Friday, March 6, 2020

Friday Five

1. Proud Aunt Moment

 I mentioned that Laura had received a job offer and it was finalized recently. Laura is now the Northwest Georgia  Field Representative  for the Georgia Junior State Senator, Kelly Loeffler.  This week she made a trip to the Capitol and got had a photo op with Georgia Governor Kemp. So proud of her accomplishments and this new opportunity for Laura. She has always been interested in politics so this is a great fit for her as she graduates from college. She is working part time until she graduates in May.  And speaking of La is her birthday! Happy 22nd.

2. Candy Cane Lane by Edens Garden
I went to Mops last week as a Grandmother of Preschoolers Mentor.  They had the most fun activity. We each brought 10 things to Swap. Everything was set up on tables and we drew numbers. We could go and pick an item for the first two rounds then it was open to everyone to take what was left over. One of my choices was this essential oil from Edens Garden. Oh it smells so good and I am enjoying it in the diffuser in the living room. Full disclosure here....I had to give up Young Living Oils as they were too expensive for me. I have given my business to Revive Essential Oils and now I am a fan of Edens Garden for really good smelling oils. I am not using them for the benefits of the oils but to replace some of the candles in my home. Revive is my go to for the Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint I use for my allergies.

3. New Shoes from Chocolate Blu

I am a fan of Chocolate Blu shoes and I found that their web site has some clearance shoes.  I picked up these for summer. I think they will go well with so many things. Question for you ladies...when are we too old to wear sandals? One of my friends told me that old women( I think she meant me) should stop showing their ugly Now I do get pedicures in the summer and I always keep my toenails polished so I thought I was doing pretty good. Weigh in Please.

4. Edgars Cinnamon Rolls

Marvin made good on a bet we had. He brought me a cinnamon roll from Edgars Bakery in Huntsville. Back in October I had a bad feeling that Alabama was not going to do well this season and Marvin assured me that they would be national champions again. We made a bet. If Alabama was  the national champ I would make him a homemade carrot cake. But if they did not win, he owed me a cinnamon roll from Edgars. Life is really exciting here in Nanaland folks.

5.  Meme for the week.

Ladies...this made me chuckle. I know I keep moaning on and on about the rainy, dreary days but this is just getting ridiculous. I know I will be wanting rain in the drought this summer but for now I will take losing an hour of rain.


Brenda said...

Love this blog. I don't wear sandals anymore. Quit in my 60's. However, when in Florida with the other grands, I keep little slip ons for the ocean they live by. I just don't wear them out and about. That being said, do what YOU like; we are all different. I also don't wear anything shorter than crop pants excerpt some knee shorts at ocean . I am too old lol. Not because of my size as I wear size 8 but I don't like the old look on me. Lol

Mary said...

Congratulations to Laura!!
Now you have me craving a cinnamon bun!! He had the easy part of the bet!!
Sandals are fine if you keep your feet in good shape for any age...what I can't stand it when people have bare feet on planes, trains, restaurants etc...I don't like seeing bare feet other than the beach!!
That made me laugh too!! We had quite a bit of rain to make up for the lack of snow so that is a good thing but boy, it makes a long, dreary winter.

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Arlene, thank you for the chuckle about losing an hour of rain. I am going to change it to gloomy and gray for me. Oh my, that cinnamon roll looks so good. Best wishes to Laura on her part time to full time position and wishing her the happiest of birthdays! Your new shoes look super. I say if you are want to wear sandals then you should. I will have to look into those oils you mentioned! Enjoy your Friday!

Unknown said...

When are we too old for sandals? I hope never!

Sandy said...

I am with you on the hour of rain and gloom. We will probably need it over the summer, but for now sun is very needed. Good for Laura. It is good to know some good young people haven't given up on politics. It is quite ugly these days and we need good young people to be involved.
Now, for sandals. My mother is about to be 85 in just a week or so and has beautiful feet that look amazing in sandals. Me however didn't inherit her pretty feet. Mine are looking like grandmothers of old days. Gnarled and toes not laying where they should. There is a joke in this household that I have sporks for toes. I have almost quit wearing sandals in public. The ones I am still wearing have wide straps across toe area to camouflage the sporks. If my feet looked like my mama's I would wear sandals forever. After all it is the south.

Georgia said...

I loved your blog today, I really think you should post that quote about time change on Instagram. I loved it! You brought a smile to my day.

I would say if sandles are comfortable wear them. When I am in public I avoid open shoes. Only because I am a type II diabetic, and want to give my feel a little protection. But, at home I hate to wear shoes. I know when we go South, you almost need sandles, 90 degrees is just too hot for shoes.

I am just now learning about the oil infusers, and essential oils. I am trying to replace candles, and plug ins due to allergies. Thank you for the info.

Have a blessed weekend...

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Congratulations to Laura - so happy for her to get the position she wanted. Loved all the '5's' today.

Linda said...

What great five you have! Congratulations to Laura! Gives us hope to see our bright young people interested in politics.
I love essential oils and buy mine at a herbal shop or anywhere I can find them for a good price. I recently bought a bottle of lavender at Goodwill for $1.99! My favorite oil is rosemary.
I wear sandals but I am a bit self conscious about it sometime. With two surgeries on each of my big toes....they are much shorter than normal. Still, I do regular pedicures and I do keep wearing sandals in the warmer months. My daughter, Amber, encorages me to wear them as well as skinny jeans and even shorts....which I don’t wear except for yard work.
Growing old gracefully and dressing in attractive clothes is sometimes challenging.....

Terri D said...

I live in a retirement community and many of the ladies are in their 70s/80s. This is Florida and they all wear sandals. If your feet are clean and you keep your nails polished I wouldn't worry about wearing sandals! Don't let anyone say we are "too old" for something!! Congrats to Laura! Do please keep us posted on how she is progressing with her career choice! I would never say no to a cinnamon roll!! Yum!! Sorry you still have so much rain up there. We got some rain last night (woke me up) and we really needed it. Have a good weekend!

Mari said...

Good for your niece - you are right to be proud of her!
I love your activity at MOPS!
I think if you keep your feet well maintained, as you do - sandals are ok!