith and character behind for them to remember.

3. I got a new iPhone for Valentines Day. My old one was failing to hold a charge so Marvin treated me to a new one. It is a pretty mint green and the otter box has a built in pop socket. I am moving up in the world.:)  It has Face recognition so that was something new to adjust to....these new phones can do so many things. I am sure I do not use many of the features on my phone. I have watched several You Tube videos to find out how to do things. You Tube is such a help to old people when it comes to technology.

4. As I have mentioned before, the big 65 is coming in May. Marvin and I spent the morning setting up my supplemental insurance to Medicare.  I am so glad I have a savy husband who has been through all this and saved me a lot of work but helping me out. I will have Silver Sneakers and I intend to use it. There are several gyms we can go to for FREE so I will be visiting them all.

5. Valentines Day is coming big plans here. I will be getting Marvin a Panera card that he can use when he meets with the church men on Wednesdays.  They call themselves the Romeos...Real Old Men Eating Out.  Marvin also attends the Mens Prayer Breakfast at our church on Tuesday mornings. Bestie Deborah's husband also attends so she and I have breakfast at Mr Henrys in Hartselle on Tuesday mornings.  We know the waitresses by name and they know us. I had left my sun glasses on the table and Monica saved them for me!! They also worry about us if we miss a week so we try to let them know if we are going to miss a Tuesday.

6. All of us stitchers are looking forward to the first week in March when the Nashville Needleworkers Market takes place.  This is the time of year that most designers bring out their new charts. I have been trying to stitch from stash but I know I will see some eye candy that I cannot resist. This market is just for owners of Needlework Stores....I have heard it is quite busy and some store owners take along Runners to assist them in shuttling purchases back to the hotel room.  I would love to be a fly on the wall. Imagine seeing all your favorite designers in one place!

Well its time to prepare for the day. Love and Blessings to all of you who listens to my rambling!


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I definitely have a case of SAD too. Jim passing and the gloomy, rainy days makes for hard days..Our church has a Men's Prayer Breakfast on Sat mornings and the Ladies Fellowship is on Tues nights. I plan to be more active than before now that I dont have to be at home as much. That sounds like a fancy new phone and hope you are used to it by now. I still have Consumer Cellular and it is a flip Enjoy your Wednesday and blessings sent your way.

Brenda said...

You are a baby! Happy early birthday.

Brenda said...

You and your husband sound like darling grandparents. Sorry for the loss. Prayers

Robin in Virginia said...

Adding the Ledlow family to my thoughts and prayers, Arlene! Each one of your stream items today reminded me to remember to be mindful and grateful. Have a good day!

Sandy said...

It has been pretty sunniless here too. It sometimes breaks midday. The temps are much milder which I suppose means clouds. I did good for some reason this January. I am ready for spring, but just not the heat of summer. The past two summers have worn me down much like those who have eternal winters. I am not sure whey they have done me in. I am going to try and work on my attitude this summer.
I have noticed WTN&T seems to have a lot of over one stitching in her sneak peeks on IG. I love her designs but over one is not my cup of tea. I have truly done less looking which has been good for me, but I know that spring designs will do me in as well. I am coming on a finish probably over the weekend for Tucker's name. I will probably do two quick smalls before I start another stash large picture for the Auburn house.
I hope K & L are doing well. Kids internalize things and it shapes them. Hopefully in a good way.
Talk more later:)

Mari said...

I'm sorry for the loss of a grandparent. Your grands are all blessed to have you.
We are at 59 and 61, so have some work coming up. it's kind of overwhelming to think about.

Terri D said...

Prayers for the Ledlow family. I am sorry for their loss. We had a lovely sunny day here but I well remember the gray dreary days of winter in Ohio. I know you will have fun at the stitching event and can't wait to hear about the goodies you bring home! I love that name, ROMEO!! Very cute!!

Mary said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your grandchildrens grandparent. Grandparents are such special people and they are blessed to have Marvin.
I love the name ROMEO!!! My friends husband goes out every Sat for breakfast and I will share this name with her.
You will have to share what Silver Sneaker's is!! Free gym memberships??
It's yet another gloomy day here, rain and fog. I surely hope we have a Sunny Spring. I'm missing snow and cold weather!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I will keep them in my's so hard to lose precious family members. I usually feel a dip in my mood in the Fall but that didn't happen last year! We love living in FL because of the sunshine. It really does give me energy I think! We walked today and it was in the 80s! But there was a nice breeze so it felt great! Hope you get some sunshine soon! Hugs!

RJ said...

I'm so sorry to hear your grandkids lost their other Grandpa. They are so special in young children's lives. Marvin is one great one for sure.

I told George about the Romeos as he goes out for breakfast with his three best friends and I told him they should start calling themselves that too. It is a great name.

Hope your weather gets cheerier! RJ