Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday Five

1.  Grimmlins at Hoover Library Book Signing

Margaux and Elliott were so excited to meet children's author, Jerry Palotta at the Hoover Library Tuesday evening. I am so glad My grands love to read.

2. Then and Now

Landon and his best buddies five years ago....

They were at the bowling alley for a birthday party in the first pic and here they are still friends and still bowling!

3. Unsellable Houses

I have been binge watching this show on HGTV.  These twin sisters take houses that are not selling and partner with the owner to renovate and sell in one month.  The houses are in the northwest USA so that is a hot market but I still enjoy watching them take a blah house and turn it into a profit maker. It airs on Tuesday evenings on HGTV.  I do have to say that if I could choose any of the HGTV designers to come and re do my home, it would be Ben and Erin Napier of Home Town. Her style is my style.

4. Caldrea Ginger Pomelo

I have been spring cleaning and this is my favorite scent to make my countertops smell amazing. I love Caldrea products and I have tried several of their scents but Ginger Pomelo is the winner in my book.

5. Kringles

Well I had said that I did not see anything at Market that made me tempted enough to plunk down hard cash. Then I saw this new chart by Little House Needleworks. It is an old fashioned department store at Christmas. Some stitchers said they would stitch it and edit out Kringles and put in their hometown department store. Well I decided I will do Rich's of Atlanta. It was a magical place at Christmas. If you look in the upper right hand corner you will see  a train going around the Christmas tree. I will be changing the train to the Pink Pig which was famous on the top floor at Rich's.  I think I can change it fairly easily once I ding a small pig face for the engine. Yall know we love us some pork here in the Sunny South.   I have to admit that I did not see Rich's until I was a teenager and a nursing student in Atlanta. Christmas on Peachtree Street was very special and it remains a fond memory.

Sorry that some pics are not showing today ladies! I don’t have my laptop with me at Grimmwood so I can’t edit them back in! First world problems!

Saturday Stitching will be posted on Monday this week! Fingers crossed this is operator error and not my laptop going down!


Nancy said...

That’s a huge project. Good luck.

Mary said...

I could only see the first and last photos. I think it's wonderful that your grands love reading and that they were thrilled to meet a childrens author. My town has a children's book day each year and lots of famous authors come to sign books. I think my nephew Hudson has reached the age to enjoy that.
As you must know by now I don't have tv and I go to my friends house to watch Outlander and Home Town. We love that show, I think Erin and Ben are the cutest couple and both so talented. I would love to have them redo a house for me!!
I love your idea for Rich's store. That is one huge project to stitch!!

Robin in Virginia said...

Glad the grands were able to meet a favorite author! It makes my teacher's heart soar hearing that young kids (or any kids for that matter) love to read. Enjoy your weekend, Arlene!

Terri D said...

Disappearing pictures happened to me on Wednesday. Aggravating!! Nice that the kids experienced a book signing with a favorite author!! Happy Friday!!