Monday, February 10, 2020

Upward Basketball

The Roberts along with Nana and Grandpa headed off to Hoova ( Hoover) to see Elliott play Upward Basketball at Green Valley Baptist Church. First I have to give  Kudos to Green Valley. They sponsor the basketball teams and make it easy to young families to participate.  Members of the church were there greeting people, directing them to the gym and offering any help needed. All with a smile. I was very impressed.

Elliott was glad to see his Decatur family troop in and take up two bleachers.

These two were glad to see each other.

Elliott's team, the Lakers. He is sitting next to the coach. And thanks to this nice dad for coaching these little ones.

Action shot!

Baylor was there too....with his iPad to keep him occupied.  Katy had taken Baylor out for a snack and a little girl asked why a big boy was in a stroller. Katy told her that his brain does not work properly and the stroller keeps him safe. The little girl said, Cool and went on her way. Katy always braces herself when these questions come up.  We would rather people ask than assume.

After the game, there were Chick Fit A sandwiches available for lunch. We took advantage of that.

The only way I can get the older grands in a picture.:)

Meanwhile back in was snowing.

The Grimm Snow family.

Nancy is from Connecticut so she enjoys the snow. This was the perfect one...snowed in the morning and melted in the afternoon!   In the South that is a good thing.


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

How well I remember Upward Basketball - that is where our granddaughter at UAH began. Glad you all got to go and looks like fun for all. That was the perfect snow!

Sandy said...

I wondered if you got any snow. I actually never even looked to see just where it snowed. I knew it snowed in Atlanta because we got a picture of Tyler's parents. I was just glad it wasn't me:)
The kids are all cute and yes, darn those older ones for not wanting to pose anymore, but typical.

Brenda said...

These are the sweetest grands. Isn't that baby the cutest thing ever? I could hold and cuddle and never put him down. Blessings.

Robin in Virginia said...

Glad you were able to take in Elliott's basketball game! What wonderful pictures you shared of the event, Arlene! And I love Katy's response to the girl's question about Baylor. Love the snow pictures of Charles' and his family. Happy Monday!

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Such a beautiful family you have Arlene. I love all the pics, especially that action shot. Have a great week.

Annsterw said...

Sooo adorable!! I love watching little kids learn to play so cute at first and then overnight it seems like they become REAL players! HA

Carol said...

So cute to see the kids enjoying the snow, Arlene! We got some, too, but it actually lasted two whole days :) Very unusual winter up here. So glad you are close enough to be an active part of your grandkids life--what a blessing!

Terri D said...

Great pictures of your beautiful family! Love the action shot!! Chick-fi-a is always good!! Glad the little ones got to build snowmen and if there has to be snow, melting away in a few hours is the best kind, to my thinking!!

Meg said...

What a nice day with the fam! I love the snow pictures and the itty bitty snowmen. Too cute!

RJ said...

What fun at Elliot's game. Here at the University games the little ones come out for a short game at half time. They are so cute.

Your family are all so adorable...the photos of all the grands is so great. You are blessed to have all of these special people in your life. RJ

Barbara said...

All thumbs up for Upward Basketball, which has blessed one of my families for years.

Snow in Georgia -- looks like they knew what to do with it!!!

Happy family pictures, all of them!

Mrs.T said...

What a wonderful post, Arlene! I had never heard of Upward Basketball, but it seems to be a fantastic program. Great that Elliott can be involved in this! How wonderful too that all of those cousins and Nana and Grandpa could come to see him play.

And the snow pictures ... too cute. Charles and Nancy look as if they are having as much fun as the kids.

wisps of words said...

So fun, to see the last pic, the little one, enjoying the snow...

💕 💕 💕Happy Valentine Day💕 💕 💕